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Ultimate Fishing Simulator Amazon River DLC Guide

This is a short guide listing locations and equipment/bait combos for catching each species from the Amazon River DLC.

Amazon River DLC Guide

This guide briefly describes how I caught each of the thirteen new species. Each section lists the range of sizes of hooks I used, baits, locations, and any extra notes. I hope this quick reference guide is useful in helping you find and catch everything lurking in the Amazon River. Thank you and enjoy!

Peacock bass
Hook: 2 – 3/0
Bait: Maggot, dragonfly, leech, cutbait small
Lure: Wobbler – twitch, soft bait – straight (2-3)
Location: 2, 5

Hook: 1-2/0
Bait: Dragonfly
Location: 2, east of 6

Hook: 4 – 4/0
Bait: Bread, grasshopper, red worm, maggot
Lure: Fly – OKENA – wet – lift & drop
Location: 4, 5, 10

Hook: 4 – 1/0
Bait: Bread, grasshopper, fly, maggot
Location: 6

Hook: 4 – 1/0
Bait: Cutbait small, live bait
Location: 6, 12

Silver arowana
Hook: 1 – 5/0
Bait: Red worm, maggot
Lure: Soft bait – twitching
Location: 3, 10

Tiger sorubim
Hook: 2 – 4/0
Bait: Artificial egg, cutbait small, leech
Location: 3, 7. All over really. Caught plenty of these when searching for the eel.
Notes: Fishing with feeder – Gingerbread – herbal works well

Alligator gar
Hook: 3/0 – 12/0
Bait: Live bait
Lure: DEEPX Ocean soft baits – twitch/straight (2-3). Wobbler – straight (2)
Location: 1 and take the boat a short distance straight ahead to a group of gar. 13 Boat to groups with large fish. You can see gar swimming near the surface. Most fish on radar around 10/0 are gar – they are everywhere.

Hook: 1/0 – 12/0
Bait: Cutbait small, leech, live bait
Location: 6, 10 – take the boat to the right and to the first group with larger fish.
Notes: Can be caught bottom feeding while trolling with live bait and smelly fish.

Redtail catfish
Hook: 2/0 – 6/0
Bait: Natural egg, leech
Location: 12

Hook: 2 – 1
Bait: Live bait, leech
Location: 13 Go directly forward on boat to first group of fish.

Electric eel
Hook: 2 – 2/0
Bait: Leech, red worm
Location: Near 7
Notes: This was the hardest one for me to find. Caught four in a row once I found a group near 7, but didn’t find them anywhere else. Description says they prefer deep, shaded, muddy sections of rivers.

Hook: 11/0 – 12/0
Bait: Trolling with feeder rod, live bait, and bloody salmon
Lure: DEEPX Ocean P4H – Twitching/Straight (2)
Location: Easiest location is between 13 and the edge of the map. Sometimes there are very large ones out there.

Notes: When fishing the 11/0 group closer to the middle of the map I switched the time to 21:30 – this made the water easier to see through. Look for their bright red backside. When I found them there were four near each other. They looped the same small area until I caught them. When fishing the 12/0 group near location 13 I had the time at 19:00 and successfully trolled and fished with soft bait.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Amazon River DLC Guide

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