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Unavowed – 100% Achievement Guide

How to get all the achievements in Unavowed.

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General Notes

Unavowed is rather unusual representative of adventure genre as it offers many alternatives and non-linear ways of the playthrough. Most of the achievements are optional and you have to play the game at least six times to get all of them!

That is mostly related to taking different friends with you and making different choices at the end of the chapters. Logan is an especially useful companion as you get separate achievements for saving some lost ghosts. There is also one achievement for a special origin (that of a police man or woman).

I suggest that you play the game for the first time on you own and not looking into this guide because of the spoilers!

The Origins

There are six origins for the main hero of the game – three stories could be played as either man or woman. When starting the new game, you will be asked first about your gender and then about your occupation – one of the three prologues will follow, and the achievement will pop-up after we return from the flashback to the present-day situation.

You can then play the game with the chosen origin (as many of the achievements require several playthroughts anyway) – or start a new game and try a different story. Just take into account that there is a single achievement that requires your hero to be of the police origin!

But first you have to name yourself – and there is a special achievement for that as well.

Really? – Nice try. When asked to enter your name in the beginning, try writing some bad words there… If you have missed it – do not worry: that should probably work with the name-change after (spoiler!) the plot twist as well (when you will be able to rename your character).

Everything is self-explanatory here:

Start of shift (male) – Complete the male cop origin.

Start of shift (female) – Complete the female cop origin.

First round (male) – Complete the male bartender origin.

First round (female) – Complete the female bartender origin.

The curtain rises (male) – Complete the male actor origin.

The curtain rises (female) – Complete the female actor origin.

Unmissable Achievements

In fact, there are only two achievements in this game you can’t miss – not counting all the alternatives where you will certainly get but one achievement of the two or more.

Welcome Vicki – Welcome Vicki to the party. You get it after completing ‘Staten Island’ chapter.

Welcome Logan – Welcome Logan to the party. You get it after finishing ‘Bronx’ location.

Global Achievements

These are the achievements related to the whole game in general, so you have to follow specific guidelines from the very beginning in order to get them at the end of the game.

Listen to us – Leave commentary mode on for the entire game, from the opening menu to the closing credits. Before starting a new game, go to ‘Options’ and turn the commentaries on. You should play at least one full game this way – optionally pressing the big buttons on the screens to listen to additional ‘making-of’ stories.

No Help Needed – Never ask your friends for a hint. While on missions, do not ask your companions about what to do next! Be especially careful when talking to Eli as you have to ask him to fire-read something. That means it would be better to get this achievement while not having the fire mage in your party – just never talk to your friends then. The achievement will pop up with the end credits.

Full Party – Reach the final end with your full crew in tow. This achievements relates to the final chapter of course, but you have to spare all the creatures in previous missions including the prologue, so better plan it beforehands! See the corresponding achievements for saving the ligamental, Jordan, Galene, General, Dragon and Fae – and use their powers to help you when needed. Note that the end choice of the Brooklyn mission does not have any impact on the last chapter of the game.

Solo Confrontation – Reach the final confrontation alone. This one is much easier. In fact, you can either kill everyone in all the chapters – or kill no one but just do not summon them at the final mission. Then use your companions one by one on all the obstacles – and you will come alone to the meeting with your ‘other self’.


Starting from the prologue and in every chapter, there are achievements related to the two or three possible outcomes of each mission. You can either save your game before making the decision and then load, or replay the game entirely taking different paths.

Burp – Food tames the beast. Do not kill the ligamental – allow it to ‘eat’ and return to its own dimension.

Killamental – Why take the risk? Just kill it.

Foresight – Defeat a foe with firsthand knowledge. Now, that’s a nice one – you should better not try it until your 2nd playthrough or more. The secret is to set up a trap for the ligamental before it even appears! When told to look for a way to open the door, do not take the pipe – look at dumpster, take cloth and wire, turn off electricity, put the cloth in drainpipe, put the wire in – and only then take the pipe.

East Village

The first obligatory mission.
Better save the game after visiting the shelter and before telling Jordan your final decision.

A new home – A new world. A new life. Choose for Jordan to become a fire-elemental.

As you were – Perhaps it was meant to be this way… Choose for Jordan to die as human.

The whole truth – Get to the truth of what happened. Now, that requires a spesial origin: Policeman only! After reading Jordan’s journal, speak to Wendy and choose the special <Cop> dialog option.


One of the two places you visit after East Village – you recruit Logan here.
To get all the achievements you have to play it at least twice, chosing first Bronx and then Staten Island as your first destination.

Well thrown – Enter the Eddings house using Mandana. Nothing difficult here: just ask Mandana to break that window. You have the brick in your inventory, do you?

Nice shot – Enter the Eddings house using Vicki. You must have Vicky in your party in Bronx, that is you have to visit Staten Island first! Take Vicki to Bronx and use her on the ‘talking window’ instead of the brick.

Staten Island

One of the two places you visit after East Village – you recruit Vicky here.

To get all the achievements you have to play it at least twice, chosing first Bronx and then Staten Island as your first destination, and having ‘Eli + Logan’ and ‘Mandana + either Logan or Eli’ in your party.

In difference from Bronx, you have a choice here: better save while on boat!

Re-door-dancy – Needlessly unlock the same door in two different ways. For this one you have to visit Bronx first and take Eli and Logan with you to Staten Island. Then you are able to unlock the basement door with both the code (thanks to Eli) and the key (from the ghost).

Alley Bestower – Disperse the Staten Island ghost. For this one you obviously have to visit Bronx first and have Logan in your party.

Never Forget – Visit a special place. Wait until (or, turn you system date to) the 11th day of September – and go visit Staten Island.

The end choices are:

Shishkabob – Well skewered, Mandana. Kill the General with Mandana.

Seafood – Calamari for a year! Kill the General with Eli.

Maintain the status quo – Nobody has to die tonight. Spare the General and Capt. Harrison.

The bond is broken – A villain escapes her punishment. Spare the General, but let Capt. Harrison kill herself by asking the General to take her back with him.

North Grove

This is a small place you will have to visit after dealing with the ghost in East Village.
Better save the game before making the last strike!

The three choices are:

Nature killer – No mercy for the trees. Just kill Galene.

Petrified Forest – There’s a new statue in the North Grove. Turn Galene into stone.

Tree hugger – Show sympathy for one of nature’s creatures. Spare Galene.

Wall Street

This is one of the three chapters you can visit after recruiting Vicky and Logan.

You have to play it at least twice to get the alternative achievements – or just save the game after rescuing the child!

Wall Street Bestower – Disperse the ghost on Wall Street, Obviously, you must have Logan in your party.

The two end choices are:

All’s Fae in Love and War – Better safe than sorry. Tell Eli to blast the Fae.

It is done – A deal has been struck. Let the Fae go in peace.


This is one of the three chapters you can visit after recruiting Vicky and Logan.

You have to play it at least thrice to get all the alternative achievements – or just save the game before freeing the second companion!

Brooklyn Bestower – Free the Brooklyn ghost. Of course, you have to play with Logan for that.

The three end choices are:

Re-amused – Calli returns to her former position. Force Calli to take her power back.

Muse Refused – There’s a new muse in town. Let Stan live with his powers.

Not a-mused – No muse in Brooklyn tonight… Kill Stan.


This is one of the three chapters you can visit after recruiting Vicky and Logan.

You have to play it at least twice to get all the alternative achievements – or just save the game before going to the roof after freeing Kevin!

Unchided – Finish a jailbreak without getting chided by a ghost. Now, that’s a tricky one. When in a ghost form, never try opening a door or interacting with anything else in a physical world (except shining objects of course). That is, always use KayKay to get you through the doors. And better save after meeting the dragon!

The two end choices are:

Dragon slayer – Kevin now has a second chance. Allow Kevin to make his final wish.

Dragon savior – Free of torment at last. Do not allow Kevin to torture the dragon.

These numerous achievements are quite easy to get, but they are very time consuming as you have to play almost the whole game six times with different companions on your party.

That is, in relation to just Eli and Mandana, you have to take them with you for six times (East Village, Bronx, Staten Island, Chinatown, Brooklyn and Wall Streeat), and four times – with Vicky and/or Logan (but remember that you have to recruit the related companion first to get him or her to Staten Island or to Bronx before the other three missions).

Still, that’s a good chance to see all the alternative ways to play the game! You do not have to finish it – the corresponding achievement(s) will pop up at the start of the last of the three big missions.

Boys night – Finish three missions with an all male party. That’s mean you are to be of male origin – and take Eli and Logan with you.

Girl powered – Embark on three missions with an all female party. The player should be female of course, and take Mandana and Vicky with her everywhere.

The rest are self-explanatory:

All Jinn – Choose Mandana six times for missions.

Effective Detective – Choose Vicky four times for missions.

Full of Spirit – Choose Logan four times for missions.

Maximum Fire Power – Choose Eli six times for missions.

Sword and Bullets – Select Mandana and Vicky four times for missions.

Fire and Spirits – Embark on four missions with Eli and Logan.

Steel and Souls – Start four missions with Mandana and Logan.

Lead and Flame – Head out four times with Eli and Vicky.

Inseparable – Keep Eli and Mandana together for six missions.

The final achievements

There are four different endings of the ‘Unavowed’ – you get an achievement for obtainng each of them.

I would probably not describe them in details because of huge spoilers – you get all of them simply by choosing different lines while speaking with your other self (and/or doing something else after that).

Just remember to save the game before going to the tower!

Refusal – Resistance is futile.

Freedom – Free at last.

The Fall – The only way to be sure.

A New World – We’ll do it right this time.

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