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Unavowed – Full Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including pictures as well as a short version for the less patient ones.

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This guide contains:

  • the Prologue – long version with pictures
  • the Prologue – short version
  • East Village – short version
  • Bronx – short version
  • Staten Island – short version

Prologue – On the roof

As the game opens, you get to watch a short scene on a rooftop and have to pick your gender first. As far as I know this choice doesn’t have any impact on the story so feel free to choose whichever you like.

Afterwards you’re asked to enter your name. Do so. As above, this decision doesn’t really matter for the story at all.

Finally, you’re asked to tell your profession. Since this isn’t a RPG, this does not have any impact on your abilities but only influences the story slightly. Go with what sounds best to you.

Origin – Actor

You find yourself in Brooklyn, one year ago and in front of the “Under the Bricks Theatre”.
In front of the building to find Serena, smoking. Talk to her to find out, that the play you both have been working on and that’s supposed to open one week from then is supposedly going through some mayor changes.

Enter the Theatre and find Morey sitting on one of the egg crates that are used as props. Talk to him to learn that Zack, writer of the play, has supposedly had some kind of meltdown and has started to rewrite the whole play. Tell him you’ll try to Talk to Zack and enter the office through the door to the right.

You find Zack typing frantically on his computer, obviously looking awful. Talk to him to get more information about him re-writing the play and notice, that he appears to be completely engrossed in his work. Not having left the office to shower or eat in a week, as Morey told you earlier.

Use the switch next to the door you entered through to turn on the light and notice a blonde woman sitting in the corner. Talk to her to find out she calls herself Calliope and is responsible for Zack’s sudden flash of inspiration. It doesn’t matter which options you choose, she will not leave the poor guy alone since he called her. You’ll have to do something.

Try to unplug the computer next to Zack to find out he superglued the cord to the outlet. You’re going to need something more than bare hands for this. So pick up the pair of scissors stuck in the pile of books to Zack’s other side and just cut the cord.

In the scene that follows this action, everything gets slightly out of hand. There’s nothing you can do but watch the whole thing happen. Soon after you’ll be back on the roof in the present.

Origin – Police officer

You find yourself on Staten Island in front of the Eternox nightclub, one year ago. Feel free to talk to your partner Vicky, who agrees to let you take the lead on this case for the first time.

Talk to the bouncer to get some more information and afterwards show him your badge to gain access and even more information. Notice how he praises officer Morino, who Vicky was suspicious about just now?

Enter the club and you get greated by Elana, the clubs owner. After a short talk you get to go upstairs and check out the situation while Vicky wants to ask Elana some more questions. Leave the scene by going up the stairs to the right of the screen and enter the VIP lounge.

You see the famed officer Morino as well as the three suspects. The teenagers are handcuffed and appear to be confused about the whole situation. Talk to Morino and learn about the events that transpired, afterwards try to talk to the suspects but you will not get anything out of them. The only thing they keep talking about is Morinos heroic act being like “something out of a Bruce Lee movie”.

After you’ve talked to the kids as well as Morino, Vicky will enter the room and question the situation and officer Morino. You are free to chime in to either defend Morino or support Vicky. It doesn’t really matter.

In the scene that follows this action, everything gets slightly out of hand. There’s nothing you can do but watch the whole thing happen. Soon after you’ll be back on the roof in the present.

Origin – Bartender

Take a look around if you want but there’s really nothing to see here. As soon as you try to enter the bar, a man will come out to you. You recognise him as Logan, a former regular, Logan asks about his brother Jonah and tells you, he’s supposed to pick him up inside but can’t quite muster the strange to enter since he’s been sober for four years. You will offer to get Jonah for him in any way, to enter the bar to do just that.

As soon as you enter you get into a conversation with Sammy, your boss and the bar`s owner about Jonah. You learn that he locked himself in the bathroom and won’t come out. Obviously this guy has had one to many to drink…

Try to enter the bathroom to realise that the door is locked. Talk to Jonah a bit if you want but whatever you say, he won’t come out. And he doesn’t make much sense as well.
Reach over the counter to grab the bathroom key from the wall, if Jonah’s not going to come out then we’ll have to go in! Unlock the door to find Jonah stand there, holding a gun to his head and threatening to kill himself. Notice the mirrors in the background and how the words “help him please” seem to appear and disappear randomly? Weird…

Do what the mirror tells you to do and talk Jonah out of committing suicide. Afterwards there’s not much more you can do but watch.In the scene that follows this action, everything gets slightly out of hand. Soon after you’ll be back on the roof in the present.

Prologue – Back on the roof

Click anywhere to get up and, after a brief talk with the woman who held you captive before, follow the two through the door and inside the building.

The next scene is quite gruesome but feel free to look around before talking to either the man in the coat or the woman with the sword for some more information on what transpired. You learn that you’ve been possessed and are responsible for the slaughter. Since there’s nothing more to do here, leave through the door on the left of the screen.

Once you’re outside you get tasked with finding something big or heavy to pry of the padlock on the door you want to leave through. So pick up the pipe next to the dumpster.

As soon as you do, a creature appears, claiming to have been invited. Since you know that your two companions are still weakened by the exorcism they performed for you; it’s up to you to save the day:

Check inside the dumpster and pick up the cloth and spool of copper wire inside. Then leave the close-up.

Outside connect the frizzy power box and the puddle of rainwater with the copper wire. You have to first use the wire on the power box and afterwards pick up the wire from the ground to put it into the water. Everyone standing in the water would be electrocuted now. Sadly, the creature is not standing in the water.

We’ll have to change that. Use the piece of cloth you found on the drainpipe to clog it and cause the water to flow out of the other pipe and the puddle to grow larger. Don’t worry, your character will automatically push the lever into an “off” position for all of this. After your trap is set, go back to the power box and turn it back “on”.

The creature is knocked down and after a short discussion, it falls to you to decide its fate. Kill it or let it feed on the corpses inside to get enough strength to travel back home? No matter what you decide, you are recruited as a member of the Unavowed.

Prologue – Quick Version

On the roof

  • Pick your gender
  • Pick your name
  • Pick your origin


  • Talk to Serena in front of the theatre
  • Enter the theatre
  • Talk to Morey on the stage
  • Enter the office (door on the right of the screen)
  • Talk to Zack on the computer
  • Switch on the lights (switch next to the door)
  • Try to unplug the computer
  • Pick up the pair of scissors from the pile of books
  • Cut the computer cord
  • Watch the scene play out

Police officer

  • Show your badge to the bouncer and talk to him
  • Enter the club
  • Talk to Elana
  • Go upstairs
  • Talk to Officer Moreno
  • Talk to each of the three cuffed suspects
  • Vicky enters, talk to her and Morino
  • Watch the scene play out


  • Try to enter the bar and talk to Logan
  • Enter the bar
  • Talk to Sammy
  • Try to enter the bathroom and talk to Jonah
  • Grab the bathroom key from behind the counter
  • Unlock the bathroom and enter
  • Talk to Jonah
  • Watch the scene play out

On the roof

  • Click to get up
  • Follow the woman through the door on the right
  • Talk to both companions
  • Leave the building
  • Pick up the pipe next to the dumpster
  • Open the dumpster and take the cloth and copper wire
  • Connect the power box and puddle with the copper wire
  • Switch the lever to “on”

Case 1 – East Village – Quick Version

  • After the meeting, leave the room through the door in the back
  • Choose “Astor Place station (East Village)”
  • Go to the right until you have a vision
  • Have Mandana open the door
  • Go through the door to the right (The one that reads “Jordan”)
  • Search the cabinet at the back of the room to find a scrap of paper
  • Search the desk (bottom cabinet) to find a picture
  • Search the desk (top drawer) to get a fuse
  • Leave the room
  • Take the stairs into the basement
  • Use Eli on the Darkness
  • Use the fuse on the fuse box on the wall
  • Look at the blanket in the middle of the room
  • Look at the uncovered body
  • Leave the room and the house and go to Tompkins Square Park
  • Talk to the woman sitting at the fountain
  • Choose the first option (“Show photo”), then talk to her about everything
  • Return to Jordan’s room
  • Enter the password: wendy
  • Return to Wendy and talk to her about what you discovered
  • Return to the Village Eye entrance.
  • Have Mandana open the manhole cover
  • Enter the sewers
  • Have Eli turn the valve
  • Grab the key from behind the pipes on the right
  • Use the key on the panel
  • Talk to Jordan about everything
  • Leave the sewers and head for the burnt down building
  • Talk to the police officer
  • Have Eli melt the ice on the locker
  • Open the locker
  • Have Eli melt the ice block
  • Look at the body
  • Use the photo of Jordan and Wendy while in closeup
  • Return to the sewers and talk to Jordan again
  • Choose between having Eli kill Jordan or using Mandana to send him across the void

Case 2 – The Bronx – Quick Version

  • After the meeting, leave the room through the door in the back
  • Choose “Gun Hill station (Bronx)”
  • Go to the right to have another vision
  • Return to Gun Hill station
  • Talk to the MTA officer about the Eddings place
  • Leave to the left
  • Pick up the brick
  • Leave through the back
  • Go to the back of the house

Puzzle: Enter the house


  • Return to the start of the residential area
  • Pick up the brick
  • Return to the Eddings house
  • Go to the back of the house
  • Have Mandana throw the brick through the windows


  • Have Vicky shoot the window


  • Enter through the window
  • Pick up the screwdriver
  • Follow the ghost’s instructions until you end up in the bathroom
  • Talk to Logan about everything
  • Leave the bathroom
  • Take the hula doll
  • Examine the hula doll and use the screwdriver to take out the battery
  • Enter the door to the left and check the trashbin
  • Go downstairs and look at both pictures (“dog” and “car”)
  • Go outside and talk to Eli
  • Have him fire read the burnt documents from the trascan
  • Return to Logan and tell him the names of the three ghosts
  • Leave the bathroom
  • Enter the door to the right to get another vision
  • Go downstairs for another vision
  • Go outside
  • Check the mailbox to get the garage key
  • Put the battery in the garage opener
  • Use the garage key on the garage door and enter
  • Take the shovel
  • Use the screwdriver on the car’s license plate and take the photo
  • Go to the back of the house for another vision
  • Use the shovel on the roses and grab the collar out of the hole
  • Go to the front of the house for another vision
  • Go inside and upstairs again and enter the right bedroom
  • Open the closet and take the old doll
  • Return to Logan and hand him the collar, the doll and the picture

Case 3 – Staten Island – Quick Version

  • After the meeting, leave the room through the door in the back
  • Choose “St George Terminal (Staten Island)”
  • Walk towards the left
  • Follow Vicky several times until you are at the Pier where you have another vision
  • Go back to Vinny’s Bar and talk to Vinny
  • Head over to the police station and talk to the officer at the bus station
  • Return to Vinny and talk about Vicky living in his basement

Puzzle: Enter Vicky’s room


  • Return to the memorial and talk to the female police officer to learn about the BBQ
  • Return to the bus station and talk to Donny Santino about the BBQ
  • Enter the police station and talk to Captain Harrison about what happened at the BBQ
  • Head outside to the pier and have Eli fire read the burnt invitations
  • Remember the date since it seems to be randomized.
  • Enter the alley behind the bar
  • The code for the door is Vicky’s parent’s anniversary. Enter it like this: MMDD (May 25th would be 0525)


  • Enter the alley and have Logan talk to the ghost
  • Return to The police station and ask Captain Harrison about the alley
  • Return to the ghost in the alley and have Logan talk to her again
  • Choose: “Marlene”
  • Talk to her about everything else until Logan and KayKay help her move on
  • Check under the cinderblock to find the key to Vicky’s room
  • Use the key to unlock the door


  • Enter Vicky’s room
  • Grab the butter knife
  • Look at the wall on the far right. The one with “You are not crazy!” written on it.
  • Use the knife on the tough old brick (just underneath the word “crazy”)
  • Take the keycard
  • After talking to Vicky outside head over to the J&M Storage
  • Inside, use the keycard on the card reader next to the middle door and enter

Puzzle: Escape the storage unit


  • Use the butter knife to unscrew the cover of the maintenance panel
  • Look at the maintenance panel
  • Switch the cables going to “Sprinkler” and “Door open”
  • Leave the closeup
  • Have Eli use his fire magic on the sprinklers to open the door

Logan and Mandana:

  • Have Mandana pry open the ventilation shaft
  • Have Logan help her remove the cover
  • Have Mandana climb into the ventilation shaft

Switch one of your characters out for Vicky (Note that you will always leave Logan behind so you will have either Eli or Mandana with you)

Puzzle: Defeat the General


  • Look at the console at the front of the boat
  • Open the panel to the right and take the gas canister
  • Exit the closeup
  • Throw the canister at the General
  • Have Eli throw a fireball at the General


  • Look at the console at the front of the boat
  • Push the button to raise/lower the flag
  • Have Mandana climb atop the flagpole
  • Look at the console at the front of the boat
  • Move the leaver to “full stop”

Choose between having the General leave with Harrison, killing the General and just leeting the General leave.

Updated: 13.8.2018

Written by Ouka Hikari

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