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Uncharted Waters Origin Ships and Ship Building

Uncharted Waters Origin Ships and Ship Building

What you need to know in order to build the ships you want.

There are many ships in the game. You can find out a lot of details about most of the ships from the blueprints section. I’ve copied some data from there into the table below for ease of reference. I’m ignoring the special ships in this guide, but do cover both eastern and western ships.

Additionally, the captain’s cabin of every ship provides a large bonus to some stat that varies by ship. All ships give a 10% bonus to your supply stat, plus a numerical bonus to some other stat. The Korean wiki lists all of them, but Google can’t translate some of the names, so I’ve verified the stat bonus for many low grade ships myself so that I can see the proper translation of the ones that Google can’t handle.

Hansa Cog1westcombatmeleeMelee900
Cog Redonda2westtraderamPurchasing1200
Cog Latina2westtradeartillerySales1200
Light Proa2eastadvensupportNature1200
Caravel Latina3westtradeartillerySales1400
Caravel Redonda3westtraderamPurchasing1400
Light Galley3westcombatmeleeMelee1400
La Pinta4westcombatmeleeMelee1600
Heavy Galley7westcombatmeleeMelee2100
Heavy Caravel7westtraderamPurchasing2000
Light Sha-chuan7eastcombatramRamming2100
Joseon Charging Ship8eastcombatramRamming2300
Fu Ship9easttrademeleeSales2300
Ottoman Galley10westcombatmeleeMelee2700
De Sperwer10westtradesupportPurchasing2500
Roman Galley11westcombatmeleeMelee2700
Flanders Galley12westcombatmeleeMelee3000
Santa Maria12westadvensupportNature2800
Saint Gabriel12westadvensupportAesthetics2800
Hainan Ship12easttradesupportPurchasing2800
Flatbed Ship12eastcombatartilleryArtillery3000

List of ships (continued)

La Reale13westcombatmeleeMelee3200
Heavy Carrack13westtradeartillerySales3000
Large Schooner13westadvensupportNature3000
Red Seal Ship13eastadvensupportAesthetics3000
Nujeon Ship13eastcombatramRamming3200
Large Galleon14westcombatartilleryArtillery3400
Santa Catarina14westtradesupportSales3100
Prins Willem14westcombatmeleeMelee3400
Araki Ship14easttradesupportPurchasing3100
Razee Frigate15westcombatartilleryArtillery3500
Large Sekifune15eastcombatmeleeMelee3300
Large Frigate16westcombatartilleryArtillery3700
Golden Hind16westcombatartilleryArtillery3700
Bermuda Sloop16westadventsupportSupply3400
Long Schooner17westadventuresupportSupply3600
Neapolitan Galleass17westcombatmeleeMelee3900
Nordic Galleon17westcombatartilleryArtillery3600
Full Ship17easttradesupportSales3900

There are no ships with a captain’s cabin that give a statistical bonus to support, scouting, trade, or negotiation. Combat ships always give a bonus to their combat type. Adventuring ships usually give a bonus to nature, though there are three each that give a bonus to supply or aesthetics.

Ship grade data

Apart from grade 1 ships, all ships have level requirements in order to use the ship. The ship has a much higher level requirement for the ship type (i.e., adventuring, trade, or combat) than for the other two levels. The level requirement is for a ship’s captain, not for other mates on the ship.

If a ship’s captain does not meet the level requirements, you can still use the ship, but the ship’s stats will be decreased by 5% for each level requirement not met. You’ll likely want to use some medium grade ships for quite a while while missing the high level requirement, but the other two are much easier to meet. Here’s a table of level requirements by ship grade.

In order to build any ship, you must have a sufficiently high shipbuilding level. For the low grades, I’ve listed the amount of experience required to advance from one shipbuilding level to the next. I’ve only been able to see it so far for the low ranks. Your shipbuilding level is tracked separately for eastern and western ships.

I’ve also listed the amount of experience that you gain from building a ship. You gain this much per ship, until the ship blueprint level reaches 20. At that point, experience per ship drops to 10% of the original. You gain double experience the first time you build a particular type of ship.Finally, I have listed the time required to build each ship, in minutes.

grademain lvother lvexperlevel upminutes


Building a ship requires materials, blueprints, and ducats. You must also be at a shipyard that can build the particular type of ship that you want. The blueprints section has a map pin marker that will show you the locations where each ship can be built, so I won’t replicate that here. It takes 10 blueprints to build a ship, but I don’t focus on how to get them here.

I will, however, list the materials required to build each ship. The materials always require one keel, as well as some wood, masts, and gun ports, with only the exception that grade 1 ships skip the masts and gun ports. I’ll list the quantities first, then come back to what the materials are and how to get them.


The materials required vary by ship. For grades 1-4, that is, the small ships, the materials are purchasable in unlimited quantities and in many shipyards. Furthermore, you can buy the blueprints for those ships in unlimited quantities in any shipyard that can build them. For this reason, when trying to level your shipbuilding level, it’s usually best to max your blueprint level in all ships of grades 1-4, at least apart from the golden ships for which you can’t buy the blueprints.

Grades 1-2 require cedar wood, cedar wood masts, and training gun ports. Grades 3-4 require spruce wood, spruce wood masts, and small gun ports.

Materials for most higher grade ships can be purchased in various ports. It generally requires some amount of investment in order to unlock the ability to purchase the parts. Even one the investment is done, you can only purchase a limited amount of each material per port per week. Besides the keel, the other three materials for a given ship grade can be purchased in the same ports.

For each set of materials, I’ll give a table with the required investment to unlock a part (in millions of ducats), the price per item to buy it once it is unlocked, and the quantity that you can buy per week.I’ll also list the ports where you can buy the items. I know the English names for all ports in Europe or northern Africa, but Google translate botches names of some others, so there is some uncertainty for some of the ports.

First of all, the medium keels require military investment rank 2 in order to purchase. Once that is done, they cost 1.24 million ducats each, and can be purchased in London, Amsterdam, Lisboa, Seville, Constantinople, Abidjan, and Santo Domingo. That is, all of the starting capital cities, plus two other ports.

Grades 5-6 require pine wood, pine masts, and medium gun ports. These are available in London, Amsterdam, Lisboa, Seville, Constantinople, Candia, Bremen, Ceuta, Edinburgh, Casablanca, Abidjan, Luanda, Santo Domingo, and Port Royal.


Grades 7-8 require alder wood, alder wood masts, and improved medium gun ports. These are available in Syracuse, Bergen, Timbuktu, Rio de Janiero, Buenos Aires, Mozambique, Massawa, Baghdad, and Kozhikode.


Grades 9-10 require beech wood, beech wood masts, and enhanced medium gun ports. These are available in Copenhagen, Beirut, Cape Town, Valparaiso, Lima, Suez, Malacca, and Jayakarta. Gun ports require military investment level 4 in the port to unlock rather than personal investment.


Grades 11-12 require rosewood, rosewood masts, and special enhanced medium gun ports. These are available in Venice, Nassau, Porlamar, Merida, Copiapo, Tumbes, Kolkata, Pasay, Palembang, and Manila. Gun ports require military investment level 7 in the port to unlock rather than personal investment.


Grade 13 requires teak wood, teak wood masts, and large gun ports. These are available in Lubeck, Marseille, Trujillo, Banjarmasin, Pangkal Pinang, Ushuaia, Natal, Cohasset, and Pondicherry.


Grade 14 requires walnut wood, walnut wood masts, and improved large gun ports. These are available in Kokkola, Veracruz, Panama, Hanoi, Okinawa, Ceuta, Nantes, Timbuktu, Karibib, and Jeddah. The port name for Okinawa is likely wrong, but it’s something on that island.


Grade 15 requires ebony wood, ebony wood masts, and enhanced large gun ports. These are available in Hobe, Baghdad, Pinjarra, Ohlone, and Southside.


You can also buy 1 large keel per week in Southside. It requires admiral level 8.

Grade 16 ships require enhanced cedar wood, enhanced cedar wood masts, and special large gun ports. Grade 17 ships require enhanced spruce wood, enhanced spruce wood masts, and special improved large gun ports. These don’t yet seem to be available to buy anywhere in the game.


Every ship has several cabins. All ships have a captain’s cabin, as discussed earlier. In addition to that, there are five different types of cabins. For lack of an in-game name, I’ll call them A, B, C, D, and E. Types A, B, and C allow you to assign a mate to the cabin, in addition to giving some stat bonuses. Types D and E only give stat bonuses, but do not allow you to assign any mate.

There are two major benefits to assigning mates to cabins. One is that it makes the mate active so that he’ll gain experience from the various things that cause you to gain experience as you play the game. The other is that it adds the mate’s personal stats to the ship stats, as well as making his skills available to the ship. For adventuring and trade stats and skills, this generally makes them available to the entire fleet. Combat stats and skills are specific to the ship.

All assignable cabins have some stat rates for adventuring, trade, and combat mates. These are multiplied by a mate’s corresponding type when the mate is assigned to a cabin. You usually want to switch cabins from the default to something that gives 100% for some type of mate, and then assign that type of mate to the cabin.

It’s important to understand that the rate is by type of mate, not by skill. For example, a medium rowing cabin is rated at 100% adventuring, 50% trade, 50% combat. An adventuring mate will apply his full stats of all types, including trade and combat, to the ship. A trade mate will only provide 50% of his stats to the ship, even adventuring. Thus, for this type of cabin, an adventuring mate is likely to contribute higher trade stats than a trade mate of the same grade.

Some cabins are available from the start, while others are available only after you increase your blueprint or understanding level for a ship far enough. I list cabins available from the start as A, B, C, D, or E, and then those that require higher blueprint or understanding level as B+, C+, D+, and E+. The number of cabins per ship, by ship grade:


As you can see, the number of cabins tends to increase as the ship size does. However, grades 5, 7, and 9 have more assignable cabins at blueprint and understanding level 1 than the other medium ships do. Grade 11 does not do this. But this does mean that you might not want to be in a hurry to upgrade by a single grade and lose an assignable cabin.

Type B and C cabins have the same options regardless of ship grade, at least up to grade 8. The other cabin types of different options depending on whether you have a small or medium ship. They’re analogous options, but the medium ship options give higher stats.

You can change the cabins from among various options for each type. Changing a cabin on one ship changes all cabins for the same type of ship. For example, if you change a schooner’s old aide’s cabin to an accounting room, that will change the corresponding cabin for all schooners that you have or will build in the future. Schooners have three type C cabins, however, so each of those three must be changed independently.

It typically costs about 10k ducats per ship grade to change a cabin on a small ship, or 100k ducats per ship grade for a medium ship. The exception is that some options for type A cabins cost 10 blue gems per ship grade for a small ship or 20 blue gems per ship grade for a medium ship. Large ships are probably more expensive in both cases, but I haven’t yet seen the price tags.

For type A cabins, the options available depend on whether the ship is an adventuring, trade, or combat ship. Old rudder and old deck are available on all ship types, but the other options all have stat rates of 100%/50%/50%, and cabins with a stat rate of 100% on some mate type are only available for ships of the corresponding type.

I have a list of cabins recorded, but it’s going to be some work to copy it here, so I’ll stop here for now.

Cabins (continued)

For small ships, the type A cabins are:

ship typecabin typeadvtradecombatpriceeffect
allOld Rudder707070ducats+3% ramming
allOld Deck707070ducats+3% melee, +2% scouting
adventureSmall Ice Breaking Enhancement Room1005050blue gems+3 ice breaking
adventureSmall Seaworthiness Enhancement Lab1005050blue gems+1 seaworthiness
adventureSmall Momentum Enhancement Lab1005050blue gems+3 momentum
adventureSmall Rowing Cabin1005050ducats+3 rowing
adventureSmall Luggage Management Room1005050ducats-1% supplies cost
adventureSmall (adventure skill) Lab1005050blue gems+3% adventure skill
tradeSmall Supply Management Room5010050ducats+3 load capacity
tradeSmall (trade skill) Strategy Lab5010050blue gems+3% trade skill
tradeSmall (goods type) Management Room5010050ducats+5% goods type purchase quantity
combatSmall Disguise Management Room5050100ducats+5 additional ram attack, +1% additional ram critical chance
combatSmall Weapon Management Room5050100ducats+5 additional melee attack, +1% additional melee critical chance
combatSmall Ammo Management Room5050100ducats+5 additional artillery attack, +1% additional artillery critical chance
combatSmall Enhancement Management Room5050100ducats+10 additional repair recovery
combatSmall Crew Management Room5050100ducats+4 max crew
combatSmall Lounge Management Room5050100ducats+5 additional medical recovery
combatSmall Banquet Management Room5050100ducats+5 additional mobility, +3 additional mobility recovery
combatSmall (combat skill) Lab5050100blue gems+3% combat skill

For medium ships, the type A cabins available are:

ship typecabin typeadvtradecombatpriceeffect
allOld Rudder707070ducats+6% ramming
allOld Deck707070ducats+6% melee, +4% scouting
adventureMedium Ice Breaking Enhancement Room1005050blue gems+5 ice breaking
adventureMedium Seaworthiness Enhancement Lab1005050blue gems+2 seaworthiness
adventureMedium Momentum Enhancement Lab1005050blue gems+5 momentum
adventureMedium Rowing Cabin1005050ducats+5 rowing
adventureMedium Luggage Management Room1005050ducats-2% supplies cost
adventureMedium (adventure skill) Lab1005050blue gems+6% adventure skill
tradeMedium Supply Management Room5010050ducats+5 load capacity
tradeMedium (trade skill) Strategy Lab5010050blue gems+6% trade skill
tradeMedium (goods type) Management Room5010050ducats+8% goods type purchase quantity
combatMedium Disguise Management Room5050100ducats+10 additional ram attack, +2% additional ram critical chance
combatMedium Weapon Management Room5050100ducats+10 additional melee attack, +2% additional melee critical chance
combatMedium Ammo Management Room5050100ducats+10 additional artillery attack, +2% additional artillery critical chance
combatMedium Enhancement Management Room5050100ducats+15 additional repair recovery
combatMedium Crew Management Room5050100ducats+8 max crew
combatMedium Lounge Management Room5050100ducats+10 additional medical recovery
combatMedium Banquet Management Room5050100ducats+10 additional mobility, +5 additional mobility recovery
combatMedium (combat skill) Lab5050100blue gems+6% combat skill

Note that I’ve bunched some together to save table space. For example, “Small (adventure skill) Lab” covers “Small Nature Lab”, “Small Aesthetics Lab”, “Small Scouting Lab”, and “Small Supply Lab”, which are four separate cabins that each increase one stat. There are analogous cabins for the other skill types. Similarly, “Small (goods type) Management Room” has 20 separate cabins, one for each type of goods in the game.

The default is either Old Rudder or Old Deck, the only two that don’t count 100% stats for any mate type, so you’ll probably want to change that.

Cabins (continued 2)

For large ships, the type A cabins available are:

ship typecabin typeadvtradecombatpriceeffect
allRudder909090ducats+10% ramming
allDeck909090ducats+10% melee, +6% scouting
adventureLarge Ice Breaking Enhancement Room1005050blue gems+7 ice breaking
adventureLarge Seaworthiness Enhancement Lab1005050blue gems+3 seaworthiness
adventureLarge Momentum Enhancement Lab1005050blue gems+7 momentum
adventureLarge Rowing Cabin1005050ducats+7 rowing
adventureLarge Luggage Management Room1005050ducats-3% supplies cost
adventureLarge (adventure skill) Lab1005050blue gems+10% adventure skill
tradeLarge Supply Management Room5010050ducats+7 load capacity
tradeLarge (trade skill) Strategy Lab5010050blue gems+10% trade skill
tradeLarge (goods type) Management Room5010050ducats+10% goods type purchase quantity
combatLarge Disguise Management Room5050100ducats+15 additional ram attack, +3% additional ram critical chance
combatLarge Weapon Management Room5050100ducats+15 additional melee attack, +3% additional melee critical chance
combatLarge Ammo Management Room5050100ducats+15 additional artillery attack, +3% additional artillery critical chance
combatLarge Enhancement Management Room5050100ducats+20 additional repair recovery
combatLarge Crew Management Room5050100ducats+12 max crew
combatLarge Lounge Management Room5050100ducats+15 additional medical recovery
combatLarge Banquet Management Room5050100ducats+15 additional mobility, +7 additional mobility recovery
combatLarge (combat skill) Lab5050100blue gems+10% combat skill

For ships up to (and including) grade 10, the type B cabins are:

cabin typeadvtradecombateffect
Old Mast707070+5% scouting
Old Crow’s Nest1005070+3% scouting, +2% artillery
Mast808080+8% scouting
Crow’s Nest1006080+6% scouting, +4% artillery

The default is Old Mast, which is terrible, so you’ll presumably want to change it. For grade 11 or 12, the options are the same, except that, you cannot switch to either of the “old” types. Not that you’d want to anyway.

For large ships, the type B cabins are:

cabin typeadvtradecombateffect
Mast909090+13% scouting
Crow’s Nest1007090+10% scouting, +6% artillery

That’s the same name as the small and medium cabins, but with better stat bonuses. You’ll start with one of each, but can pay to switch.

For ships up to (and including) grade 10, the type C cabins are:

cabin typeadvtradecombateffect
Old Aide’s Cabin707070+3% negotiation, +2% trade
Old Infirmary707070+3% support
Old Recreation Room707070+3% support, +2% supply
Old Chapel707070+5% supply
Old Personal Quarters707070+3% support, +2% melee
Old Measuring Room707070+3% scouting, +2% artillery
Old Kitchen707070+3% supply, +2% support
Old Strategy Room707070+3% scouting, +2% negotiation
Old Livestock Pen707070+5% supply
Old Library1006060+3% aesthetics
Old Laboratory1006060+3% nature
Old Lumber Storage1005070+3% support
Old Accounting Room6010060+3% purchasing, +2% sales
Old Marine Barracks7050100+5% melee
Old Training Room7050100+3% melee, +2% support
Old Gun Port7050100+3% artillery
Aide’s Cabin808080+6% negotiation, +4% trade
Infirmary808080+6% support
Recreation Room808080+6% support, +4% supply
Chapel808080+8% supply
Personal Quarters808080+6% support, +4% melee
Measuring Room808080+6% scouting, +4% artillery
Kitchen808080+6% supply, +4% support
Strategy Room808080+6% scouting, +4% negotiation
Livestock Pen808080+8% supply
Library1007070+6% aesthetics
Laboratory1007070+6% nature
Lumber Storage1006080+6% support
Accounting Room7010070+6% purchasing, +4% sales
Marine Barracks8060100+8% melee
Training Room8060100+6% melee, +4% support
Gun Port8060100+6% artillery

The default is always various “old” cabin types, so you’ll generally want to change that, as they all have a clear upgrade. For grade 11 or higher, you cannot switch to any of the “old” types. Not that you’d want to even if you could.

Cabins (continued 3)

For large ships, the type C cabins are:

cabin typeadvtradecombateffect
Aide’s Cabin909090+10% negotiation, +6% trade
Infirmary909090+10% support
Recreation Room909090+10% support, +6% supply
Chapel909090+13% supply
Personal Quarters909090+10% support, +6% melee
Measuring Room909090+10% scouting, +6% artillery
Kitchen909090+10% supply, +6% support
Strategy Room909090+10% scouting, +6% negotiation
Livestock Pen909090+13% supply
Library1008080+10% aesthetics
Laboratory1008080+10% nature
Lumber Storage1007090+10% support
Accounting Room8010080+10% purchasing, +6% sales
Marine Barracks9070100+13% melee
Training Room9070100+10% melee, +6% support
Gun Port9070100+10% artillery

As with B cabins, those are the same names as for smaller ships, but with better stats. And this time, you’ll start with useful cabins, rather than the junk “old” cabins.

Type D cabins are not assignable, so they don’t have mate skill rates. The options for small ships are:

cabin typeeffect
Old Small Supply Storage+3 load capacity
Old Small Weapon Storage+5 additional melee attack
Old Small Ammo Storage+5 additional artillery attack
Old Small Concealed Storage+5 additional ram attack
Old Small Enhanced Storage+9 additional repair recovery
Old Small Luggage Storage-1% supplies cost
Old Small (goods type) Storage+5% (goods type) purchase quantity

For medium ships, the options are:

cabin typeeffect
Medium Supply Storage+8 load capacity
Medium Weapon Storage+15 additional melee attack
Medium Ammo Storage+15 additional artillery attack
Medium Concealed Storage+15 additional ram attack
Medium Enhanced Storage+14 additional repair recovery
Medium Luggage Storage-3% supplies cost
Medium (goods type) Storage+8% (goods type) purchase quantity

For large ships, the medium ship options are still available, but clearly inferior to the newly available large ship options. The other large ship options are:

cabin typeeffect
Large Supply Storage+15 load capacity
Large Weapon Storage+25 additional melee attack
Large Ammo Storage+25 additional artillery attack
Large Concealed Storage+25 additional ram attack
Large Enhanced Storage+19 additional repair recovery
Large Luggage Storage-4% supplies cost
Large (goods type) Storage+10% (goods type) purchase quantity

In all ship sizes, as with type A cabins, there is a separate cabin type for each type of trade goods. For medium ships, the default will be an inferior option to one of the ones listed above for medium ships, so you’ll want to change it. For large ships, the default will be something that is actually useful.

Type E cabins are similarly not assignable, but have different options for different sized ships. For small ships the options are:

cabin typeeffect
Old Small Lounge+3 additional medical recovery
Old Small Banquet Hall+3 additional mobility
Old Small Crew’s Quarters+2 max crew
Old Small Rowing Deck+3 rowing

For medium ships, the options are:

cabin typeeffect
Medium Lounge+8 additional medical recovery
Medium Banquet Hall+9 additional mobility
Medium Crew’s Quarters+6 max crew
Medium Rowing Deck+7 rowing

As with type D cabins, the default for a medium ship will be an inferior option to one listed above, so you’ll want to change it.

For large ships, the medium ship options are still available, but clearly inferior to the newly available large ship options. The other large ship options are:

cabin typeeffect
Large Lounge+13 additional medical recovery
Large Banquet Hall+15 additional mobility
Large Crew’s Quarters+10 max crew
Large Rowing Deck+10 rowing
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