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Unturned All Weapon Attachments ID List

You’re a survivor in the zombie infested ruins of society, and must work with your friends and forge alliances to remain among the living.

Unturned All Weapon Attachments ID List

All attachments for weapons.

Underbarrel Attachments

  • Vertical Grip (id:8)
  • Bipod (id:143)
  • Horizontal Grip (id:145)


  • 7x Scope (id:153)
  • 8x Scope (id:21)
  • 16x Scope (id:296)
  • Shadowstalker Scope (id:302)
  • Shadowstalker MK II Scope (id:1442)
  • Military Night Vision Scope (id:1201)
  • Cross Scope (id:22)
  • Chevron Scope (id:148)
  • Hospitality Scope (id:15049)-Removed
  • Judgement Scope (id:15054)-Removed
  • Dot Sight (id:146)
  • Halo Sight (id:147)
  • Kobra Sight (id:1004)
  • Green Dot Sight (id:23537)

Barrel Attachments

  • Military Suppressor (id:7)
  • Military Barrel (id:149)
  • Military Muzzle (id:150)
  • Ranger Suppressor (id:144)
  • Ranger Barrel (id:1191)
  • Ranger Muzzle (id:1190)
  • Honeybadger Barrel (id:117)
  • Crossbow Barrel (id:350
  • Bow Barrel (id:354)
  • Bluntforce Makeshift Muffler (id:1444)
  • Paintball Gun Barrel (id:1338)
  • Nailgun Barrel (id:1167)
  • Matamorez Barrel (id:1002)
  • Makeshift Muffler (id:477)

Side Attachments

  • Tactical Light (id:152)
  • Tactical Laser (id:151)
  • Adaptive Chambering (id:1007)
  • Rangefinder (id:1008)
  • Bayonet (id:1438)

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