Unturned All Weapon Attachments ID List

Unturned - All Weapon Attachments and ID List

You’re a survivor in the zombie infested ruins of society, and must work with your friends and forge alliances to remain among the living.

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All Weapon Attachments ID List

All attachments for weapons.

Underbarrel Attachments

  • Vertical Grip (id:8)
  • Bipod (id:143)
  • Horizontal Grip (id:145)


  • 7x Scope (id:153)
  • 8x Scope (id:21)
  • 16x Scope (id:296)
  • Shadowstalker Scope (id:302)
  • Shadowstalker MK II Scope (id:1442)
  • Military Night Vision Scope (id:1201)
  • Cross Scope (id:22)
  • Chevron Scope (id:148)
  • Hospitality Scope (id:15049)-Removed
  • Judgement Scope (id:15054)-Removed
  • Dot Sight (id:146)
  • Halo Sight (id:147)
  • Kobra Sight (id:1004)
  • Green Dot Sight (id:23537)

Barrel Attachments

  • Military Suppressor (id:7)
  • Military Barrel (id:149)
  • Military Muzzle (id:150)
  • Ranger Suppressor (id:144)
  • Ranger Barrel (id:1191)
  • Ranger Muzzle (id:1190)
  • Honeybadger Barrel (id:117)
  • Crossbow Barrel (id:350
  • Bow Barrel (id:354)
  • Bluntforce Makeshift Muffler (id:1444)
  • Paintball Gun Barrel (id:1338)
  • Nailgun Barrel (id:1167)
  • Matamorez Barrel (id:1002)
  • Makeshift Muffler (id:477)

Side Attachments

  • Tactical Light (id:152)
  • Tactical Laser (id:151)
  • Adaptive Chambering (id:1007)
  • Rangefinder (id:1008)
  • Bayonet (id:1438)

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