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USC: Counterforce 5 Tips for Beginners

USC: Counterforce 5 Tips for Beginners

This guide is perfect for every player who wants to start playing USC: Counterforce or digging into the turn-based tactics genre and would need guidance. In this overview, we’re sharing 5 tips to make your experience better if you like guides and a smooth start.

#1 Balance and Adapt Your Squad

USC: Counterforce places a strong emphasis on teamwork and coordination.

When forming your squad, ensure a good balance of different classes and abilities to cover various roles on the battlefield. Experiment with different combinations and adapt your squad composition based on the objectives and challenges you face during each encounter.

Pick a Medic who is versed in BIOChemistry to make sure your squad does get out of it alive is a great pick.

5 tips to start USC: Counterforce

#2 Analyze the Environment

The game features diverse maps and environments, each with its own advantages and challenges.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the maps, and study key locations, chokepoints, and objective areas. Understanding the layout will allow you to plan strategies, find advantageous positions, and anticipate enemy movements.

The Pull/Push of objects will become your biggest friend.

5 tips to start USC: Counterforce

#3 Loot, Upgrade, Craft

USC: Counterforce incorporates elements of looting, upgrading, and crafting.

Throughout the game, you’ll find resources, weapons, and equipment.

Collect these items and utilize the crafting system to upgrade your gear, enhance your abilities, and gain an edge over your opponents. Pay attention to resource management and make strategic decisions on how to allocate your resources effectively.

5 tips to start USC: Counterforce

#4 Combos & Buildups

Mastering the combat mechanics and understanding the synergy between different abilities and weapons is crucial.

Experiment with different combos and buildups to maximize your damage output and tactical advantage. Discover how certain abilities and weapons can complement each other, creating devastating combinations that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

You can use a cryo weapon to build up enough frost to freeze a target and shatter/instakill it with a high-impact attack.

5 tips to start USC: Counterforce

#5 Encyclopedia/Wiki

To deepen your understanding of USC: Counterforce, make use of the available resources like the in-game encyclopedia or an external wiki.

These resources provide detailed information about the game mechanics, classes, weapons, abilities, and strategies. Refer to them to gain insights, learn advanced tactics, and stay updated on any balance changes or updates to the game.

5 tips to start USC: Counterforce
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