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V Rising Combat Basics: Understanding Weapons, Magic Abilities, and Vampire Powers

Doing away with the traditional point and click controls, V Rising will have you aiming skill shots and dodging projectiles using precise WASD controls and cursor-based aiming, which are significant advantages for those looking to engage in PvP battles.

Combat in V Rising is more than meets the eye. Your traditional Sword and Axe gameplay has been spiced up with the addition of wicked new abilities and magical powers that you can use to unleash upon powerful V Blood foes and other rival vampires.

Weapons and Armor

V Rising offers four weapons that can be crafted from your Character menu — these all require fairly common resources. While these weapons won’t be the most powerful, they will act as your initial weapons until you unlock the recipes to craft structures such as the Simple Workbench, Smithy, and Anvil, which all offer the ability to produce higher quality weapons at a much higher cost.

An all-round weapon that deals slash damage and has a greater effect on vegetation and thickets.

Dual-wield axes that deal chop damage and has a greater effect on wood.

A heavy weapon that deals blunt damage that has a greater effect on minerals and rocks.

A spear with a long-ranged attack and deals thrust damage that has a greater effect on creatures.

A range weapon that fires bolts.

Each weapon type will offer three unique Weapon Techniques, which are assigned to your action bar. It’s important to note that all three weapon techniques won’t always be available, as they are unlocked through the following gear progression.

  • Weapon Technique 1: Primary Attack, available immediately.
  • Weapon Technique 2: Unlocked by equipping Copper or higher quality weapon.
  • Weapon Technique 3: Unlocked by equipping Iron or higher quality weapon.

Magic Abilities

Upon defeating powerful V Blood foes, you’ll unlock various magic spells that can be assigned to your action bar. With up to five different categories of spells available, including Blood, Unholy, Illusion, Chaos, and Frost, you’ll have the freedom to mix and match your spells to create an arsenal of deadly weapons and abilities that perfectly fit your playing style.

So whether you’re looking for the Freezing effect of Frost spells or the passive burn effect from Chaos spells, there’s a little something for everyone.

Your action bar will allow you to select one Travel Ability, two Basic Abilities, and an Ultimate Ability. These four magic abilities are in addition to your three unique weapon abilities that come with each weapon type.

Vampire Powers

There are ten unique Vampire Powers that can be unlocked through the completion of Quests and by defeating V Blood carriers. These abilities can then be assigned to the Action Wheel and activated freely to enhance your vampire.

Vampire Powers can only be activated if your character is not moving. In addition, it will take several moments for Vampire Powers to activate, so be sure to factor that in when using them in-game.

Many of these powers can boost your resistance to elements and damage taken, health regeneration, shapeshifting into different forms that can disguise you from humans, increase your travel speed, and more.

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