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V Rising Controls

Looking to Auto Run or potentially speak via Voice Chat? Below are the default key bindings for V Rising.

V Rising Controls

Default controls for V Rising.


Interact and Pick UpF
Interrupt Ability CastX or Mouse3
Drop Item from InventorySpace
Split item stack in InventoryMiddle Mouse Button (Scroll Button)
Repair Item in InventoryMiddle Mouse Button (Scroll Button)
Global ChatReturn (Enter)
Emote WheelLeft Alt
Push to TalkMiddle Mouse Button (Scroll Button)
Rotate CameraRight Mouse Button


Move UpW
Move LeftA
Move DownS
Move RightD
Auto RunMouse4

Skills and Attacks

PrimaryLeft Mouse Button
Weapon Skill 1Q
Weapon Skill 2E
Travel SkillSpace
Spell Slot 1R
Spell Slot 2C
Jump from CliffsShift
Action WheelLeft Ctrl
Vampire Power Modifier KeyShift
Vampire Power 11
Vampire Power 22
Vampire Power 33
Vampire Power 44


Character PanelTab
Build PanelB
Map PanelM
Clan PanelP
Vampire Powers PanelJ
V BloodO


Place StructureLeft Mouse Button
Dismantle (Remove) StructureSpace
Repair StructureR
Rotate Structure LeftQ
Rotate Structure RightE
Cancel Current PlacementSpace
Deselect Current PlacementSpace or Esc

Action Bar

Action Bar 11
Action Bar 22
Action Bar 33
Action Bar 44
Action Bar 55
Action Bar 66
Action Bar 77
Action Bar 88
Action Bar 99

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