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V Rising How the Blood Pool Works

As the common saying goes, you are what you eat, which remains true in V Rising as you’ll adopt the same Blood Type and Blood Quality when feeding on hostile, living humanoids and creatures with low health. For example, if you choose to feed on a Brute, you’ll adopt the Brute Blood Type and their stated Blood Quality, which is displayed by a percentage next to their name when feeding.

The higher the Blood Quality, the better bonus increases you’ll receive — a complete list of all stat bonuses can be found when hovering over the Blood Pool. It’s worth noting that despite feeding on several humanoids of the same Blood Type, your Blood Quality will not stack but rather be replaced by the most recent quality of blood that you’re feeding on.

It’s also important to remember that for a feed to be successful, you must let the feed bar fully complete, as pressing the Left Mouse Button while feeding will instantly kill your victim, and no blood will be granted, nor will your current blood type/quality be altered.

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