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V Rising How to Make Leather

This is straightforward guide on how to make leather and all prerequisites needed for the process; also, tips and tricks are provided on maximizing efficiency.


Leather is a vital crafting ingredient throughout the majority of your time in V Rising. There are three things you will need: A Sawmill (planks), Animal Hide, and the completion of Keely the Frost Archer (Tannery). The completion of these three steps will allow you to create Leather.

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How to Obtain a Sawmill (Planks)

If you understand how to create Planks, one of the games many resources and already have done so, feel free to skip this section.

Follow the game’s quest progression until you receive the task to create a Sawmill, your Castle Heart should already be built and the Sawmill can be placed either inside or outside– as long as it is on your border tiles.

To construct one, simply press B to enter the build menu and select the Sawmill from the Refinement category.

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It will take Wood and Stone to construct, both are readily available everywhere you go.

Next you will need to create Planks by depositing Wood in the input section of your Sawmill. Over time, the Sawmill will create Planks which are a vital building component in V Rising.

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You will need a total of 160 Wood to create the required 8 Planks for the Tannery.

Animal Hide

The most important component for obtaining Leather is Animal Hide, which can be found on the corpse of nearly every animal. A great tip is to kill every pack of wolves you can find for roughly 200 Animal Hide. Also, one moose will drop 200 Animal Hide on death.

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Keely the Frost Archer

The next step is to obtain the V Blood of Keely the Frost Archer, in V rising you can obtain the blood of powerful enemies for special powers. In this instance, killing the Frost archer will enable you to create a Tannery, this is essential for making Leather.

You can find the boss here below, it is recommended to have reinforced bone weapons or a party to help you.

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Do not forget to smash every crate that you can in the camp for extra leather and various resources. If you are not smashing crates, pots and barrels like its Zelda than you’re wrong.

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Making the Leather

Now that you’ve acquired Planks, Animal Hide, and have defeated Keely the Frost Archer you can begin to create leather.

At your base, open your build Menu with B and head to the Refinement category to create the Tannery. 8 Planks and 160 Animal Hide are required.

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Simply place Animal Hide in the Input section and Leather will be automatically created over time. Like all workstations in V Rising, the Tannery does not require fuel.

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You now have everything required to create Leather in V rising. As a final tip, using the Tailor’s Floor in an enclosed room within your base for your Tannery will increase the efficiency of the workstation by 25 percent– saving you resources. You can view all bonuses for workstations at the top of their respective inventory menus.

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