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V Rising Quick Combat Tips

V Rising Combat Tips

Avoid running too far away from V Blood carriers and enemies as once they leave your screen, their health will be replenished to full. However, do note that while certain enemies and V Blood carriers will follow you for a certain distance, they will eventually return to their main roaming area, which will also see them returning to full health.

Before leaving your Castle or engaging in combat, be sure to investigate both your weapons and armor for any durability issues. If they’re running low, it’s best to repair them to ensure they are always performing to the best of their ability.

Utilize all of your weapons during combat as sticking to just one weapon type will leave you at a disadvantage. Performing combinations with both your Mace and Crossbow will allow you to attack enemies from afar, especially those that have quite powerful close-range attacks that you may not be fully equipped to handle when starting out.

While you won’t have access to a Crossbow straight up, you can unlock the necessary crafting recipe by defeating one of the early V Blood bosses, Rufus the Foreman. In addition, Rufus will also unlock the Fishing Rod which will allow you to catch fish from lakes and streams. Fishing will be vital during the late game, as Fish Oil is an essential resource that is quite hard to farm efficiently.

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