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Valheim Corpse Run Guide

Valheim Corpse Run Guide. This is a reminder to you that this game has such a wonderful thing as Corpse Run, which many people forget about.

What it is?

Corpse Run is an active effect applied to the player after picking up all the items from his grave.
The effect’s duration is 50 seconds and here what it does to you:

  • Heals you for 10 HP every second.
  • Gives you well resistance from Blunt, Slash and Pierce damage
  • Lowers run’s and jump’s stamina usage by 75%
  • Increases carry weight by 150 points.

Why It Is Useful

I am sure that many do not pay attention to the benefits of this effect.
In fact, this effect is very useful, especially considering the hardcore nature of the game.

For example, It can be useful when you die accidentally in a winter biome early in the game when you don’t have winter clothes yet, or maybe you need increased damage resistance and health regeneration to deal with the boss.

How To Abuse It

This effect is applied to the character every time you pick up all things from the grave.
So you can make a lot of graves in one place and pick up a new one after the effect of the old disappears.

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It is enough for you to die with one item in your inventory for the grave to appear. (For example, a piece of wood)

Don't Forget About Corpse Run

Here are many graves with one item to stay under the effect for a long time.

Don't Forget About Corpse Run

As you can see the effect allows me to stand in the winter biome completely naked and not die.

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