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Valheim FAQ: Questions & Answers for Beginners

Valheim FAQ

To find an answer to your question on this guide you can either scroll down and look for it yourself or you can simply do CTRL+F. When doing this combination a ‘search’ option will pop up.

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This can be done on browser, in-game Steam’s layout and also on Steam itself. Search for a specific word to your question. For example: CTRL+F > Pickaxe. You will see the word ‘Pickaxe’ being found and so forth.

Q&A Part 1

  • Steam game ID:
  • Pickaxe:
    The first pickaxe you’re able to get, you’ll unlock the recipe after defeating the first boss.
    // Kill the first boss, one of its drops is required for the most basic pickaxe.
    After you get the first pickaxe you can go mine copper, tin, and make bronze to craft a bronze pick.
  • What item is the drop that unlocks the pick?
  • Stone axe:
    At the start of the game, pick up branches and stones off the ground, open your inventory and on the right side, Craft it.
  • How to get amazing screenshots and remove HUD/INTERFACE.
    CTRL + F3.
  • Flint:
    Right on the limit between water and land, in meadow biomes
  • Can I move the server folder from the SteamCMD to Valheim folder?
    You will need to move the entire directory if so or else SteamCMD will need to download its update files again. Other than that the SteamCMD files don’t care where they live.
  • Any NPC or someting or only bosses for now?
    There’s a trader, that’s about it for now.
  • Where’s it store saved data on linux server?
    at least that’s where the Dedicated.db and Dedicated.fw1 live
  • How to mine ores?
    Well, with a pickaxe ofcourse.
  • Where to find the black forest?
    I’ts a different biome and the trees are different.
  • How to build?
    Craft a hammer. Equip the hammer. Press Build keybind.
  • How to get leather quickly?
    By only killing those who drop it.
  • I know copper is in the Black Forest, but is there a special rock I should look out for?
    just hover over everything, if it gots a name, bash it.
  • Are there swords in-game?
  • How to repair items?
    Use the workbench to repair, to the left of the crafting list.
  • How to split items?
    With shift.

Q&A Part 2

  • How do you put a waypoint on the map?
    Choose your marker at the bottom right, and double click where you want it on the map, then type a name if you want to.
  • What do the sulter cores look like? Do I just dig into a mountian or is there a tell?
    Enter dungeons, roam black forests.
  • Do resources respawn?
    Flint and berry bushes respawn.
  • How to change your spawnpoint?
    With a bed.
  • How big is the map?
    From the middle the map is 10.000 in each direction!
  • How to get fine wood?
    Need a metal axe and look for birch or oak trees
  • How to upgrade your workbench?
    Make a chopping block with flint and wood place it near workbench.
  • Are we partnered with G-Portals?
    We’re not partenered with g-portals.
    You’re on your own with rental of servers.
  • How to get quick wood?
    Make a workbench near an abandoned structure and then use hammer to deconstruct for easier wood farming at the start.
  • Has anyone figured out how to have a fire indoors?
    You need to place campfires on soil, so make a little chimney surrounded by walls if you want, linked to your house, without a floor.
  • What happens if you die, lose all your stuff thats on you?
    It creates a tombstone at your point of death, a marker on your map represented by a skull, so you can go back to where you died and get your stuff back.
    You do also use a % of your skill’s levels. If you die on the sea, your tombstone will float.
  • How many mobs are there?
    30 mobs.
  • How many trophees are there and how rare is it?
    30 trophees, it’s rare to get and sometimes isn’t.
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Q&A Part 3

  • Where is this trader?
    Hes a small money bag, you’ll see him on the map on a far distance.
    It’s always in a black forest and also has 20 different spawn locations.
  • How to put things on your back?
    Press R to put weapons on your back to look awesome.
  • How to plant seeds?
    You need a cultivator.
    //Black forest cut down a pine tree.
cultivator valheim
  • How to get/achieve the cultivator?
    Unlock the forge, you need a better axe to get core wood and also bronze (tin+copper)
  • Can you extand your inventory?
    No, you can’t right now.
  • How to train animals?
    Feeding, interacting and being friendly with them.
  • How to craft a blast furnace?
    Have the 4th boss killed, 20 Stone, 10 iron, 5 surtling core, 20 fine wood, artisan table.
  • Is there fast-travel or an option to mount animals?
    There are portals you can instantly travel across the world between 2 gates having the same name. Cost 2 Surtling cores and 20 fine wood and 10 Greydwarf Eye
  • How to tame a boar?
    Build a pen with a small opening. Find a boar, get it angry and once the boar is in the pen close the door so you basically ‘catched’ it. Then feed it with turnips or carrots.
    If you press E on the boar and feed it you get piglets.
  • Beehives / Queen bees.
    Abandoned houses. You need honey to make a lot of things, mostly potions.
    Very handy / useful to have!
  • How do you get the honey from the bees in the abandon house?
    Break the beehive and they will drop several stuff, sometimes honey, but that will unlock a new recipe where you can build your own beehives, I just placed a couple and I’m waiting to see what happens (beehives must be placed on the outisde in order to “work”)
  • How to throw away items?
    CTRL + LEFT CLICK will throw your item out of inventory.
  • Do mobs hear you? Why does mobs encounter me when using my pickaxe?
    All mobs in the game are hearing sounds.
  • What is the biome progression?
    medows -> black forrest -> swamp -> mountain -> plains
  • What is considered a roof for the crafting workbench?
    Thatched roof parts.
  • How do I know what weapon to use against which monster?
    Yellow damage means the monsters are weak against that type. White is normal and grey means they have resistance against that type.
  • Help, my game crashed and my character is gone?!
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  • What is “vegvisir the elder” for?
    Shows the way to the second boss.
  • How many biomes are there?
    1) Meadows
    2) Black Forest
    3) Swamps
    4) Mountain
    5) Plains
    6) Mistlands
    7) Ocean
    8) Deep North
    9) Ashlands

Q&A Part 4

  • Any button or key to see players in your game?
    Press F2.
  • How to change arrows?
    Right click the arrow.
  • Does anyone know how to get bone fragments?
    Kill skeletons.
  • What is core wood?
    It’s wood you get from pine trees.
    Lots of those are near the elders location.
  • How to catch fish?
    You Find coins in caves and dungeons. With 350 coins u can buy the fishing Rod. The trader appears on the map when you’re quite far away from them. And he is located in some of the black forests. You can ram your ship into the shore and knock the fish out. Not really efficient but it works. Or find ones in shallows and push them onto land.
  • What is a harpoon?
    A harpoon is like a lasso, drag a serpent to the shore and/or drag a pet boar to a different pen etc.
  • How to use a raft?
    Tap forward (W) and backward (S) to cycle through speeds.
    There are 4 speeds to the raft:
    -1 rudder row backward (no wind needed)
    1 rudder row forward (no wind needed)
    2 sail slower
    3 sail faster

    You can only use the sail if the wind is NOT coming from ahead of you (check the “deadzone” from the wind indicator). If the wind is coming from ahead, you need to just go with the rudder.
  • My friends are on my server but i don’t see them on the map?
    They need to go to the map and turn on their markers.
  • What do you do after going to swamp caves with the key?
    Find a runestone in a crypt that shows where 3rd boss is plus get iron and ruby’s.
  • Anyone know where the door is for the swamp key is?
    It’s procedurely generated no one knows where yours is.
    Go to swamps don’t die, look for a small square stone structure with a gate and a green torch on it.
    Hint: Don’t step in the puddles
  • How to get iron nails?
    Iron nails you get from iron.
  • How to get anchient wood?
    Swamp trees.
  • What to do with a dragon egg / how to summon 4th boss.
    Take 3 to summon 4th boss.
  • How to make a WARD?
    5 fine wood, 5 greydwarf eyes, 1 surtling core.
    A WARD is a special object you can place down, which stops players from interacting with things (chests, doors example..)
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Q&A Last Part

  • How do you make a cart?
    10 wood, 10 bronze nails, build close to a workbench but IN the workbench.
  • Where can iron be found?
    Swamp. both ranomly in the ground and also at the places you use the boss 2 reward.
  • Can you dig new paths for the rivers?
  • How to get elderbark / build longship?
    100 iron nails, 10 deer hide, 40 fine wood, 40 ancient bark. Build close to a workbench
  • How to get surtling core?
    Surtling cores are in dungeons in Black forrest and from a monster type in the swamp.
  • Anyone know how to increase your structure strength?
    Use braces, core wood logs and wood iron poles.
  • How to make potions, how to achieve this crafting skill?
    Find honey and a bunch of plants mostly, go to the caoldron and get mead:base items. then put those into the Fermenter and wait.
  • Is there any way to change the arrows that the bow uses mid fight?
    The bow uses the first arrow stack form upper left to lower right… except u activate 1 stack with right click. then its that being used till empty.
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