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Valheim How to Summon and Defeat Eikthyr

How to Summon and Defeat Eikthyr

  • Biome: Meadows
  • How to summon it: Sacrifice two deer trophies at its altar
  • Rewards: Hard antlers, used for crafting a pickaxe, Eikthyr trophy, Eikthyr power

Eikthyr is the first boss you can summon in your starting biome. He’s an enormous stag with chains wrapped around his antlers. To summon Eikthyr, you’ll need to place two deer trophies (from hunting deer) on Eikthyr’s altar.

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Eikthyr has three different attacks. From a distance it has a ranged electrical attack, shooting lighting from its antlers. Up close, it will rear up and stomp its front legs down for an area of effect electrical attack. It will also ram with its antlers as a melee attack.


Despite Eikthyr’s size, you can effectively block its attacks with a small wooden shield, so make sure you’ve crafted one. You can have a bow crafted to shoot it from a distance, but focus on blocking with your shield and striking it with a melee weapon like a flint spear or axe between its attacks.

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After defeating Eikthyr, hang his trophy on the sacrificial stone at your starting point in the world, which will grant you the Eikthyr power, a buff to your stamina while running and jumping.

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