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Valheim How to Summon and Defeat Yagluth

How to Summon and Defeat Yagluth

  • Biome: Plains
  • How to summon it: Sacrifice five Fuling Totems at its altar
  • Rewards: New material – not implemented yet, Yagluth trophy, Yagluth power

Yagluth is the fifth and final boss in Valheim. He’s an enormous skeleton wearing a crown. Yagluth has no legs or lower body, so he crawls after you using his big skeletal hands.

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Yagluth’s location will be added to your map using a tablet found in some tall standing stones in the Plains biome. He can be summoned by using five fuling totems. Fulings are goblin-like monsters found in the Plains, and fuling shamans will sometimes drop totems when killed.

Yagluth has two fist attacks, one that causes damage in a radius of the attack, and the other that summons a shower of meteors upon the area. Yagluth also has a breath attack that acts like a flamethrower with a long range, turning while he uses it to sweep the line of fire across a wide area.

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Strategy for Yagluth

Yagluth is the final boss, so be equipped with the best black metal gear and armor possible, with plenty of food and healing potions. That said, as a boss, he’s pretty slow moving around. He telegraphs his attacks fairly obviously, rearing his head back before using his fire breath. His hand will glow blue before using his fist smash and orange before summoning meteor strikes, so keep your eyes open so you know what’s coming next.

As with some of the other bosses, it’s best to keep your distance and attack with bows at range, though if you’re playing co-op and Yagluth is focused on another player, it’s a great time to rush in for melee damage.

The materials Yagluth drops apparently haven’t been implemented in the Early Access game yet, so you can collect them but they may not actually serve a purpose at the moment. Placing Yagluth’s trophy on the sacrificial stone will give you a power that reduces damage from elemental attacks like fire, frost, and poison.

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