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Valheim Raft Guide: How to Make & Use

There are at least three ships in the game, you can build ships by using a hammer.

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  • Raft: Small slow basic boat.
  • Karve: Larger and faster than raft. You can unlock it when you gather Fine Wood from birchs.
  • Longship: Much bigger than Karve.

The raft is the boat you are going to be using until you unlock the Karve.

  • You use W to increase speed and S to decrease speed in the rudder indicator.
  • You use A or D to turn the rudder left or right.

There are two indicators in our UI which will help us to sail.

1. Rudder indicator:

  • Shows rudder direction. You can turn left or right 90ยบ.
  • Shows your speed indicator.

2. Wind indicator:

  • Shows wind direction and if the wind is moving your ship. If the wind icon is white and is hitting the gold part of the circle the ship is getting enough wind to move. Gray wind and hitting the black part of the circle your ship will be not able to move using the sail.
  • Shows your speed indicator.

Speed indicator info:

1. Small arrows in the wheel icon:

  • One arrow up: Rowing speed forward.
  • Two arrow up: Low sail speed.
  • Three arrow up: Full sail speed.
  • One arrow down: Rowing speed backward.

2. Icon above the wind circle:

  • Oar: Rowing speed.
  • Raised sail: Low sail speed.
  • Lowered sail: Full sail speed.

If you fall out of your boat you can jump in again looking for the ladder in the back of the raft or in the left side of the Karve.

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