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Valheim Taming Guide: How to Tame

You can tame some animals in the game this allow you to make a little “farm” and multiplicate them to get more food.

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The following guide on how to tame animals it’s made by Judaspriester. Special thanks to him:

Valheim Taming

Material needed:

  • Hoe
  • Wood (30 should be enough)
  • Vegetables (berries, shrooms etc. preferable 20+)


  1. Use the Hoe in order to make a plane space for your pen.
  2. Build a pen with Roundpole Fences. It doesnt need to look fancy, but it should not contain holes.
  3. Add a door to your Pen in order to enter and leave it.
  4. Drop the Vegetables inside the Pen.
  5. (The difficult path) Find some wild boars and make them attack you (getting close enough is usually enough). Now run to your pen and make sure they follow you.
  6. Once they are in, make sure to get out and close the door without them leaving.
  7. Wait, it will take like one hour to tame them, but you can do other stuff in between.
  8. Once they are tamed, you can pet them in order to keep them happy. for further feeding just drop food on the ground.

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Written by Judaspriester

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