VALKYRIE ELYSIUM PS4 Buttons Mod: swap Xbox prompts with Dualshock 4 prompts


Super easy mod that will swap Xbox prompts with PS4 Dualshock 4 prompts.


Hello everyone, I’ll make this nice and short

So basically if you hate Xbox prompts and you’re tired of devs not normalizing swapping them with literally anything else, I took matter in my own hands and replaced them with Dualshock 4 buttons, like on PS4.

I’m not going to lie, it isn’t probably perfect and I didn’t test it throughoughly but it should work in all gameplay related scenarios.

The only place where Xbox prompts show up is in the options menu where you select Type A B or C button layout (screenshot attached)

Playstation 4 Buttons Mod


Super simple stuff

  1. Download the file here from this MEGA link ( <- click on “MEGA” and it will take you to the site)
  2. Copy the ValkPS4.pak from what you just downloaded
  3. Navigate to “SteamsteamappscommonVALKYRIE ELYSIUMVALKYRIE_ELYSIUMContentPaks
  4. Inside the “Paks” folder, create a folder called “~mods
  5. Put ValkPS4.pak inside the “~mods” folder

So the whole path should look like this with the ValkPS4.pak inside the mods folder you just created
SteamsteamappscommonVALKYRIE ELYSIUMVALKYRIE_ELYSIUMContentPaks~mods

Have fun!


Playstation 4 Buttons Mod
Playstation 4 Buttons Mod
Playstation 4 Buttons Mod

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