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Venba Achievement Guide 100%

A complete guide to getting all the achievements in Venba.

Venba Achievement Guide 100%

Story achievements

These are the achievements you will automatically get as you progress through the story.

Venba 100% Achievements Guide

Put Chutney

Successfully make idlis.

Chapter 1 – Venba hasn’t been feeling well the past few days, but her husband, Paavalan is about to head to work without lunch.Regardless of which dialogue options you pick, Venba will make idlis.

Venba 100% Achievements Guide

Agni Prithvi Puttu

Successfully “Launch” puttu.

Chapter 2 – Venba convinces Kavin to have puttu instead of pizza!It’s possible to get the “Vada Poche” achievement here as well by messing up the recipe the first time around.The right order of ingredients is: 1x coconut – 2x rice – 1x coconut – 2x rice – 1x coconut.

Venba 100% Achievements Guide

Hair off the Head

Complete the park level.

Chapter 3 – Paavalan doesn’t return home from work one evening, so Venba and Kavin go out to look for him. They share an intimate conversation about Venba’s past, when they find Paavalan on a bench in a nearby park, after having been assaulted.

Venba 100% Achievements Guide

Family Beef

Successfully make the biriyani.

Chapter 4 – Before Kavin leaves for college, Venba prepares a meal of biriyani for him and all his friends, but Kavin isn’t interested in taking any of it with him, preferring to eat “normal” college student food instead.

Venba 100% Achievements Guide


Make the dinner spread.

Chapter 5 – It’s Venba’s birthday, and Kavin offers to drop by. After preparing a large dinner spread and waiting all day, she receives a test message that something else came up, and he can’t come.

Venba 100% Achievements Guide

Taking Stock

Successfully finish cooking the Chicken Rasam.

Chapter 6 – You play as Kavin. Venba has gone back home to India, but left her mother’s recipe book with her son back in Canada. Kavin has a job as a writer on a show with a multi-cultural cast, and one of his co-workers asks about Tamil food. As Kavin pages through the book and remembers the food he had growing up, his eye falls on the chicken rasam recipe Venba once made for him when he was sick.

Venba 100% Achievements Guide

Fermented Feelings

Successfully finish cooking the Dosas.

Chapter 7 – Kavin visits Venba back in India, and they cook dosas together, each slightly more complex than the last.It’s possible to get the “Annanukku oru Oothappammm!” achievement here by flipping the second dosa twice without adding the green chillis.

Other achievements

Venba 100% Achievements Guide

Like it was Yesterday

Complete one recipe without messing up.
This might be an unmissable achievement to get, because some of the recipes later in the game can’t be messed up. Either way, this achievement is pretty self-explanatory and not hard to get.

Venba 100% Achievements Guide

Vada Poche

“Launch” a crumbling puttu.
You can get this achievement in chapter 2 by messing up the puttu in some way, by for instance putting all the coconut layers together and then the rice layers on top of them.

Venba 100% Achievements GuideVenba 100% Achievements Guide

Silicon Valley Heartbreak



Read all the texts in Venba’s (chapter 5) & Kavin’s (chapter 6) phone.
Both achievements are obtained in a similar way. After finishing the text conversation, the “back” arrow becomes highlighted to exit this portion of the game; but don’t click it yet. Instead scroll all the way to the top.These two achievements together with the “Flavor Text” achievement (described below) are a prerequisite to getting the “Paavalan Would Be Proud” achievement.

Venba 100% Achievements Guide

Flavor text

Read the flavor text in every level.
Several recipes have a little question mark button at the bottom, which will offer 3 options: The hint at the top, the cancel/exit button (“Nevermind”) at the bottom, and flavor text in the middle.

Venba 100% Achievements Guide

The flavor text tells you a little bit extra about the recipe, as told by one or more of the characters. Make sure that you read all the flavor text options if there are more than one, and that most of the recipes consist of several steps that each have their own unique flavor text!After you’ve obtained this achievement, in combination with the Silicon Valley Heartbreak and Doomscroll achievement, you get:

Venba 100% Achievements Guide

Paavalan Would Be Proud

Get the Silicon Heartbreak, Doomscroll, & Flavor Text achievements.

Venba 100% Achievements Guide

Annanukku oru Oothappammm!

Make an oothappam without chillies.
In chapter 7 Kavin and Venba make dosas together. The second dosa is the oothappam, you get this achievement by flipping it twice without adding the green chillies.

Venba 100% Achievements Guide

Queen of the Six Tastes

Complete every recipe without messing up once.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. You can use hints if you’re unsure on how to progress with a recipe.

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