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VenusBlood Frontier International Arms: Weapons, Armor, Shields

VenusBlood Frontier International Arms

TypeRarityCostNameAtkDefSpdMorSkill 1Skill 2
1-Hand1100Dagger1020Parry 2 
1-Hand1150Hand Axe3000Helmet Split 4 
1-Hand2400Sword4200Critical Boost 5 
1-Hand2450Hatchet6000Helmet Split 8 
1-Hand3800Katana4040Lethal Critical 35Parry 5
1-Hand3850Battleaxe8000Helmet Split 12Wall Breaker 10
1-Hand42000Holy Silver Sword6402Slay DemonSlay Undead
1-Hand42250Bloodsucking Axe12000Helmet Split 20Self Heal 8
1-Hand57500Flame Sword10005Fire Blast 10Range Attack
1-Hand58000Manslayer Namasu15000Critical Boost 25Slay Human
1-Hand616000Cursed Blade25-55-5Cursed AttackFlank Attack 6
1-Hand617500Assassin Knife50150Lethal Critical 75Stun Attack 2
1-Hand740000Hero’s Sword15505Added Attack 1Hardy Physique 10
1-Hand742000Planetbuster Axe305-100Helmet Split 25Critical Boost 15
2-Hand1100Bamboo Spear2100Parry 2 
2-Hand1150Rusty Greatsword40-10Poison Attack 3 
2-Hand2400Spear6000Lethal Critical 20 
2-Hand2450Greatsword80-20Critical Boost 7 
2-Hand3800Javelin1250Range AttackCritical Boost 5
2-Hand3850Battering Ram120-40Slay MechanicalWall Breaker 20
2-Hand42000Holy Silver Spear9003Slay DemonSlay Undead
2-Hand42250Zanbato162-60Critical Boost 15Lethal Critical 25
2-Hand57500Hero’s Javelin1383Range AttackParry 15
2-Hand58000Guillotine Axe200-50Helmet Split 15Lethal Critical 50
2-Hand616000Demon’s Spear1608-4Cursed AttackCritical Boost 25
2-Hand617500Valkyraid8444Flank Attack 8Boost Squad 8
2-Hand740000Champion’s Spear16900Helmet Split 25Hardy Physique 15
2-Hand742000Darkspear Grasida5-5250Added Attack 1Parry 30
Ranged1100Sling1020Helmet Split 4 
Ranged1150Shortbow2010Critical Boost 25 
Ranged2400Handgun6000Lethal Critical 20 
Ranged2450Crossbow70-10Helmet Split 8 
Ranged3800Hunter’s Gun100-20Slay BeastLethal Critical 30
Ranged3850Longbow8000Critical Boost 10Helmet Split 5
Ranged42000Holy Silver Gun120-33Slay DemonSlay Undead
Ranged42250Wingkiller4080Slay FlyingSap Flying 8
Ranged57500Fire Boa200-50Fire Field 3Lethal Critical 50
Ranged58000Ace Bow50100Added Attack 1Speed Tactics 4
Ranged616000Viper Red250-50Poison Field 5Poison Attack 5
Ranged617500Assassin Blowgun50150Critical Boost 25Stun Attack 2
Ranged740000Disaster350-100Lightning Field 8Critical Boost 40
Ranged742000Sagittarius Bow100150Added Attack 1Slay Flying
Staff1100Club3000Helmet Split 4 
Staff1150Oak Rod1200Parry 2 
Staff2400Sorcerer’s Rod4002Dark Blast 4 
Staff2450Cleric’s Rod0042Group Heal 2Light Blast 2
Staff3800Mage Staff5003Dark Blast 8Ambush Alert 4
Staff3850Priest’s Rod0053Group Heal 4Poison Cure
Staff42000Ruyi Bang6060Range AttackCritical Boost 10
Staff42250Healing Rod0444Group Heal 6Defense Only
Staff57500Fire Staff12003Fire Field 4Helmet Split 15
Staff58000Ice Staff12003Ice Field 4Lethal Critical 20
Staff616000Thunder Staff16004Lightning Field 6Critical Boost 15
Staff617500Demon Noble’s Rod15-380Sealing AttackPoison Field 8
Staff740000Crystal Tear010105Light Field 8Group Heal 8
Staff742000Dark Staff Undine55105Boost Squad 6Demon Medic 12
Whip1100Leather Whip1020Lethal Critical 5 
Whip1150Training Whip2010Critical Boost 2 
Whip2400Nunchaku3300Parry 5 
Whip2450Thorn Whip4020Poison Blast 2Poison Attack 2
Whip3800Chain Scythe5030Slay NatureFlank Attack 4
Whip3850Chain Whip100-20Lethal Critical 30Speed Debuff 8
Whip42000Flail124-40Critical Boost 15Hardy Physique 5
Whip42250Beast Tail6042Attack Tactics 8Boost Beast 4
Whip57500Morning Star145-40Helmet Split 15Slay Mechanical
Whip58000Whip of Love8043Lethal Critical 50Counter Amp 2
Whip616000Demon’s Whip1606-2Added Attack 1Slay Demon
Whip617500Dominatrix Whip12800Slay ManCritical Boost 30
Whip740000Dragon Tail2015-100Wide AttackHelmet Split 30
Whip742000Lightning Whip15505Stun Attack 2Lightning Field 8
Claws1100Claws2010Critical Boost 2 
Claws1150Cat Claws1020Lethal Critical 5 
Claws2400Bone Claws4020Poison Attack 4 
Claws2450Beast Claws3030Slay Human 
Claws3800Iron Claws6200Slay MechanicalHelmet Split 10
Claws3850Wild Beast Claws1200-4Counter Amp 1Hardy Physique 10
Claws42000Silver Claws5502Slay DemonSlay Undead
Claws42250Hellbeast Claws8040Slay BeastCritical Boost 15
Claws57500Golden Claws6603Treasure Hunt 8Lethal Critical 30
Claws58000Mystic Beast Claws10050Flank Attack 10Cursed Attack
Claws616000Mithril Claws12080Parry 15Evade 15
Claws617500Rotdrake Claws2500-5Slay GodPoison Field 6
Claws740000Orichalcum Claws150100Helmet Split 25Parry 15
Claws742000Drakelord’s Claws2010-50Critical Boost 20Hardy Physique 20
Shield1100Buckler0210Evade 2 
Shield1150Pot Lid0201Treasure Hunt 2 
Shield2400Shield0600Parry 5 
Shield2450Gauntlets2400Critical Boost 5 
Shield3800Kite Shield010-20Parry 8Debuff Cure
Shield3850Monster Gauntlets38-30Evade 5Hardy Physique 5
Shield42000Silver Shield01002Spell Barrier 10Curse Cure
Shield42250Big Oni Gauntlets5700Forward GuardHardy Physique 10
Shield57500Golden Shield01203Strat Barrier 10Bounty Hunter 3
Shield58000Dark Chef Pot Lid0483Lethal Critical 50Counter Amp 2
Shield616000Mithril Shield01505Spell Barrier 15Evade 15
Shield617500Dark Captain Shield81200Helmet Split 15Slayer Defense
Shield740000Hero’s Shield01870Wide NullParry 20
Shield742000Dragon Shield1520-100Strat Barrier 30Dragon Scales 50
Armor1100Sunday Best0120Treasure Hunt 2 
Armor1150Mino1200Evade 2 
Armor2400Leather Armor0420Ambush Alert 4 
Armor2450Chainmail07-10Parry 5 
Armor3800Plate Armor012-40Forward GuardHardy Physique 5
Armor3850Monster Mail2600Hardy Physique 10Self Heal 2
Armor42000Silver Armor014-20Spell Barrier 10Sap Demon 3
Armor42250Big Monster Mail410-20Helmet Split 15Hardy Physique 10
Armor57500Golden Armor015-44Strat Barrier 10Treasure Hunt 8
Armor58000Demon’s Mail6120-3Lethal Critical 50Counter Amp 2
Armor616000Mithril Armor01460Spell Barrier 15Parry 10
Armor617500Dark Captain Armor51500Critical Boost 10Slayer Defense
Armor740000Hero’s Armor020-27Pierce NullHardy Physique 15
Armor742000Dragon Mail1020-50Resist AilmentsDragon Scales 50
Beast1100Reins0021Boost Beast 1 
Beast1150Nose Ring1200Hardy Physique 3 
Beast2400Demon Pet Clothes0402Self Heal 3 
Beast2450Tiger Skin3300Evade 5 
Beast3800Hellcow Nose Ring8000Wall Breaker 10Hardy Physique 10
Beast3850Mad Beast Legcuffs66-40Counter Amp 1Lethal Critical 40
Beast42000Long Horn8400Critical Boost 10Helmet Split 10
Beast42250Beast Scales015-30Evade 10Hardy Physique 15
Beast57500Lion Dance Set4083Bounty Hunter 3Treasure Hunt 8
Beast58000Holy Beast Crown01005Parry 15Bounty Hunter 4
Beast616000Evil Horn15500Critical Boost 15Lethal Critical 40
Beast617500Scale Garb025-50Counter Amp 2Dragon Scales 50
Beast740000Drakelord Saddle01573Forward GuardSlayer Defense
Beast742000Evil Dragon Beard105100Flank NullPoison Field 5
Vestment1100Rags0030Ambush Tactics 2 
Vestment1150Ratty Overcoat0120Ambush Alert 2 
Vestment2400Robe0402Spell Wall 10 
Vestment2450Bandit’s Overcoat0060Critical Boost 3Treasure Hunt 2
Vestment3800Cleric’s Robe0404Group Heal 2Poison Cure
Vestment3850Sorcerer’s Robe4004Dark Blast 10Curse Cure
Vestment42000Priest Robe0606Group Heal 3Spell Barrier 10
Vestment42250Wizard Robe6006Dark Field 3Critical Boost 5
Vestment57500Assassin Cloak30120Ambush Tactics 6Lethal Critical 50
Vestment58000Tactician’s Cape0087Ambush Alert 10Boost Squad 4
Vestment616000Demon Coat01055Helmet Split 15Slay Woman
Vestment617500Demon Ninja Gear50150Critical Boost 15Lethal Critical 30
Vestment740000Admiral Coat015010Boost Squad 7Bounty Hunter 5
Vestment742000Crimson Cape101005Range NullSpell Barrier 20
Item1100Herb Pot0003Self Heal 3 
Item1150First Aid Kit0003Target Heal 5 
Item2400Monster Aid0024Demon Medic 2Stun Cure
Item2450Antidote0204Group Heal 2Poison Cure
Item3800Clairvoyant Orb0026Ambush Alert 6Treasure Hunt 6
Item3850Quiver3050Slay FlyingRange Attack
Item42000Explosives12000Wall Breaker 25Self-Destruct 15
Item42250Cardinal’s Hat0507Group Heal 4Boost Human 4
Item57500Witch Hat10005Critical Boost 10Demon Medic 5
Item58000Hunter Beret5280Lethal Critical 30Flank Attack 5
Item616000Warding Amulet010100Evade 15Slayer Defense
Item617500Panacea5555Group Heal 6Resist Ailments
Item740000Demon Explosives25000Wall Breaker 50Self-Destruct 30
Item742000Devil Drug151010-10Critical Boost 20Recovery 25

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