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Viewfinder Easter Egg: Translation of random Norwegian background dialogue

Translation of an easter egg where the sound design team have inserted a random Norwegian dialogue between the background characters in Edvard Munch’s “Scream”.

English Translation

Translation of random Norwegian background dialogue

I thought I heard some faint Norwegian dialogue behind the constant noise of the screaming main character in the Scream painting, so I had to try to understand what they were saying. In order to hear them clearly, I had to disable music and ambient sound, so to save you the trouble:

Here is a full transcript of the conversation, in Norwegian, and my best attempt at an English translation that keeps the “improv vibe” of the original. This sequence was quite funny in Norwegian as the conversation is very forced and a few of the words are deliberately old-timey,

Video with audio and subtitles: on reddit

Full dialogue loop:

WomanIt is possible to, ehm… When you’re walking up those hills right there
Womanyou can look out and see, uuhm, almost half of Oslo
ManMhm, yeah, it’s a very nice view. And a beautiful sunset too.
WomanI like how the light kind of refracts through those bushes down there. And the quiet breeze.
ManMhm, yeah, this is a really nice evening.
WomanLovely, lovely
ManLovely, lovely
ManYeah, so, I’m thinking that we could maybe go for some supper later… At Gregers’ place
WomanIs that uphill?
ManYeah, it’s a bit of a long walk, but it’s getting quite late anyway
WomanYeah, and to be fair I don’t mind walking downhill right now. I’m kind of done walking up these hills anyway

Norwegian transcript

Transcript of the original Norwegian dialogue:

DameMan kan jo få, altså… Når man går oppover bakken der
Dameså kan man se ut over, uuh, nesten halve Oslo
MannMhm, ja, det er veldig flott utsikt. Og det er en vakker solnedgang.
DameDet er deilig hvordan lyset liksom brytes gjennom buskene der nede. Og den stille brisen.
MannMhm, ja, dette er en virkelig fin aften
DameDeilig, deilig
MannDeilig, deilig
MannJa, nei, jeg tenker jo etterpå så kan vi jo gå og ha litt aftensmat… hos Gregers
DameSkal vi oppover?
MannJa, ja, det er jo en liten gåtur, men nå er det jo snart kveld
DameJa, også er det jo veldig fint å rusle nedover… Jeg er liksom ferdig med alle disse her oppoverbakkene

To add a bit more context, I noticed that the sound design team (Nok Nok Audio) is based in Oslo, so this is probably just them having a bit of fun 🙂

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