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Vikings Wolves of Midgard Achievements Guide

Achievements Guide

100% Achievements Guide in English


Estimated time to 100%: ?
Number of playthroughs: 3 (1 for each gender + NG+)
Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes, you must beat the game on Insane difficulty with Valhalla mode enabled.

The idea is to beat the game twice with the same character (NG and NG+) on any difficulty and then do Insane difficulty + Valhalla mode with another character of the opposite gender.


Ulfung Savior!
Defend Ulfung Village
Story related, cannot be missed.

Jokul Challenger
Defeat the Jokul
Story related, cannot be missed.

Metal Mayhem
Survive the Mire-Witch’s spell
Story related, cannot be missed.

Otherworld Traveler
Travel to Utgard
Story related, cannot be missed.

Lord of the Ring
Keep Draupnir for yourself.
Missable! (?)

Dawn of Winter
Complete Campaign 1
Story related, cannot be missed.

Liberator of Flotnar
Liberate Flotnar village
Story related, cannot be missed.

Pyro Ploy!
Burn the Imperial Fleet
Story related, cannot be missed.

Note: There are 2 missions where you burn fleets of ships. This achievement is unlocked for completing the 2nd mission.

Rise of the Wolves
Complete Campaign 2
Story related, cannot be missed.

Ragnar Lodbrok
Become chieftain of all the clans
Missable! (?)

Distant Shores
Complete Campaign 3
Story related, cannot be missed.

Master Shipwright
Unlock level 4 of the Shipmaster
Story related.

Master Smith
Unlock level 5 of the Smithy
Story related.

Gender, Difficulty and Game Modes

Complete the game as the Warrior
Beat the game as a male character.

Complete the game as the Shieldmaiden
Beat the game as a female character.

Son of Odin
Complete Game+
Complete NG+ (New Game +) on any difficulty.

True Viking
Complete the game on the highest difficulty
Beat the game on Insane difficulty. You can do this with a fresh character or in NG+.

Valhalla Mode
Accomplish campaign in Valhalla Mode
See Valhalla Champion achievement.

Valhalla Champion
Accomplish campaign in Valhalla Mode on highest difficulty.
Beat the game on Insane difficulty with Valhalla mode enabled.

Note: Valhalla is like Hardcore/Ironman, so if Valhalla mode is enabled and your character dies, you have to start the game again. You can pause the game and quit if you see that you are going to die. Also, you can backup your savegame as much as you want.

Character Progression

The following achievements consist in unlocking all Gifts (skills) in different gift trees. It’s not possible to have all of them unlocked at the same time, but there is a method to get all of the achievements in a single playthrough. We must meet 2 requeriments:

  • To be at least level 16.
  • To have 20 unspent gift points.

Once we meet those requeriments we can unlock all the gifts in one gift tree, quit the game, come back, and spend the gift points in another gift tree.
You can get up to 25 gift points by completing 5 times each Trial (see Blessings of the Aesir achievement).

Follower of Loki
Unlock all Gifts in Loki’s gift tree

Follower of Odin
Unlock all Gifts in Odin’s gift tree

Follower of Skathi
Unlock all Gifts in Skathi’s gift tree

Follower of Tyr
Unlock all Gifts in Tyr’s gift tree

Follower of Thor
Unlock all Gifts in Thor’s gift tree

Blessings of the Aesir
Complete all Trials
To start the Trials you have to speak with Helga in the village. Trials consist of waves of enemies that you have to defeat.

Note: It’s recommended to wait until being around 5 levels above the required level for each Trial.


Imp Hunter
Complete the Imp Hunt
Self explanatory. See Winter Hunter achievement.

Winter Hunter
Complete all Hunt maps
All the Hunts have to be completed before “The Eternal Well” quest (point of no return).

Ultimate Challenger!
Complete all Challenges on all maps
Each map have 3 challenges to complete. You must complete them before entering the last area on every map (it warns you that you won’t be able to return).


Killed 500 Tomte
Tomtes are those goblin-like creatures. They are the most common enemy in the game, so nothing to worry about.

Jotun’s Bane
Kill 100 Jotun
Jotuns are the giants. They are very common, so nothing to worry about.

Crowd Clearer
Kill four foes in a single attack
What you need to do to unlock this achievement is to perform a Multikill with a basic attack (skills/gifts won’t unlock the achievement).

Note: It’s recommended to attempt this while using a 2H weapon. You don’t need a Thor character for this, just a weapon and some weak enemies to kill.

Rage continuously for over 20 seconds
Rage has a base duration of 11 seconds and everytime you hit an enemy your rage is slightly extended. You can extend that base duration of 11 seconds by enchanting your equipment with runes. The further you are into the game the better quality the runes you will have access to.

Also, keep an eye out for items that provide a base rage extension.

Bloody Viking
Earn 1,000,000 Blood
Blood is what gives you experience to level up, so you should naturally unlock this achievement as you play the game. On a single play-through you will get it at level [INSERT LEVEL HERE]

Baker’s Dozen
Perform 1000 rolls
Self explanatory. You will naturally unlock this achievement as you play the game.

Gold Standard Trader
Earn 50,000 gold by selling resources
You will get tons of resources that you can sell. Jotunarn is the most expensive resource so if you want to unlock this achievement quickly you can just sell 50 of them (they are worth 1k gold each).

Rune Bound
Equip three runes on a single item
First you need 3 different runes and an item with 3 empty rune slots.
Once you have them and you have also unlocked the Rune Shop, head over there and pay Frakki to insert the runes into the item.


Ringer of Runes
Collect one of every rune.
Runes can be obtained by different means: random drop, buying them from the merchant, quest reward, Trials…

There are 5 levels of runes with 5 options in each of them (25 runes in total):

  1. Grey Runes: Uruz (Tur), Teyvaz (Tyr), Algiz (Elk), Gebe (Dar), Lesgal (Yarl).
  2. Green Runes: Perth (?), Hagalaz (?), Kenaz (?), Nautiz (?), Fehu (?).
  3. Blue Runes: Ingvaz (Freyr), Laguz (?), Evaz (Horse), Vunyo (Happyness), Hyere (Year).
  4. Purple Runes: Mannas (Man), Isa (Ice), Sevilo (Sun), Dagaz (Day), Otala (?)
  5. Golden Runes: Raido (Travel), Turisaz (Tor), Ansuz (?), Eyvaz (?), Berkan (?)

You can obtain different runes in NG and NG+.

Gotta Find ‘Em All
Find all Artifacts.
There are 5 of these but each of them is divided into 3 pieces?

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