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Void Bastards Achievement Guide

Inspired by BioShock and System Shock 2, Void Bastards is a revolutionary new strategy-shooter that will test your wits as well as exercise your aim. Can you lead the misfit prisoners of the Void Ark through the derelict spaceships and myriad dangers of the Sargasso Nebula?

Void Bastards Achievement Guide

This is a guide on how to get every achievement in the game Void Bastards.

Before you start

You will get a lot of the achievements by just playing the game though the first time, so I highly recommend that you focus more on achievements on your second playthrough, but look through the list to see if there are any within your grasp.

Specially Selected

Get killed by pirates
In the tutorial and when you are about to board S.T.E.V. you will get attacked by pirates that will kill you.

Bodge Job

Build an upgrade
In the workbench you must upgrade an item. Any item.

Staff Turnover

Rehydrate a second client.
After dying to the pirates in the tutorial you’ll get a new client handed to you.

Swanning Around

Pilot S.T.E.V. to nebula depth two.
On the star map you must go to depth two by passing one of the ladders leading down to the bottom of the screen.

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Tooled Up

Upgrade the regulator
Upgrade the regulator in the workbench with a metal tube.

Brown Noser

Build a Citizen Card.
Build a Citizen Card in the workbench with a Line Printer and ID card.


Loot a pupbot.
You must kill a pupbot when boarding a vessel, you can see if there are pupbots on the vessel in the info panel under enemies.
They are weak but run away from you and make noise so take them out quickly.

Human Resource

Build the HR Computer.
Craft the HR Computer in the workbench with Wiring Diagram, Tacputer and Mouseball.

Chilled Out

Build the Water Cooling unit.
Craft the Water Cooling Unit in the workbench with Body Fluid, Cool Pops and Water Based Lube.

Software Pirate

Build the Transmitter.
Craft the Transmitter in the workbench with Lette Wheel, Handset and Atomic Clock.

Kippers for Breakfast

Blow up a void whale.
You need torpedoes to kill the void whale, you can find torpedoes in Torpedo caches or on PAC Minelayer vessels. They can also be bought in Krell-marts for 100 merits.
When you have torpedoes just jet over to where a void whale is and get the kill.


Catch a garbage collector.
Move S.T.E.V. to the same location as a garbage collector.


Escape the nebula,
When you have crafted the Reg Certificate with Ink, CNT Stamp and a Laminator
You have completed the game and escaped the nebula

Shiver Their Timbers

Survive a pirate encounter.
Move S.T.E.V. to where a pirate vessel is and dock. The power will have been cut and you will be facing some hard hitting robots. Using the zapper makes it a bit easier. You have to restore power and decouple the tether that is show on map.


Build every upgrade.
Get everything unlocked in the workbench, this will take some time and lots of farming, use the parts locator to find what you need.

Cooking with Gas

Escape the nebula on HARD.
When you craft the Reg Certificate you will escape the nebula. Just this time it’s on HARD difficulty.

Coffin Dodger

Escape the nebula on NORMAL or HARD with no deaths.
Craft the Reg Certificate and escape the nebula without dying a single time on any difficulty over NORMAL (also works on HARD BASTARD)Tip for not dying, take it nice and slow, get to know the different vessels layout and focus on staying alive, escape if you are near death even if there is the last item you need.

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Craft the parts for story completion in the workbench parts section.

Cor Blimey!

Escape the nebula on HARD BASTARD.
Craft the Reg Certificate and escape the nebula on HARD BASTARD, the hardest difficulty in the game.

Just take you time and remember here you can die as much as you want, get enough resources to build a single part of the story, that you need, then you can die and get another part

Off the Hook

Escape the nebula on HARD BASTARD with no deaths.
Craft the Reg Certificate and escape the nebula on HARD BASTARD without dying, this is going to take a while, learn the layouts of the different vessels and know how to kite and/or avoid enemies, and keep an eye on you Oxygen. Don’t be afraid to exit to S.T.E.V. early and with no resources if it means you are not dead. ALSO avoid the void whale is you don’t have any torpedoes.

Just take your time, there is no rush, just keep food and fuel stocked up and hope you get some good genes to help when facing tough enemies


Escape the nebula on NORMAL with the UNARMED restriction.
You can select restriction when you start a new game
This is quite hard, you don’t have any weapons, so I hope you are good at sneaking and have luck in your genes. But at least you don’t have to worry about upgrading your weapons so make yourself as tanky as possible and if anyone sees you sprint to exit


Escape the nebula on NORMAL with the ONLY FIREARMS restriction.
You can select restriction when you start a new game.

Guy Fawkes

Escape the nebula on NORMAL with the ONLY INDIRECT restriction.
You can select restriction when you start a new game.


Escape the nebula on NORMAL with the ONLY DEVICES restriction.
You can select restriction when you start a new game.

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Escape the nebula on NORMAL without building any non progress upgrades.
Complete the game without crafting anything in your workbench, only build story items.
Easier then first thought because you can focus resources into the story parts.

Written by Crysal

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