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Void Stranger Puzzle Solutions Guide

Full – prospectively! – solution to every non-secret puzzle of the game. Currently no hard mode.

Void Stranger Puzzle Solutions Guide

This guide includes (or will include? supposed to include? hard mode is currently WIP) solutions to all “core” puzzles in the game. It doesn’t touch any secrets or advanced techniques. For each normal stage, it covers three things, and three things only:

How do you reach a staircase.

How do you loot a chest, if there’s one. Solution for that is put in spoiler unless looting the chest is trivial and/or comes naturally when completing a level.

How to get an X-tile – an optional puzzle – if there’s one. Do not worry if you don’t see them yet even if the guide implies you should. You’re guaranteed to figure it out eventually.

Feedback is welcome – the guide started as my notes to myself, so language sometimes may be unfriendly to non-me people, and some descriptions may rely on you understanding techniques that you (yet) don’t. So feel free to complain, to suggest improvements on the clarification and/or phrasing side, to propose simpler solutions, and to point out any factual/spelling/snoozed-mid-sentence mistakes.
(I have an annoying habit of switching right and left in the text sometimes.)


The X is unobtainable by normal means.

Rod room.



Take tiles on the right, put them below you. Then go down, return up, take the topmost tile and put it at the bottom (I will refer to this technique to as “locomote”). Locomote to the chest.

Use the tiles around where you started to build the way left and then up to the chest and up to the exit.

Boulders! Push them. Grab a tile to traverse the pit.

Push the stone onto the ladder first, then push one that was next to it into the pit and then push the ladder stone into the pit too.

Push the stones above, locomote left. Take the ladder with Z, place it somewhere, replace its spot with a normal tile to be able to reach the chest.

Exit is free but there are:
Chest – push the first stone up, then another one down, then another one up. Dig a hole under the leftmost pushable stone, push it into it. Out of three stones that you can push to the right, push the middle one, then push the bottom one down. Go directly right and push the stone. Push the stone above you up. You now can get the chest.
X – after doing things above, push the leftmost pushable stone up. Dig a hole near the rightmost pushable stones, and push the stone in it. Push the stone that was above it up. Dig a pit and push the stone directly below the X into it.

Just proceed to the exit.

Proceed below, on the bottom lane step right once and dig a hole to stop the snake. Get the chest, restore the snake’s path, skip turns till it’s past you, go to the ladder.

Just proceed to the exit.

Go right and lock the rightmost grub onto a single tile. Get the chest.
X – restore the middle path. There’s enough time to let it through, go ’round, and get the X. Skip turns if neccesary.

X – lock the first grub on a single tile. Step right twice and place the tile to make the “bridge”. Take another tile and place it near the exit to make the lane longer. Now go back facing the “bridge”, and skip turns by repeatedly taking and placing it. Wait till grub passes downwards, take the X.

Time your movements.
X – take a spare tile anywhere, step onto X, go down, place the tile, step on it, return back up, take the X. Note that the snake will actively interfere, so time your actions carefully.

Go down and right, push yourself into the wall till the grub passes up. Proceed down. Take a spare tile. Wait till the second grub passes up in the same manner. Push the stone, place the spare tile behind it.

Go push the statue (only once!) then go around it and push it again to kill the grub.

Skip one turn, go up, push the boulder, step where it was. Skip turns till it starts moving left, follow it, lock it on a single tile. Put the tile below the boulder tile. Use spare tiles to reach the exit.
X – taken by default.

Skip a single turn, go right, make left grub’s path two tiles longer, wait till it go up, lock it. Build a path towards the exit.

Approach the snake – don’t rush, you won’t be able to reach safety before meeting it. Instead dig a hole in front of you to stop it.
X – wait out in one of the vertical pathways, go for it. Don’t forget to put the X tile down to be able to dig another hole to stop the snake.

Just time your moves right.

X – enough tiles to just build the way.

Don’t engage grubs, make your way around through the pit on the right.
Chest – use Z on the ladder to move it from your way.

No complications.

Just proceed locking the grubs at comfortable pace. You can use side pits to dump spare tiles.
Chest – fill the two top pit tiles on the left, proceed building the path downwards from here.

NPC – go right until you’re able to go down. Take a tile in front of you. Go down, place the tile. Step down again and take the tile to stop the snake. Replace the tile and follow the snake to lock it. Be careful not to push NPC yourself!
X – push the NPC down, there’s X below her. Alternatively, do it on a second playthrough, with NPC already absent.

Birch room.


Remove the ladder with Z, push the smirking statue into the pit, use the free space to build towards the stone and push it right.

Snake lady

Just build your way towards the exit.

Get the chest, take a spare tile, proceed to the exit, place the tile when the path ends.

Exit is trivial but there are:
Chest – take a spare tile where you start, proceed to the chest. When leaving, place the spare tile above you to proceed.
X – same as the above, but you need to specifically take the right turn when stepping onto the glass/chest section. Alternatively, there’s enough solid tiles to just replace all the glass and/or locomote towards it.

Chest – just take any spare tile and proceed to the chest, taking the left path. There’s enough solid tiles to make your way back afterwards – use remaining glass to be able to make a bridge downwards.
For X – from the start, up-left-down-Z. Continue on the left normally.

Go up on the glass tile, take the solid tile above it, step back, replace the glass tile. Do the same thing with the glass tile on the right, using the glass tile on the left in process. Build your way towards the exit, replacing glass tiles.

Go down, take a spare glass tile on the right, ignore the chest and proceed to the exit area.
Chest – from exit, go down and then to the two solid tiles. Use the spare glass to reach the right (single) solid tile and take it, step back and replace the broken glass tile. Locomote your way to the chest.
X – from the state above, locomote your way to the right and up, snatch remaining solid tiles and build yourself a 2×3 island. Locomote it left towards the X.

Lock the top snake in a corner, replace the right glass tiles that lead up (starting from the bottom one) and build your path to the exit.
Chest – before doing anything of that, use the tiles on the top to build the path right and to the chest. Avoiding snake is trivial.

Take a single glass tile on your right, place it left, and go. After stepping on the first glass tile after that, take another glass tile on your left. Proceed to the exit – you’ll need to skip a few turns to avoid stepping on a snake. Next, you’ll need to step on the *middle* (that’s important!) glass on the exit’s lane. Step right, place your spare glass tile, exit.

Go left, wait to trap the grub up, go left, replace the glass, proceed building your path right. Use a spare tile to replace the glass on the right edge of the room (you’ll need to step up from it to be able to replace). Build your path down.
X – locomote left towards the statue, push it into the void, put a tile below to be able to reach the X.

Kill the mouthman by digging a hole right to it and then going for the chest.

Go down till you reach the mouthman lane. Step right once and dig a hole for it to fall in. The second one will die naturally as you approach the chest.

Go up, dig a hole on the mouthman’s lane. Go in a corner and skip turns there till mouthman dies. Exit.

Step down, dig a hole, step back for the mouth guy to fall in. Take a spare tile below, follow the top path to the chest. Use the rightmost glass tile to place the tile you have, and head back.

Push the boulder above and destroy a tile on the right to lure the mouthman into dying. Use the tiles below to build a path (or locomote) towards the exit.

Go left twice, continue down to kill the mouthman, proceed to exit.
X – take a small detour to the left, but overall trivial.

Go down to the mouthman line, step left once, take the tile (mouthman dies), proceed to exit.

Step left, then towards the mouthman, then right. Proceed using the rightmost way possible, once you’ve moved left for the first time, grab the spare tile, and place it once you’re facing the pit.
X – take a small detour upwards on your way.

Puth the stone on your left into the pit, fill the gap, go straight for the exit.
Chest – push the stone right twice, replace the glass tile.

Proceed right untill you’re above the glass tile that’s second closest to the middle mouthman. Step on the tile, step directly away from the mouthman twice, take the normal tile, step back right, place it, and locomote towards the ladder.

Replace two bottom glass tiles with normal ones. Get the chest and the exit.
X – take the exit and place it somewhere, fill the gap.

Go down to the bigger “island”, take the bottom tile. Locomote left – if you’re going bottom lane you’ll need to use the glass tile to place a solid tile up.

Gather enough tiles on the right, build the bridge downwards, bait the enemy one tile away towards you, and then move up to make it fall away. Use a glass tile below to reach the exit. If it’s broken somehow use top-right glass tiles.

Proceed to the exit.

Step left, take the tile. Place it to the left of the boulder, push the boulder, return using the glass platforms. Use a spare tile on the left to build the path.

Push the stone on the button, exit.
NPC – push the stone further away. To leave, bring the exit here. As usual, be careful and don’t push NPC and don’t kill it with a stone.

Another birch.


Non-puzzle mural.


Just exit.
X – go towards the bull, dig a hole on its path. Place a tile above the exit. Build a bridge upwards, replacing glass. Reach the dark statue lane. Locomote towards it, push it into the void. Go to X, use glass to approach and take it (be sure you don’t have a tile in your inventory to be able to take it).

Lock one bull in the leftmost niche, stand in front of it, put the tile back, and start running away. Bulls will end up in mutual destruction.
X – solved by default.
Chest – solved by default.

Just bait the bull onto the button and stand atop the exit until the bull opens it.
X – before baiting the bull, pick up the button. Bait the bull up and right then up again, go around and return the button. The bull will be lured downwards onto the exit, and you’ll be able to pick up the X tile. Place it back immediately. Dig a hole two tiles above the bull, so it can move one tile up. Bait it, place the tile back. Bait it left, then bait it right onto the button, exit.

Remove the floor to stop the bull on the same vertical lane where the button is. Bait the bull right, then down, retreat right. Remove the tile above the button, bait the bull onto the button.

Bait the bull right and then down. Just rebuild the path, don’t touch the bull anymore.

Proceed right until you’re under the unopened chest. Go up, pillage the chest. Skip three turns, go down, follow the bull and lock him on a single tile. Lure the bottom bull, rebuild the middle pathway towards the exit.

Bait the middle bull right, then down – the bottom bull will be lured too. With them out of the way, pillage the chest and get to the exit.

Take the tile on the left of the exit (secret!) fill the gap in the “loop” area, keep baiting till it stands next to a stone. Now bait in the opposite direction til it’s on the button.

Using tiles from bottom, place one on top (only once, where you can), and another in front of the bull to make it charge at you. Use the top path you’ve made earlier to go around the bull to the exit.

Just go all the way right towards the exit, don’t be afraid of the bulls.

Go to the button, pick it, place it on the leftmost side of the bull’s lane. Pick up the exit, place it anywhere. Restore the bull’s lane and lure it onto the button.
Chest – just get it before doing all things above, for safety.

Take a spare tile, step onto the rightmost glass tile, go left, place the tile. Now you can either push the man into the void by placing another tile above, or go around by building a full lane on the left.

Go down through the glass, take the tile somewhere below, fill the glass tile. Create a new pit directly below it, put a button there. Make a pit so that bull stops on the button.

Take a spare tile, go up through the glass, place the tile on the left, and locomote these three tiles all the way left (so there’s a tile directly under the bull). Bait the bull right, go to the exit.

Take the rightmost tile (not the exit one, one to the left of it), fill the gap. Take the leftmost tile – bull should charge at you from the right. Lure the bull upwards. Fill the gap on the right. Lure bull again to the farthest right side. Fill the leftmost niche with the button. Lure and lock the bull there. Use the tile you’ve taken to lock the bull to fill the gap above and go to the exit.
X – taken by default.

Block the first bull rush, go to the chest using the bottom path (replace glass), place button directly next to the bull on the right, remove the tile directly on the right of it beforehand, proceed to the exit.

Take the spare tile using the glass below. Go rebuilding the bridge, prevent the bull reaching the button (and you) by taking away the tile on top. Step on the button, step right, place the tile. Continue building in that direction till you reach the rightmost lane that allows you to go up to reach the exit. Put another tile above (so it’s three tiles high) – you will need to reuse some tiles on the left for that. Leaving these three tiles intact, locomote left, lure the bull on the button, step right and up (make sure there are tiles to make that maneuver possible). Locomote your way up and right towards the exit without stepping onto the bottom lane (so bull doesn’t move).

Just keep baiting the bull until its on the button.
Chest – trivial.
X – trivial.

Proceed to the left till you reach the chest, take a spare glass on the left. Use the bottom path then. Once you’ve aggroed the second bull, step up once, and take another spare tile. Go right and up after that. Proceed to the exit.
Chest – taken by default.

Chest – take the exit, put it in the gap on the right. Bait the bull into bottom-right corner (be careful not to exit the stage accidentally).
X – same as the above.

Take the top tile from a vertical lane that’s directly on the right from the button’s lane (so the bull will stop directly above the button). Lure the bull there. Lure him up again and dig a hole directly under the button. Lure the bull on the button.

Make the bull charge, sneak to the exit in the meanwhile.
X – before making the bull to charge, take the tile you’ve started on. Lure the bull using the non-glass tile, then stand on the glass tile below the exit, step right, and put the tile you’ve taken earlier – the bull will charge left at you. Now, repeat luring the bull left and right each time you need something from its side. Do the following: take the ladder, place it where you started. Take a solid tile next to it; place that tile under the top-left tile (where the exit initially was). Take another tile, step onto the topmost-leftmost tile, step down, place it. Now you can step back up from it to take X.
Chest – perform the same manipulations as for X. Now use the fact that bull has a longer road to run around on (four tiles instead of three), lure it left and *quickly* go up-right-down-down – that’s just enough time to access the chest and be able to safely return.

Move downwards, dodge the bull, downwards again. Take the unbreakable tile on the left, put it on top. Lure the bull downwards (if it’s not already there), use one of the glass platforms to lock the bull there. Get the chest, release the bull to free the ladder, proceed to the ladder.

Just let bulls to charge, and build your way towards the exit, there’s no trick.

Go up, let the top bull charge. Take the tile you’re started on. Use glass on the right to replace the glass platform that bull broke. Rebuild the path.

Another birch.


Mural. Not sure if there’s a way to reach it and leave without dying.

Just proceed to the exit.

Take the button and place it under the stone. Push the statue onto it.

Go take the button. Push the stone on the *left* (not on the right – it’s important). Place the button anywhere. Dig a hole under the stone, place button there. Push the stone onto button, exit.
Chest – just go for it. Don’t be afraid to step on the exit after pushing the button – it’ll close.

Go down fully. Go left, reach the button, take it from the left side. Step right twice, go down and place the button. Go right, push the boulder, exit.

Immediately take the tile you’re facing to, go left three times, then right once, place the tile. Locomote three tiles you’ve got to the right, destroying the glass in the process. Once you’ve reached the grub’s lane, stop and put another tile above, completing the path towards the button. Evade the grub and go towards the exit.

Follow the snake.

Chest – follow the snake, but stop just before the exit and skip two turns till it leaves the button. Proceed below, lure the bull left, lock it, get the chest.

Lock the closest grub on the topmost tile. Build your way back to the starting area. Taking tiles from the grub’s lane, go through two upper glass tiles, place a tile in the corner. Take another tile, place it under the tile you’ve already placed (destroy the glass there). Finally, place a tile below them to be able to exit.

No surprises – kill the jaw in front of you by digging a hole and waiting for it, then kill the remaining two.
Bottom path is for the NPC.

Take the spare tile, push the statue up twice (onto the exit), then lure the bull, use the glass to dodge, and up again after it passed. Reach the first turn upwards, let the bull pass, go down, place the spare tile. Lure the bull down, build the path on the right, push the statue into the void, exit.
Chest – after luring the bull into the left-bottom corner, lure it right once again to be able to open the chest.


NPC – be careful not to push her down.

Go up, wait till grub leaves, go. Use the glass to avoid the second grub.

Go down once and just skip the turns till the snake above comes left and leaves twice (including the almost-immediate first time). Once it leaves the corner, go up and follow it till the first “bridge” that connects the lanes. Go down and then right till the next bridge. Go up the next lane and immediately down all the way. Go right, then left, then to the upper lane again, and then straight to the exit.

Follow the NPC. Turn down as soon as possible, step on the glass tile on your left. Step right to make it break, up to lure the mouthman, up again, and down again to position the mouthman above the pit. Stand on the next glass tile to kill it. Go up again to cause the top bull to charge, and then down. Use the last glass tile to dodge the bottom bull.
NPC – if instead of stepping right from the glass platform you go directly up-up-right-down and proceed to kill the mouthman and luring the bull, the bull will kill the NPC, allowing you to return your rod early.

Just follow the path – there’s enough time to pass all bulls.

Skip turns in the starting tile till mouthman approaches, then proceed down, past the snakes, and to the exit.

Joke level.

Force mouthman to make two steps on the right and one step up, then proceed to the exit.

Aggro all three bulls once, return down and follow the bottom path.

Destroy all glass platform and lure the bull around till it presses the button for you.

Pick up the glass from the tile on the right from you, lure the leftmost bull, go right twice. Skip turns until it’s ready to charge again (ie assumes its “idle” pose), then step right, making both bulls charge at once. They’ll mutually annihilate.

Push the boulder above the statue into the pit. Push statue into the pit (not onto glass). Follow the top path, lure the mouthman up once. Return to the stones on the right. Push the leftmost boulder into the pit. Push the rightmost boulder down. Push the central boulder left (mouthman dies). Push the remaining boulder down and proceed to the exit.

Wait till the grub passes below the first time, cross to the right, go up, continue to the exit.

Just push all the rocks.

Push the NPC down, or build the path around – after speaking with her, take the leftmost tile, then use the glass tile to put it below. Locomote till the big chunk of solid blocks below. Locomote them left and up, keeping them 2 tiles wide to be able to change directions. When at the top edge, locomote one lane to the right.

No challenge.

Another birch.




Chest – take the glass on the right, go up, put the glass over the gap, step on it, take the normal tile, step back and place the tile. Build the path towards the chest.

Go down central glass path, evade the bull on the right. Go down again, take a single step towards the bull and remove the floor.
Chest – can be taken by default.
X – after you’ve stopped the bull, step on the glass and then back towards the pit to place the tile you’re holding. Take X and proceed normally.

Block both grubs (starting with the right one). Use the spare tiles to increase the length of the right’s grub path, place another tile on the right to be able to skip turns by hitting the wall. Let the grub pass, and go down towards the exit.

Just push the stone onto the button.
Chest – push the stone onto the hands instead – replace the glass to be able to. Put the button at the end of stone’s path.

Push the statue to kill the hand.

Push the statue up first and then the stone down. Put a tile in the middle, and push boulders and a statue on their respective hands.

Take a spare tile anywhere, and when you push a stone – any of them – from the glass, use the fact that you’re still facing the gap to place that tile and able to reuse the stone afterwards.

Chest – push the statue onto the middle (bottom) hand first – you’ll need to build a path for that but that’s trivial. Use bottom-right corner to place a new tile on the right side of the statue and push it back. Kill the remaining two hands.

Lure the bull on the right and kill it with the statue. Kill the hand.
Chest is trivial.

Take the tile right below, skip turns till the thing dies. Up-down, return the tile, down-left-up-take the tile. Go in the corner and skip a turn for another mouthman to die. Kill the last one.

Go left, kill the left thing, place the tile back, step left, step right, remove the tile to kill the right thing. Return the tile and proceed towards the exit (blocked yet), and the last enemy will fall by itself.

No surprises, just kill snakes from bottom to top.

Don’t be afraid of bulls – they’ll mutually annihilate.
Chest – remove the exit and place it above, take a spare tile and proceed on the right by the glass bridge. On the end of it, put the spare tile on the right. Push the statue, allow snakes to kill each other. Loot the chest and locomote back.

Go up, push the statue, bait the bulls and step back to let them kill each other. Push the statue again, fill the gap between grubs to let them kill each other.

Push the statue on the hand using the shortest way. Take the tile, go left, down twice, push the statue right (do not kill the snake), build the bridge to the left area, push statue up to let the snake go right and get mutually destroyed with the grub. Go kill the upper snake in the meantime. Bring the button and push it with the statue.

Up and left and take the leftmost tile from the upper snake’s path. That’ll make them to collide with the grub on the right after a few turns. Restore the gap to the right area in the meantime. Let the snake pass right, and then lock it on a single tile. Get a spare tile, restore the path fully, get another one. Your goal is to make the snake step towards you (by restoring the path; the snake must be turned towards you) in the same turn as the grub steps onto the third tile from below when going up. After that, run towards the statue and just skip turns till they die. You will need to spend quite a few turns waiting for that to happen.

Step right, kill the monster. Place the tile back. Go back left, then down till the second mouthman dies, then to the right till the closest non-breakable tile – take it. Place it directly below the starting (unbreakable) tile, step on it, remove the glass tile, place it above. Kill the last enemy and exit.
X – can taken by default.

Push the bottom statue down, then kill the closest hand by pushing a statue up. Get another killable hand by pushing a statue to the right. From that, go up and kill another by going up. Push the statue on your right to the right, go down twice, push another statue to the right. Statue that was between them now can be pushed directly above to kill another hand. Push the statue to the right to kill yet another. Push any free statue to kill the last hand.

Go left, fill the gap, lock the snake to prevent their imminent deaths. Take a spare tile, push the statue from above onto the snake, place the tile. Push the statue again onto the button.
Chest – build the path all the way to the right. Take a spare tile, push the rightmost statue up, place the tile. Push it up again, get the chest.

After the right bull charges at you, lure it back and lock it up. Lure the left bull towards the statue, kill it. Get rid of the tile you’re holding, take the button, and place it above the statue. Push, exit.

Chest – lure the bull, step back, wait for it to pass and then lure another one, and only then go for the chest. (required so they don’t mutually destroy each other later).

Go down, push the statue, go up and left. Go down, lure another bull, go right and push a statue down once again on your way (so now the bull is directly behind you). Continue on the right till the end, then go up so the mouthman and the bull are mutually destroyed. Push the statue to destroy the hand to the left, and then another one to the right, finally, push the statue into the pit.
X – lure the top bull onto the snake – just lure it when the snake is one tile away from the same lane.

Exiting is simple, but in case you want to destroy the statues:
Push right statue down twice, then left statue on the left. Then replace the glass tile and move away the exit. Smooth sailing from there – the only thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need a spare tile before pushing from the glass tiles to instantly replace them. You’ll need to do that several times.

Take the glass block, put it below, step from it to be able to take the unbreakable tile. Build the bridge on the left. Take a spare tile, go under the mouthman, go left till the gap, place it. You’ll need another one. Go down, take the glass tile, place it. Gap is filled, but you’ll need another spare tile after you’ll push the statue, so get it from below the mouthman. Go to the statue using the left way and push it up, place the tile. Now go right and down till the glass tile, take the tile behind it, up, and then just proceed right till the exit.
X – a bit messy and not sure whether that’s an intended way, but here we go. Start is the same as the above, but instead of pushing the statue from below, you take the right way and push it from the right into the void. Go down until the glass tile, take the tile behind it, fill the gap on the right. Take the button. Go right using that path that has 3 glass tiles. Place the button to be able to reach the exit. Take the exit, place it on the left side of you. Take the button, place it left from the exit. Finally, use the glass tile above to lure the mouthman on the button, the right and into the exit. Phew.

Go to the bulls, bait only the right one up and then right. Go up and to the left bull to make them crush each other. Kill the grub.
NPC – pushes you if you’re too insistent. Disappear after you talk to her and die. You have to kill her to be able to use the exit.

Another birch.


Take the glass tile and go via the bottom path. Take another from the top, place it below to have the full way to the left corner. Lure the first bull down and then left through the glass in that corner, so it’s locked there. Lure the second bull down and left again. Go up and round it and lock it ther. Mural is in your hand.
X – taken through the previous strat.

Just push the stones and go.

Head – teaches smirking technique

No tricks – just proceed to the exit and learn how the mimic moves.
Chest – taken by default.
X – before turning left for the chest, take a spare tile. After looting the chest, use the fact that you’re rotated to place the tile. Step on it to make the mimic fall.

Chest – take a spare tile on the right, place it in the gap above, step on it to make the mimic fall.

Go directly left, then all the way down, one step right and take the glass tile. Step back left, all the way up, and then right till mimic dies.

Take the glass tile at the bottom-left. Place it below (symmetrically to the other side). Go down, z the exit, then left and on the glass, then down, place the exit, step on it.

Stand to the left of the rock. Push it rigthwards twice. Go to the exit.

Go up, approach the exit from the right side, take it, put it down the central pathway. Use the very top lane to make the mimic approach the rock from the *left* side. Move left twice (the mimic will push the rock one). Proceed downwards.

Straightforward – take the ladder and go down to place it onto the button. Enough space to sync with the mimic and make it step onto the button.

The danger is making the mimic to try to step onto the same tile as the snake. It doesn’t matter if snake tries to run into a static mimic, it doesn’t matter if mimic tries to run into snake – only if they both step onto the same tile in the same turn. Take a spare tile on the right, proceed down using the glass. Take a turn right. There you’ll need to spend a few turns by taking/putting the tile to prevent mimic’s death. Go up, take a spare tile. Use it (and other spare tiles) to give yourself some space to adjust the mimic’s position, place it on the button while being onto or near the exit, exit.
Chest – trivial, after going down and taking a spare tile, just navigate to the chest.
X – taken by default.

Take a step up and take the glass tile from your “bridge”. Continue right so that you don’t destroy any glass on your side, and mimic destroys all the glass on its side. Complete the mimic’s bridge. Go back in a way so that you’re able to take the glass on the left of your starting area. Take it, restore your bridge, exit.

Go right, then down thrice, take a spare tile, right, up, place the tile, step on it to kill the mimic. Proceed to exit.
X – do the steps above, but instead of exiting, use the topmost path to the top-right isolated solid block. Take it and return to the island of solid blocks in the middle. Locomote it left, break a single glass tile on your way, replace it with the solid tile. From it, step below, take another solid tile. Locomote back, from the top-right solid tile build the way downwards, destroying the glass. Take a spare tile, and use the glass to be able to expand rightwards.

Take the topmost tile as a spare, place it on the left from where you started, step on it to kill every mimic.

Step on the right (on the glass), below, take the glass, on the left and back to break the glass, then on the right and back, place the tile in front of you, step on it, mimics die.

Dig the pit to the left of the closest pushable stone, push it, go for the exit.
X – instead of going to the exit, push a stone under the pit into it (the mimic will step on the glass). Go right-up-left-down-up and put the tile back, then right-left to get the X, and exit normally.

No challenge.

Push the dark statue up. Go down to avoid pushing the boulder on top when you’re going up. Proceed to push the monster-statue (not the dark statue you pushed the first time) onto the glass platform. Return to the starting tile, and press up until the mimic pushes the monster statue onto the button. Return the mimic to the starting tile. Proceed to the exit.

Meet the mimic on the left, go down until it pushes the boulder and dies.
Chest – taken by default.

Chest – dig a hole in the top-right corner, on the snake’s path. Place it immediately back and step up. You’re now in desync with the mimic. Go down till the bottom boulder, push it, get the loot.

Use statues to desync first mimic pair and kill them. (up-left-left-down). Note that you can’t talk with your counterpart – you’ll die. So go towards the statue and push it onto your own counterpart. Kill the remaining pair.

Proceed towards the glass, take the upper path. Go up and left and take the tile you’re facing to. Fill the glass gap with it, then take the tile above the replaced one and make a way forward with it. Proceed to the ladder, take it, and return to the pit. Place it, make the mimic to press the button, step on the ladder.

Nothing of interest.

Take the left path up, then return down on the right to take the unbreakable tile (black mimic should die). Place the tile above, step into the corner and use it to guide the mimic into the pit.

Go down, then right. Move the mimic to the tile below the statue. Push the statue up. Go right to kill the white mimic, then back left, all the way up and to the exit.

Skip turns by going up twice. Go down, go left, up, loot the chest, push the statue down, exit.

Just talk with the mimic until it self-destructs.

Another birch.




Place two tiles on the right to connect your starting area with the rest of the level and make the enemy move. Go towards it until you’re able to dig a hole that separates enemy’s zone from yours.
Chest – after doing the steps above, build a path towards the chest and cut off the enemy again.

Enemy won’t be able to catch you as long as you keep moving – it’ll just end up on your previous position.
X – step the glass tile from the the left. On the other side, build the bridge down on the right lane, take the X.

Go down, take the spare tile, go right, place the tile, exit.
Chest – go to the chest. On the glass platform, skip two turns so the enemy comes as close as possible. After looting the chest, use the fact that you turned around to pick up the tile. Place the tile go towards the enemy and dig a hole after you’ve moved down once. That locks the enemy.
X – same as the above.

Go up till there’s one tile between you and the top edge, skip turns to lure the enemy as close to this tile as possible, then dig a hole there. Go down, fill the gap, proceed down and left once, dig a hole again. Return back, fill the gap and skip turns to lure the enemy there again. Then repeat the maneuver, this time locking the enemy out for good.
X – can taken by default.

Take a spare tile on the left, replace the glass tile below. Take another spare tile from the left, fill the gap on the right so the enemy starts moving, take a tile above, go down, build the bridge, exit.
X – after filling the gap between you and enemy, instead of leaving, skip turns till it goes all the way up, then lock it out. Build a bridge downwards, go for the exit, and take it to lock the enemy out. Place it somewhere and use the glass tile above to build the path towards X.

Take the button and put it near the exit, rebuild the way to the boulder so you can approach it from the right side, free the enemy, run towards the exit.
Chest – just loot it before doing everything else.

Go right then up, skip turns till the enemy approaches close enough, pull the tile away, create the bridge to the chest and the exit.
Chest – can be taken by default.

Chest – plenty of time to get both chests. Take both spare tiles on your sides, put them both above to reach the first chest, take another tile reach the second chest with it.

Chest – just go straight for it and leave without stepping on the active traps.

Chest – take the tile you’re facing at the start (but any would do, really). Once you’ve looted the chest, use the fact that you’re rotated to place it and leave.

Activate the trap below, activate the trap on the left, remove the trap on the right to prevent the last enemy from reaching you. Place it on the left, step on it, take a tile next to it, return back, place the tile below. Take the activated trap tile and put it in front of the enemy. Use spare tiles to reach the exit.

Run left, push statue once, go down to the glass tile and on the left. Go up and lock it as soon as possible, then push the statue onto the button.

Don’t dig and go for the exit.

Wait till enemy gets close enough, create a bridge, leave.
X – instead of waiting, run straight towards the enemy and you’ll be able to take the X-tile at the very last moment.

Just push all statues into the void and build the path.

Arm the trap, allow enemy to approach and die, create the bridge, push the top statue into the void, push the smirking statue, leave.

Push the statue directly upwards, take the tile it was on. Go right twice, pushing the statue, place the tile behind of it. Take the leftmost available tile, push the bottom statue in the right row, place the tile behind. Take the button, place it above the two tiles you’ve placed previously. Take the rightmost bottom tile, put in place where the button was, push up the statue above it, push the remaining statue on the button.

Just lure the bull onto the leftmost trap – everybody else will die off naturally. Do not step off the trap till the bull is lured.

Two steps on the right, down till the mouthman, two steps left to push the statue, take the tile. Go up to the start, use the spare tile to build the path down to lure the mouthman into dying and reach the lower pathway. Take a spare tile with you and go full right. Exit.
Chest – instead of exiting, locomote leftwards to the chest and then back.

Take the bottom trap tile and put it on the top. Take the new path to reach the boulder and push it onto the button. Be careful to leave the trap directly on the right of the boulder unarmed before you push the boulder.

Push the closest statue on the right, into the pit. Return to the bottom lane and go left, activating the traps. Go up twice, right once, down, right-right and up. Push the statue onto another trap tile, run from the chaser to a trap tile that’s adjacent to any already active one. Make chaser to activate the trap, destroying it and the remaining statue.
Chest – can be taken by default.

Immediately take the tile in front of you. Take a step left to prepare the trap for the chaser. Return back to make it activate the trap. Go up and down and place the tile. Exit.

Let the enemies to kill each other. Push the top lighting statue into the pit on the right, and bottom lighting statue down onto the active traps. Make your way out.

Push the statue that blocks the exit down, take the exit with you, proceed to the button statue, push it on the button, step up, down, place the exit.

Chest – prevent snake from dying – remove the trap tile from its way by approaching it from the top. Go right, place it in one of the gaps, then remove the tile on the right (one that has trap tiles below and above) and place it in another gap. Take the trap tile from the left, and place it where the solid tile was. Activate it and the trap above it, go left. Take the first trap tile and place it in front of the snake.

Another birch.


Impossible mural.


Just go right.

Proceed and take the chest as normal. Push the statue on the right and acquire the tile. Make path.
X – do not take the tile after pushing a statue. Instead, take a tile from below, loop around the chest, and place a new tile above the tile where the statue was. Having at least 2×2 segment allows you to move more or less freely and locomote without being blocked by the shadow. Take another tile on the left, put it below. Keep carefully locomoting right till the X and then back to the exit. Keep in mind that after you take X you need to have a tile above to retreat.

Enough time to just go through.
X – essentially equal to the previous one, but you have even more space to work with. Rush to lock the second grub in place, put that tile below the X, use spare tiles on the right to build a safe eXtraction zone (sorry).

Take a spare tile on the right, step on the glass, go up, replace the glass with a spare tile, spawn a shadow, proceed back, push the statue down, exit.

Push the statue in the corner, take the spare tile there and create the way up, toward the glyph. Keep making circles on the glyph to create enough copies to almost fill the cycle and press both buttons. You will need exactly 7 shadows, but when in doubt, better spawn them one by one and check whether that’s enough.

Push the statue up and in the pit. Move the glyph tile on the right. Locomote to the *button* (to the button, right-bottom, not to the exit nearby). Take the button, locomote back to exit, place the button next to exit, summon shadow, go out.

Create only 2 clones, there’s still enough space to rotate and go back and forth. Take both buttons and place them near the exit.
X – essentially identical to B200 and B201 – just keep your path at least 2 tiles wide and expand it towards the statue.

Push statues in a counter-clockwise order, starting from the right-bottom – there’s enough time. Once done, step down first and only then go up to allow the top snake to pass.

Proceed to the right, grab a spare tile, make way down, grab another spare tile (bottom-right, near the glass tile). Enter the looping section on the first turn (closest to you). Make one loop to kill the mouthman, then make a direct bridge to the glyph tile. Proceed to the exit with your two buddies.

Take the closest glyph tile and place it below your starting tile. Step on the trap tile on the right and get a tile behind it; place it instead of the glyph tile. You now have enough tiles and space to just remove trap tiles on your way and replace them with normal tiles. Proceed to the button. Place the button on the right from the exit and use the shadow to press it.

Take the glyph on the right and put it beyond the exit tile. Place the exit tile instead of it to proceed right, kill the hand and free the area. Once again put the button near the exit and use the shadow to push it.
Chest – can taken by default.

Go up to the chest, wait till the left grub reaches the top and lock it there (you’ll have to start moving slightly before). Use the spare tile to reach the glass tile closest to the exit and to be able to leave before the shadow falls.

Do not activate any glyphs until you’re ready to exit. Step up and then down immediately to kill the first mouthman. You have enough space to remove the glyph from under the top-right mouthman and bait it to die. Place the glyph somewhere on the edge of the map. For top-left mouthman you’ll need to remove the glyph beneath it, and to replace the glyph on the right of the statue. Kill the final one by pushing the statue onto it. Put the button near the exit, create a shadow, leave.

Fairly trivial – just keep locomoting with both button and exit together with you till you can reach the glyph. Place them somewhere next to each other – just be sure not to create the bridge to the enemy. Use the spare gaps on the top and bottom to dispose of the excess tiles between the button and the exit.

Just keep creating a lot of clones – keep looping on the glyphs clusters to create 18 clones (6 per cluster). Then go round the room *clockwise* (ie, approach the exit from the top) stepping on each button and the exit. Then spawn another 5 and exit. If in doubt, just spawn more friends one by one.

Take the exit with you, go beyond the glyph and place the exit beyond the button.

Push the statue, skip turns by placing/removing tile till the enemy is as close as possible to the pit. Fill the gap to it on top, go left till the crossing, then back, then skip turns again. Fill the gap on bottom, proceed to isolate the enemy. Exit.

Go forward through only one glyph, take the exit and place it in one of the gaps between the “button area” and the “glyph area”. Then just circle through every glyph and then every button towards the exit.
X – the same thing as B200, B201 etc. You know the drill by now: build the path – always at least 2 tiles wide – towards the statue, push it down, take the X, place the buttons back so that you can step on them all and then step on the exit.

Push statue on the left and then down onto the hand. Take the glyph on the left and put it above, on the tile where the glass were. Take the glass on the right and put it on the glyph’s place. Step on the glass, take the spare tile, step back, replace the glass. Mostly smooth sailing from there – just remove glyphs, move them away and replace them with normal tiles. Be sure to never step on them. You’ll need to use trap tile at least once to be able to go below the statue to push it up.

Locomote down and then right. Proceed locomoting and turning where possible until you reach the statue from the right side – don’t bother with any spare tiles along the way. Push the statue down. After reaching the glyph, place it somewhere behind you, proceed to the button, place the button near the exit, activate the glyph, proceed.

Go down to the bottom-right corner, one step up and then back down-left towards the enemy until you can take the button. Hurry upwards to stop enemy as early as possible – place the button above so your hands are free to dig a hole. Lure enemy a few tiles back by placing/removing tile into the bottom pathway. Once it’s far enough from the glyph, go take the glyph, place the button beyond the exit, place the glyph beyond the button, step on the glyph, exit.

Take a tile from below, step onto the top-left trap tile, lay the spare tile, proceed left. Make a bridge directly to the right from the exit, use the spare tiles and spare gaps to place both buttons to the right of the exit. Create two shadows and exit.

Take the button, destroying three glass tiles in process (up-right-down-z). Go left twice, place the button with the other normal blocks. Take the top tile in that lane and place it below. Use the four glass blocks to the right to take another unbreakable tile (where you started) and place it on the left. Locomote right, don’t forget to take the button. Destoy and replace the glass tile that’s on your way. Reach the statue and push it down. Break the glass on the left from the exit and locomote that direction to reach the last normal tile on the stage. Break the top glass tile of the remaining two. Use the glass tile below it to place a normal tile there and build your way towards the glyph. Arrange the glyph, the button and the exit so you can leave.

Just go.


Another birch.

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