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Volcanoids: Achievement Guide

Volcanoids is a first-person, base building survival game set in the steampunk era where humans and technology meet. Explore a volcanic island, operating giant drills and enduring eruptions triggered by mechanical beings.

Volcanoids: Achievement Guide

This is an achievement guide for the game Volcanoids. Some achievements can be tricky to get, that’s why I made this guide to help anyone that also want to 100% the game.

Story Progression Achievements

You earn these achievements throughout the game story progression. To reach new areas you need to upgrade your drillship’s drill.

The Underminer!
Claim your own drillship
The first tutorial will help you get this one.

Silencer I
Silence one lava source
You will have to destroy a lava source, these devices have 3 cranes protected by COGs. Each crane have modules attached on them, all you need to do is destroy them (even the copper walls). They are located in the caves (2nd level) and the first one it is on the Devil’s Roar area (southeast of the map).

Silencer II
Silence two lava sources
The second lava source it is on Dragon’s Lair area (northeast of the caves map). Requires the upgrade Hardened Drill.

Silencer III
Silence three lava sources
The third lava source it is on the Magma Sanctuary area (northwest of the caves map). Requires the upgrade Corundum Drill.

Finish the story
The last lava source it is in the Volcano Heart area. To reach there you will need the upgrades Diamond Drill and Titanium Hull. Travel to the 3rd level cave through the 2nd level cave (you will see a Titanium Hull icon on the travel points). This area has a lot of COGs and a few flagships, better have a stock of ammo and heath packs ready.

Mining Achievements

These achievements unlock when you collect resources. You have to use your pick axe or your Drillship to collect them.

Collect technology component
You need to mine a technology component. You can get them on abandoned towns, destroyed Drillships on the tunnels, destroying COGs Drillships modules. Can’t miss this one.

Mining apprentice
Mine 100 coal
Pretty easy this one, just mine a few coal sources.

Mine 1000 coal
This one will take time, just keep mining coal until you get this one. Either with your pick axe or Drillship works.

Upgrades Achievements

These achievements will unlock when you install a Drillship upgrade.

Install drillship segment upgrade
Soon as you get your first Drillship, if you have the resources, you can make and install this upgrade.

Full extender
Make drillship as long as possible
To install the last Drillship extender you’ll need the Drillship Core III and Drillship Engine III upgrades installed.

Hunting Achievements

These achievements unlock when you kill COGs (Maybe that can change in the future).

Robot destroyer
Kill 10 Cogs
Very easy, just kill a few COGs. They are everywhere.

Robot killer
Kill 100 Cogs
Keep killing COGs. In half or less of a playthrough you will earn this achievement (unless you’re playing on Peaceful mode).

Challenge Achievements

These achievements require some work to be done and some can be missed on a play-through.

Have 5 control stations running at the same time
To get this one you’ll need 5 stations working on something. It can be mixed between scrap, production, refinery or research. It’s not hard, all you need are resources for all of them to run at the same time.

Captain who?
Win the game without taking any quest
Start a game without the tutorial and finish a play-through without taking any quest from the captain or the radio. Better finish the game at least one time before taking this challenge.

No time to waste
Win the game in 7 hours or less
This one is challenging, finish a play-through in less than 7 hours.

Win the game without having more than one power plant at any time
You have to start an finish the game using only one power module installed on your Drillship. You can upgrade your power module but never have two or more at the same time.

Win the game without having more than one storage module at any time
This one works like the achievement Environmentalist. You can upgrade but don’t install more than one.

Secret Achievements

These achievements are hidden and are (not so) secret.

Don’t disturb
Give captain some time to think
Just close the door to the Captain quarters on the submarine.

Extra protection
Make submarine extra safe
Close the two submarine doors.

I hope this guide will help you get any achievement you missed to get the 100%.

Written by Garion X

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