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VoltAge: Genesis Basic Beginner’s Guide

Just a few tips to help new players get started! No story spoilers.

VoltAge:Genesis Basic Beginner’s Guide


Hello, please enjoy this short guide to help get started in VoltAge Genesis!


Any items you find will still in your inventory, so check everything. You’ll want to check all shelves, boxes, and potted plants you can access. Only the large white Northern building can be entered, so explore the town grounds before entering. Interacting with the two computers in the basement will end the prologue. I recommend leveling up to at least level 10 before accepting any quests after the prologue, stick close to the town!


Throughout the game you will find a class of weapons know as tools – always keep at least one of each in your inventory. They will be used contextually when they can, and they do not need to be actively equipped to use. Most tools will be available in the town store as your progress through the game. Others will be found, so check everything – remember this game is light on treasure chests, check any shelf, box, or scrap pile you see for the majority of the game’s items. You can get some tools early if you are willing to fight the Scavver random enemies in Panavinto – but note they are level 35.

Quest progression/character recruitment

Unlike many RPGS, several quests are not activated by events or visiting new areas (though naturally some are) – most quests are gated by Nolan’s level. Make sure to talk to everyone with a unique sprite every 5 levels or show – a town visitor might have some work for you. Most characters are recruited via completing a quest or a quest line. So keep talking to everyone even after completing a quest for them – they might have another!


One of the reasons I love this game is it reminds me of the Metal Max / Metal Saga series. The game is technically open world with some quests level gated. You can access most of the world map from the start, but as you are warned traveling past the initial area without leveling will prove a risky venture [though if you searched the town thoroughly in the prologue you might find a way around this.] There is also a hidden “lore score” mechanic that rewards you for learning more about the various groups. Lore points are gained primarily by reading journals/tablets and talking to NPCs. As you gain more lore points towards a faction you may find permission to enter their towns and recruit party members. There is no penalty for knowing about factions, as you are not choosing one, but rather simply getting on better terms with each.

Final tip!
Always keep at least 5 of each enemy drop, you never know when someone might want it.

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