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Walkthrough & Achievements Guide: Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth

Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth Walkthrough & Achievements Guide. This guide is aimed to not only get you 100% of the achievements but, also to give you exact directions for completing the game as quickly as possible.

Walkthrough & Achievements Guide

Before we get to the actual game guide, here are a few tips/reminders:

  • Hold space bar to highlight all points of interest on the screen if you can’t figure out where something is.
  • If you don’t want to listen to the dialogue, you can click anywhere in the game window and it will skip whatever sentence is currently being said. Also, hitting esc works for skipping most cut-scenes if you’re just looking to rush through the game for achievements.
  • Bold letters = Importance in this guide
  • POI stands for Point of Interest
  • QTE stands for Quick Time Event
  • NAR stands for Not Achievement Related


This game has a few elements that other point-and-clicks don’t so I’d recommend taking a few minutes to finish it and familiarize yourself with the controls. Once the tutorial is completed or skipped you’ll watch a brief cut-scene and some dialogue then, you’ll be in the prologue.

Book 1 – Prologue

You’ll have to make one dialogue choice before you have control of Tom. The choice doesn’t have any effect so feel free to click anything, if you wanna follow my exact choices, I picked the one about staying (not meant for more). Once you gain control of Tom, select the flint in your inventory (Bottom left corner of the screen) by clicking it and then use it with the firewood in front of Tom.

Now that you have warmth, it’s time for some high quality H20. Grab the metal pot (at the bottom of the screen) and head right as far as possible. Eventually you’ll see the option “Into the Forest” pop up, double click it and you’ll poof into the new zone. Now click the pot in your inventory and use it on the frozen puddle. This will start your first QTE! You’ll have 3 skill checks, Good Luck! Once you’re successful, Tom will break the ice and scoop up some goodies. Head back to the camp and use your pot on the fire to boil the water. This also starts a dialogue with Agnes. The choice to take the job or not doesn’t matter so say whatever you want, I told her I would do it. The following choices when talking about cathedrals with the kids also don’t matter. I chose Walls, Windows & Doors. As far as I know, it doesn’t effect the story but the final choice in this dialogue about inspiring hope or awe will be reflected during the summary but, it doesn’t effect achievements so pick whatever you want. I chose hope <3.

Ruh-Roh! Agnes goes into labor and now it’s time to play midwife. How you help Agnes here is important, and successfully caring for her will grant you the first achievement of the game. Keep in mind that some dialogue choices in this game are timed, like the ones here. Make your decision before the white ring runs out. Now, select the following:

Interact with the cloak to cover Agnes it’s RIGHT in front of Agnes by Tom’s right hand).

Then, select “children”. This will bring up some timed dialogue choices. Let’s go with Alfred first and have him get some warm water.

Next have Martha get reeds.

While you wait for Alfred to finish the warm water, select “Agnes” and Tell her a Story. Once the dialogue is completed, tell her another story.

When the second story finishes, Alfred should be ready with the warm water and he’ll retake his place behind you. You’ll have 4 choices on screen, select to look around to get your focus off of Agnes. Then select Alfred and order him to make the fire bigger.

Now interact with the pot next to Tom, he will dip his hands in the warm water.

Select Agnes and then (Hold Her). You’ll give her the ole rubba-dub-dub to warm her up 😉 lol

Alfred will finish with the fire but, just ignore him. Talk to Agnes again. Alfred will comment on her blood loss and then she apologizes. What you choose to respond with doesn’t matter, I told her it was alright. That should be it, once you make the last dialogue choice you watch as scenes play out and should get your first achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughGood midwife
Be especially supportive during birth.

You can skip the dialogue with click spam or watch and once it’s done, the prologue ends.

If you don’t want to watch through the credits, you can hit esc on your keyboard and it’ll skip to the tutorial summary. Once you’re done checking out your stats, continue to Chapter I!

Book 1 – Chapter 1

We are now in control of Philip. After some dialogue you’re immediately met with an unimportant choice. Call out for Paul, or stroke dat pony babyyyyy. (I stroked)

A novice asks you to pay a fee and it gives you a choice to reprimand or inform. It doesn’t matter what you do, I was pretty sweet my first time through so chose to be Mr Pious this time and reprimand. The novice says he’s hungry. It’ll give you the option to give him some cheese or threaten. Someone else in the next area wants that cheese so I elected to keep it but, there’s no penalty for giving it to this chap either. Up to you.

After the dialogue you regain control of Philip. First go to “Road to Kingsbridge” then, “the gate”. This will bring you into the courtyard of the Cathedral. The front door is currently locked. But, to the right a little ways you’ll see “Door to the cloister”, go here.

You’ll see a door get closed at the end of the hall, head there. Once inside, you’ll watch some scenes and eventually will end up back out in the cloister talking to some fine fellows. If you wish to follow in my footsteps, I chose “Happy and Healthy” & “How did James die?”.

Now you have control again.Head back into the Cathedral. See those 4 candles? interact with each of them to blow them out and you’ll receive an achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughLet there be darkness
Dim the lights in the cathedral.

While still in the cathedral, go left to find Francis, interact with him. None of these choices matter either so say whatever you’d like. I went with “I’m happy to see you”, “God has a plan”, and “Ask how you can help”. During this dialogue you will receive a document and a choice to “inspect” or “inspect later”. Inspecting these does not attribute to any achievements so if that’s all you’re here for just ignore them. If you’re into the story and lore tho, check em out.

Once the talking is done, head all the way back to the map zone with the bridge where the Novice tried to toll us.Once you’re there, you’ll notice a guy at the hut on the left. That’s Paul! Let’s talk to him. Your characters will have a short intro and then you can steer the conversation however you want. For the sake of achievements I just went with advancing the story and Asked about the Knight. There’s another dialogue choice after but, it doesn’t matter what you say. Being the Pious fellow I am, I “Quoted Scripture”.

Now head back to the Cathedral courtyard, don’t go inside though. This time, target the alleyway to the left of the cathedral and click “Path around the Cathedral”.

At the bottom of the screen, below the cemetery and old man you’ll see two Novices fishing. Go interact with them to eavesdrop and find out some valuable info about Brother Marcus.

Right above the cemetery, look for the door that says “House of the Prior” and go in. After being talked down to for a little bit, you’ll have a choice on what you want to say to Remigius. Choose “Report Brother Marcus’ theft”. I know, I know… No one likes a snitch. But, in return you get an achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughTattletale
Report a crime to the monks in Kingsbridge.

Once you have dialogue selection again Ask him about the Documents. This dialogue that ensues should give you the next objective. We can now “leave the prior”.

Head back to the Cloister, one of 2 doorways on the right side of the screen is the Chapter house, go in. Your first and second choices don’t matter. I chose “dismiss sacrist”. and “I was surprised”. Once you have a 3rd choice at dialogue tell him not to burn the books. The final dialogue choice doesn’t matter so, I kept in character with “Quote Scripture”. After the remaining dialogue you’ll be forced out of the room.

Gathering every single monk for the meeting is an achievement so be sure not to miss any of them. Quick tip before we get started: In the bottom right of the screen, you’ll notice a section that is similar to the inventory. These are clues. In order to invite people to the meeting, you must click the clue with the 3 monks and then click the character you wish to invite!

First up are the two “Young Monks” right by us. Just click the invite clue and then click them, 2 down!

Now head into the cathedral again. Firstly, use the invite clue on Francis. After that, talk to the choir. They want us to check out the crypt but, we need key. Press spacebar to pull up POI’s and Click the crack in the wall to get it.

Now for the crypts! Holy spacebar to find entrance if you can’t see it. Use the key in your inventory on the gate to unlock it. Head directly to the right and check the first spot closest to you, you’ll discover a spooky “shape”. Click it to take a look and it Moves! Run!!! Jkjk, Just examine the “strange being” again and all will be revealed. Head back up and talk to the choir. They are relieved. Now use the invite on them!

Now, head far right of cathedral, out doors to “Main Gate” and into the kitchen. Interact with Milius. You’ll eventually get a dialogue choice, it doesn’t effect anything, I went with “He’s no better than James!”. Once you’re given another selection, choose “leave”. It won’t kick you out of the building don’t worry. Now use invite on them. (I did it on both men just to be sure) If you didn’t give the cheese away before, go ahead and use it on Cuthbert now. If you did give it away, just explain yourself to him, no harm done. Regardless of who gets the cheese, you’ll be left with a cloth. Use this cloth on the stove and hot stones behind Milius and then leave the kitchen.

Return to the cloister once more and then out one of the doorways on the left “to The Mill”. Use Cuthbert’s keys on the mill door to unlock it. Upon entering, an achievement will pop!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughYet another secret
Unlock a secret room in Kingsbridge

Leave the mill and then exit to the far right “Path to Bridge” Here, use the hot stone on Paul. After the dialogue, use invite on him. Before we head back, just left of Paul is a “Path between trees” go here. Pick up the Beech Nuts in here and then leave and head back to the Kitchen. Use the beech nuts on the painted pot at your feet to get an achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughGarten of Eden
Support Milius’ dream of a garden

Exit the Kitchen and use the “path around Cathedral” to get back to the cemetery. Use invite on the old man (Arnaldus). This should be the last monk for your achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughFull house
Invite everybody to the chapter meeting

Now, it’s time to start the meeting. Head to the Chapter House and talk to Andrew to start it. (Make sure everything is done, this is the point of no return for Ch.1) During the meeting, simply don’t make any choices. Staying silent through it all nets you an achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughSilentium est aureum
Let the others do the talking

Now you’re in the prior house. Search the large “Tome” on the desk to get the letter. The first two choices in this dialogue don’t effect anything. I went with “The Earl of Kingsbridge?” and “Ask Francis’ motives”. The 3rd choice, you MUST select “Agree to Francis’ plan” or you will miss out on multiple achievements. Speaking of, doing so grants another!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughMan of politics
Get involved in your brother’s politics

Congrats, that’s Chapter 1!

Book 1 – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 starts you off as a young badass by the name of Jack. I know it’s tempting to interact with the dead boar but, it’s not what you’re after here so you technically don’t have to. Head to the left and your character will walk behind the big tree and slide the screen with him.Then, just a hair to the left of said tree are some hoof prints, go ahead and interact with them.

Now head back to the right and a deer will emerge from the forest. Use the slingshot in your inventory on it and prepare for a QTE! After you successfully hit both skill checks, you’ll lob a stone and hit the deer but, it still runs away. Click like you are going to head after it, and it will emerge again by the stream. Use your slingshot on it a second time and after you succeed both skill-checks, you’ll drop that mofo! Now go interact with the deer carcass.

This will start some narration from grown up Jack, none of the normal ways to skip cut-scenes/dialogue worked so you just have to listen to it. Don’t worry, it’s not too long! 🙂

After the narration, Jack is now sitting in “The Cave”. Whilst reading it’ll give you a dialogue choice.(doesn’t matter which one you choose) I went with “(Remember the Verse)”. He struggles remembering and a second dialogue choice pops up that doesn’t effect anything. I went with “Think Harder”. Jack starts rambling off the lines like he’s getting paid to do it (lil beast) and then you get a third dialogue choice that isn’t important. I went with “Before him not a single fort remains.”. After you finish up with the book, the narrator explains that you need to cure the meat so it doesn’t go to waste, so let’s hop to!

Once you have control of Jack again, start by clicking the lil castle to the right. This will grant you a doll of Charles the Great, which will be useful later. Next, interact with the log pile in the foreground to take a log. Then, to the right, just outside the cave you’ll see some twigs, go ahead and grab those. (Yes there is other stuff to interact with and a squealing baby in the background but, make sure to get the logs and twigs first and then use them on the hearth so the deer cures properly). Nothing else here NEEDS to be interacted with but, if you wish to explore The Cave more go ahead once your done, let’s head toward the baby noises!

Head as far right as you can and eventually you’ll see “Follow the Noise”. Interact with this to head to a new zone. In the new zone, head left as far as you can and again you’ll see “Follow the Noise”. You know what to do! Interact! Recognize the man holding the baby? 😉 Jack gets reunited with his mom. There’s a dialogue choice that isn’t important, I chose “Is he a monk?”.

Once you have control of Jack again, grab the bloody rag in the background and then search the mound that was under it. After you make the discovery, start retracing your steps. Head right until you see “Back into the Woods” and interact. In the next zone, continue to head right and you’ll bump into Alfred.

NOTE: From here until the end of Chapter 3, there are a pair of mutually exclusive achievements related to how we treat Alfred. Thankfully, there is a way to keep our interactions with him at a neutral level and greatly minimize how much we need to replay. Pay close attention to all instructions regarding Alfred.

Alfred will come at you aggressively, hurling accusations left and right. Here are the dialogue choices you should go with:
“I don’t have the baby.” “Give me my book!” “Jack” and “Stare”.

After this conversation, you’ll be taken out to a map. After a short narration (which can be skipped by clicking the little x in the bottom right corner) click the blue dot to “Follow the monk’s trail”. There’s another brief narration (also skippable) and then, you’ll have to make a choice. Click the blue dot that says “Follow the River” (NOT cross). Alfred will make an observation, choose to “say nothing”. The final choice on the map is non-optional “Keep walking”.

Once you regain control, interact with Alfred and choose “Wake him”, “The fog is lifting”, “I’m not an animal, I’m a hunter.” and “Yes, I can kill”. Then, interact with the “???” object in the fog.

Once back in the cave, you’ll be in charge of serving dinner. Choose to serve Martha first, Alfred second and then yourself.

After some talking between the parents (skippable by clicking) you’ll be given a dialogue choice for Jack that doesn’t effect anything. I chose “I’m going to see a Castle”. You’ll get a black screen with some narration (skippable by clicking) and then the end of chapter 2! Look over your stats and move on!

I know there weren’t any achievements in this one but, the choices we made with Alfred will save us from having to do multiple play-throughs so it wasn’t all bad. Onward!

Book 1 – Chapter 3

NOTE: Pay close attention to the directions in this section. There are three achievements that we’ll unlock in nearby chapters, but they require setup in this one.

Back in control of our favorite monk, Phillip! Let’s start off by taking care of our travelling companion and get an achievement for it, shall we? Start off by interacting with the barrel of apples in the background and then choose “take some apples”. Next, interact with the “Stables full of hay” to the left and choose “take handful of hay”. Now head back to your horse and feed it the apples and hay from your inventory to get the achievement! (taking both of these items is also apart of the ‘Friar Tuck’ achievement so yay!)

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughHelp an old friend
Take care of your pony.

Now interact with the door at the top of the stairs (You’ll get a QTE with one skillcheck). When the door is answered choose “I have come to see the Bishop.” I don’t think the next dialogue choices matter but, I went with “I am the prior of St-John-In-The-Forest” and (Openly Address). Now simply enjoy the beautiful snowfall and wait until he comes back to continue.

Next you will be brought before the Bishop. The choices here don’t have any impact, I went with: “casually mention the new king”, “Lie” and (Do not mention Francis). My reasoning behind them was if it were me, I’d keep my lil bro concealed/protected and not mention him. Once out of the meeting, interact with your pony to head back out!

Now you’re back in control of Jack. Head left into the cave to find poor lil Martha crying. Give her the doll from your inventory to help soothe her sadness. The dialogue choice with her doesn’t impact anything. I went with: “You need to learn to defend yourself.”

After this interaction you’ll be back on the map. After a short narration (skippable, click x in bottom right) your first choice only has one destination, pick “I left the forest.” You’ll hear another skippable narration again and then, have 2 choices. Both will end up at Earlscastle so pick whichever route you’d like. I went with “we headed towards town” and then “we kept on walking toward the town.” After some more narrating, you can at last choose to head to Earlscastle! Hurrah!

The conversation in the tower between the man and hidden woman is skippable by clicking, afterwards you’ll have control of Jack again.

Note: Avoid interacting with Alfred until directed to remain neutral with him for the 2 achievements later.

Start by using your slingshot on Martha. Don’t worry, you’re not going to shoot her lol! Jack the lil badass is just going to give her some lessons! You’ll be given a QTE with 2 skill-checks. Once you are successful, repeat the process! This time the QTE is more difficult, it moves much faster and their are 4 skill-checks. Also, failing forces you to restart. I’d recommend starting with the smallest skill-check. Just click right before it reaches the rectangle and you should succeed in no time! There is no special dialogue or anything when you do get it but, you’re done with lessons for now. (there’s an achievement in chapter 5 that requires this!).

Now at the bottom of the screen you’ll see “Cross the Yard” go there. In the next zone, all the way to the left is another “Cross the Yard” option, do it. In the 3rd zone you’ll see a pair of knights in blue standing to the right of the gate, interact with them. They want you to steal some food and in return they’ll train you to become a knight, sounds too good to be true! Let’s head “To the Keep” next. After William Hamleigh stops you and calls you a twit >:(, you’ll head in.

Tom has a brief conversation with Broom Man (greatest super hero name of all time?) and exits, asking you to follow. DISOBEY! Instead use your slingshot on the Earl and pass a QTE. You’ll get Game Over (don’t worry about it) and an achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughRebel without a cause
Get into trouble with the Earl of Shiring.

Just hit try again and poof, like magic, your dirty deeds are erased! This time talk to our favorite superhero Broom Man. Select the dialogue option “Lady Aliena?” and you’ll receive a new clue. You can exhaust all the other dialogue options if you’d like but, this is the only one you need.

Before you leave, head to the right side of the room. You’ll see a chicken leg sitting in a bowl, interact with it. You’ll get a QTE with 3 skill-checks. Pass it to nab the meat for those knights! I also grabbed the letter on the ground, next to the throne but, this isn’t required. Back to the yard!

Use the chicken leg from your inventory on the knights to receive your next achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughWannabe knight
Try becoming a knight.

Although you don’t actually get trained, the achievement makes it worth it! Anyway, you’ll notice Tom on the left side of the screen, interact with him. During this conversation select “They refused you” and “What are you looking for?” to get another clue! You can exhaust the other dialogue options but, these are the only ones that are needed.

Tom wants us to find things in need of repair (there are 3), off we go! The first is a crack in the wall to the left of the knights from before, interact with it to get a clue. That’s 1/3!

You’ll notice a staircase to the right of Tom that says “Walk up the wall”, go here next. Inspect the “Battlements” right next to the red-haired knight to get the second clue (2/3). Then, speak to the red-haired knight, who is actually referred to as “Sir Catface” (lol). Do not choose any dialogues, just let the timer run out to get another achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughStaring contest champion
Return the stare

Feel free to exhaust all the dialogue options if you’d like but, achievement-wise we’re done here. Head back to the yard and then retrace your steps back to Ellen, Martha and Alfred. Once you’re there, interact with the well to get the 3rd clue (3/3)!

MAKE A SAVE RIGHT HERE. It will be useful for the Alfred achievements! Once you’ve got the save file on tap, use the chicken leg from your inventory on Alfred to pop the 1st of his achievements.

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughFriends of sorts
Become friends with Alfred.

Now reload the save you just made. The chicken leg should be back in your inventory. Do NOT give it to Alfred this time.

Use the clue (bottom right) about the princess on Martha. When given dialogue choices in the scene that follows, our goal here is to stay silent and reveal nothing for yet another achievement in Chapter 5. So, on the first three choices, let the timer run out to stay silent. On the next two choices you can either let the timer run out or, choose “Say Nothing” to speed things up a bit. Then, on the final choice, let the timer run out again. You can watch the rest of the conversation or click to skip the dialogues. Once it concludes, you’ll receive a new clue!

Cross the yard back to Tom and give him the clue about the repairs. After the dialogue, give him the clue about the assault. There’s a skippable (with clicks) scene at the Earl’s Keep and then, if you followed all the instructions involving Alfred, another achievement should pop when the Chapter 3 Summary shows up.

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughLone wolf
Become enemies with Alfred.

Congrats on finishing Chapter 3! Also, for those wondering, this doesn’t change Alfred’s relationship with Jack for the rest of the game either way. Their rivalry is set in stone.

Book 1 – Chapter 4

The chapter opens with Phillip in the kitchens. During the conversation you’ll be given a non-important choice. I went with “We must become self-sufficient”. Shortly after you’ll be interrupted and Phillip will head out into the courtyard. Once you’re in control, go into the Cloister and when given the chance, interact with “Francis and the Strangers”. You’ll eventually be given another choice, again it doesn’t impact any achievements so take your pick. I went with “Protect the Child”.

Once the conversation ends you’ll be escorted outside. Head to the right until you see the House of the Prior. Enter to start a skippable (click, click) conversation with the Bishop. Yet again, you can choose whatever dialogue choices you’d like, no impact on the achievements. I went with: “Soldiers invaded the priory” and “Talk about courage and change”.

Eventually you’ll be back at Earlscastle watching Jack talk to his mum. You’ll be given a non-impactful dialogue choice here. I went with “What happened to him?”. Jack gets “the talk” and learns about Pricks and Cunnies lol! You then get another choice, pick whatever, I went with “Why did you never tell me about father?” Watch the scenes and boom, done with chapter 4! Good job!(that was quick)

Book 1 – Chapter 5

You’ll watch some scenes take place and then be given a choice pretty quickly. It doesn’t matter what you choose here, I went with “We will give them shelter”. After a short discussion you’ll be on the map of the priory grounds. Here, you must hand out bread to the refugees that you think are most deserving. You can interact with each group to get a short dialogue describing what they went through then use the bread from your inventory on them to feed them. I went with “women and children”, “injured people” and “group of refugees”.

After this you’ll be back at the priory and you’ll be approached by a familiar face. You get a dialogue choice, doesn’t matter what you pick. I went with “we must help the refugees!”.

After that conversation you’ll see Tom bringing the news to the rest of the “family” and eventually you’ll be given a dialogue choice. Pick whatever you’d like, I went with “Do they know you?” and it had me choose again shortly after so I went with “Why won’t they let Tom repair the church?”

Now that you’re back in control of Jack, use your slingshot on Martha to pop that achievement I mentioned back in Chapter 3!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughCare, like a brother cares
Take every opportunity to teach Martha how to use your slingshot.

Feel free to explore wherever and chat with whomever now and once you’re ready for more achievements, head down the “Path around the back”. From here, enter the cloister through the open door in the back and you’ll stumble into an ongoing conversation. Interact with either monk when given the chance and when the dialogue choice comes up, choose “Jack Builder”. Since you kept Jack’s identity secret from Aliena back in Chapter 3, and now the monks, you will be rewarded with an achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughBoy of mystery
Keep quiet about your past.

Once you’re back in control, head into the Cathedral. This will spark another cut-scene. After the lullaby, you’ll be Jack again. Head left, to the altar, and grab the lit candle off the table. Now use the “Staircase Up” to the right, to get to the attic. Head to the far right and the by window, on the ground, you’ll notice a bird’s nest (use spacebar to highlight it if you’re having trouble). Use the candle from your inventory on said nest. Upon doing so, you’ll be prompted with 3 choices. Choose “Don’t do it”. It’ll still happen but, for having a change of heart you’ll get an achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughTwist of fate
Wisen up before you cause great disaster.

After the achievement pops, GET OUTTA THERE! Try both doors in the Cathedral to find out they are locked! Oh God, you just got Jack killed for an achievement, you monster!!! Juuuust kidding, head back up to the attic and back toward the window where there is now a “hole in the wall”, use it and then try to climb down.

After some cut-scenes you’ll be Phillip. Your choices when writing the letter don’t effect any achievements so do as you will. I chose “My dear brother”, “Francis is not responsible”, “Tell Francis about the baby” and finally “End Letter”. Once you’re in control, interact with the “letter” or anything in the room and you’ll be interrupted.

Phillip will talk to Tom and Jack in the aftermath. The first dialogue selection doesn’t impact the achievements, I went with “It was the devil’s work”. When given control, interact with the staff. In the ensuing conversation, it’s best to go along with Tom’s optimism so choose “Dawn”.

Congratulations you’ve conquered Chapter 5! Almost done with Book 1!

Book 1 – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 starts of with a series of cut-scenes (I watched them my first time playing through but, if you’re just here for achievements you can probably hit Esc to skip them). Once you’re in control of Phillip again head left until you see a point of interest called “Far side of the yard”, go there. Once the conversation ends, use the clue about Bartholomew on the jailer and he will let you in. The dialogue choices with Bartholomew don’t effect the achievements so pick whatever you’d like. I went with: “Could you forgive those that wronged you?”, “Why did you go against the king?”, “I was asked to make you confess”, and “Your people found refuge in my priory”. Regardless of what you picked, you’ll get a clue at the end of the conversation.

After exiting the jail, head left and speak to Lord and Lady Hamleigh. Your dialogue choices here don’t effect the achievements so pick whatever. I chose: “How can I help you?”, “Accuse her of the same.” and “Ask for proof”.

The conversation ends with her telling you to take a ride with William. A couple of the choices during the journey are solo and even the ones that force you to make a decision don’t effect the achievements so pick whatever you feel is best. On the multiple choice decisions, I went with: “I told William to get on his horse.” and “Get closer to hear more”.

Eventually the journey will end at the Bishop’s palace. Once you have control of Phillip again, open the gate to the left and then interact with the “shapes in the fog” to get a new clue! Now it’s time to join William in the palace. Upon entry, you’ll notice William has left quite a mess. You’ll have a few un-important dialogue choices, I went with “He did.”, “How are you working for the Bishop?”, “I pity you”, and “You are not a man, you are a beast.”

Once the conversation concludes and you are back in control of Phillip, pick up the knife, plate and cup from the table.

MAKE A SAVE RIGHT HERE. There are two achievements you can get here based on whether you clean up or steal the items. Once you’ve got the save file on tap, place all three items back on the table and receive your first of the 2 possible achievements here.

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughEverything’s in order
Bring Ordnung in Williams Chaos.

After you get the achievement, load the save you just made. This time don’t return any of the items to the table. Instead have William look at the stone relief to his right and then into the fire on his left. William gets spooked and wants to leave but, before you head out you’ll have one more dialogue choice with Timmy boy. Choose “Ask about construction site” and prepare to be scolded for stealing. If it helps, you’ll at least get an achievement for it! 😀 (After the achievement pops, feel free to load the save again if you want to advance as a good boy. I did not. >:D)

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughFriar Tuck
Steal from the bishop at every opportunity.

Once you’re back in Winchester you’ll immediately be in conversation with lady Hamleigh. The first dialogue choice is up to you but, the rest you must choose exactly what I did to earn an achievement:
“A contstruction site”
“Decline and haggle for a better deal”
“You need me”
“Divide the earldom”

With this, Lady Hamleigh will agree to your terms and the achievement is yours!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughNegotioation skills
Negotiate the best deal for Kingsbridge.

Once the conversation concludes and you’re back in control, head to the right and then speak to the bishops standing out in front of the keep stairs. Tell them “Bartholomew Confessed” as planned then, “Leave castle and return tomorrow”.

The next scene, you are brought before King Stephen. He will mention that Philip looks worried. You can impress him by mentioning Robert of Gloucester according to an online forum post but, there was no mention of how to get said option. It was not there for me. Either way, it doesn’t effect any achievements, just a small scene in Book Two. So answer however you wish, I went with: “Worried about cathedral”. The rest of the scene requires no choice making and when it ends, that is also the end of Chapter 6, so congrats!

Book 1 – Chapter 7

The chapter begins with a brief conversation. After said convo your screen will be Tom’s plans for the new Cathedral. Inspect every detail to advance. I started with “Elevation”. After inspecting each detail, Phillip will ask Tom how long he thinks it will take to build. (None of the dialogue choices efffect achievements during this entire conversation so pick whatever you’d like) I went with: “8 to 10 years with 60 masons”.

Next I chose to inspect the foundation drawings. After looking at a couple details, Phillip remarks how it seems small. You’ll be given another choice. I chose: “It might be smaller but not less impressive”.

Soon after Phillip asks if Tom will know the cost of the build. You can choose to be pessimistic or Optimistic. I felt like Optimistic was more in turn with Tom’s character so that was my choice.

Next, Phillip will ask why Tom wants to be appointed Master Builder. Mine was: “It gives meaning to a man’s life.”

Finally, Phillip wants to know what will be displayed in the church. You can choose between hell or the Lord’s mercy. Mercy went a little better with my “gives meaning to life” answer so that’s what I chose.

After the conversation concludes, you’ll be Jack at the construction site. Start by speaking to Ellen aka Yo Momma. She’ll give you some righteous herbs (420blazeit lol jk) to deliver to Paul. Take the “Pathway” at the bottom of the screen to arrive at Paul’s tent then simply use the herbs on him.

Watch the scenes that follow or skip them with Esc if you don’t give af about the story and woo-lah Book 1 is completed! The achievement for completing it should pop during the credits (after the Chapter 7 summary and epilogue)! Nice work!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughEnd of Book One
Complete Book One.

Book 2 – Prologue

Book 2 starts off with a familiar face now under your control, Aliena! Wait a couple seconds, listening to the commotion outside your bedroom door. Then, once you hear a knock, go ahead and interact with it to reveal none other than the superhero himself, BROOM MAN! He’ll ask you not to provoke William and then you’re given a NAR(Non-Achievement Related)-dialogue choice. I went with: “How is my brother?”

Shortly after this choice you’ll be brought before William. Despite Broom Man’s warnings, you can answer him however you choose as all the dialogue choices with him are NAR and the outcome of the scene is the same. In the first choice I went with “You reap what you sow”, “Save your words, he won’t listen”, “As if Maud would ever marry you.”, and “All right”.

The conversation will end shortly after and you’ll regain control of Aliena. Head through the door on the right, to the storeroom. First interact with the “cloth” on the left side of the screen to reveal a loaf of bread. You can also grab the rotten meat that is laying on the shelf, on the right, before you leave. Though, this is optional. It will however allow you to feed both William and Aliena’s dog and I should mention, you get to divvy up the food as you see fit. >:)

As soon as you exit the storeroom, feed whichever item of food you’d like to the dog on your right and then proceed back to William. I fed the bread to my dog and gave the nasty meat to William. Upon seeing it he asks “what’s this?!” and I tried to play innocent with “This is all I found”. Pick whichever you’d like, as the choices are NAR.

Watch or skip the cut-scenes that come after and then, the opening credits for the new Book and boom, you’re done with the prologue. Onward!

Book 2 – Chapter 8

After the cut-scenes you’ll find yourself chained to the stables alongside your brother. Start off by interacting with him until he wakes up (3 times). After he rouses, you’ll be given an NAR dialogue choice, pick whatever you’d like. I went with “What were you thinking?” and then, “That was stupid.” caaause it was lol. In the next selection, the only one you need is “Richard, throw me that horseshoe.” You’ll be able to exhaust all the other dialogue choices afterward if you like but, they are NAR.

Once the conversation ends, interact with the horseshoe to pick it up and then use it (from your inventory) on the hammer hanging on the stable wall by the horse. This will activate a really slow QTE that has 2 skill checks. After passing them, the hammer will be knocked down and land right beside you and Aliena will automatically grab it. Now use the hammer from your inventory, on your chains. This is will spawn yet another really slow, 2 skill-check QTE. Pass it FOR FREEDOM! Aliena will automatically release Richard afterward so don’t worry about that.

If you listened to the dialogue, you know the next objective is to find the hidden weapons. Head up the stairs to the right to get on the battlements. Continue along the wall until you see a red cloth (in between the first and second entryways) and interact with it.

After retrieving the hidden weapons, it will automatically take you back to Richard. Interact with the horse and select: “Remove the saddlebag”. Aliena will comment on the night being too tight and it will give you another set of options. This time choose “Cut the saddlebag loose”. You’ll receive some oats for doing so, feed them to beautiful stallion. Some brief action scenes will now ensue, enjoy!

You’ll end up out on the map with only one choice to start so go ahead and “Ride into the forest.” After some dialogue you’ll again only have one choice so, “Ride to Winchester” it is! On your way to Winchester you’ll encounter a mysterious woman. She will offer you refuge. This choice will effect whether or not Richard survives and thus, it is IMPORTANT you choose “Take risk: Trust her to help Richard” if you care about achievements.

Once you’re at the woman’s hut, you’ll have another NAR-choice , choose whatever you’d like. I went with “Offer a reward for her help” as I think Aliena would be desperate and say anything to help her dying brother. After a sudden turn of events you’ll have yet another NAR-choice before the chapter ends, I went with “Fight”. No more running, it’s time to take a stand! (FOR BROOM MAN!) the outcome is the same either way. After some dialogue and a short nap, you’ll be back on the map with one choice of destination, select “Continue to Winchester” to receive the final dialogue of Chapter 8 and congrats on being 1 step closer to your next 100%!

Book 2 – Chapter 9

When the new chapter begins, follow Richard to the townhouse. Interact with it to get an NAR-choice. I went with “Knock. Once back in control, try seeking shelter in the Cathedral only to find out it’s locked and no one’s answering and then try the ‘House’ to it’s right. You’ll be turned away at first but, when you try to interact with any of the other buildings, the door will re-open and the man will offer refuge but, tells you there is no food. Graciously choose “Accept” and enjoy some shelter from this kind soul!

After waking up there is some dialogue and then you’ll be in the courtyard. Richard is to the right at the base of the stairs, go talk to him. After some conversation with him and a guard Richard talks to you and there’s an NAR-dialogue choice. I went with “How’s your ear?” and “It’s alright, you were just trying to help.”

You now have a new clue about visiting father, let’s go to jail! Head to the left until you see “Go to Jail” and once there speak to the Jailer. Once in control, Interact with the jailer. He will refuse to let you in to see your father until you’ve bribed him and then you’ll be given some NAR-dialogue choices. I chose to just (leave)

After some dialogue you’ll be in the Winchester Market, it’s time to make some money! You’ll notice the woman from the jail standing behind you (Meg), talk to her! There’s an NAR-dialogue choice, I went with “We’re looking for work.”, “Could you lend us some money” and “Thank you for your time”.As you’re leaving Meg will stop you, and agrees to give you a job counting sacks of fleece.

Wait until Richard says he’s done counting and speak to him. He will say there’s 23. Select the dialogue choice “Please count again” as there are actually 22 sacks. Again,just wait until he says “I’m done counting” and then talk. After the recount he still gets 23 (that cut on the ear must really be effecting him lol). Choose “please count again”. After a couple secs you’ll hear him say “This time it’s 22”, atta boy Richard, knew you had it in ya! Talk and select “Let’s tell them” this time.

Meg will ask how many you counted, tell her “twenty-two”. You’ll be rewarded extra coin for not giving in to peer pressure (23) and telling her the correct amount! Hurrah!

Once you’re back in control, Leave the marketplace. You’ll be taken to an overview of Winchester. The castle is on the left side of the town. Go and then left to the jailer. Use the coins on him and he’ll immediately demand more. You can afford to pay it if you’d like or you can use dialogue choices to pay nothing! “I didn’t expect that from you” & “I thought you were a decent person”. I opted to use dialogue.

After some brief conversation you’ll have an NAR-dialogue choice. I wanted to try and lift his spirits and went with “We’re fine, Father.” and “He got away.”

Shortly after the conversation you’ll have control in the cell. Grab the jug sitting just in front of your father and use it on the dripping water, to the right, in the foreground. Use it on your father to give him a sip. Eventually there’s an NAR-choice. I chose “We must get you freed!”.

On the next dialogue choice you MUST choose “I swear” for future achievement’ sake!

I would recommend watching the rest of the conversation unfold (I’m not crying, YOU ARE!) but, you can Esc skip if you’d like.

Once you’re in control, head down to go “back to Keep”. There’s a brief cut-scene and you’ll be on the overview map. Head to the market (just behind the Cathedral if you forgot).

You’ll notice troublesome twits in green that are looking for you, do not wait for their dialogue to stop immediately go back to the right and out the direction you came from to get an achievement! (BTW: If you’re wondering what happens if you don’t back out, you get a game over.)

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughA brush with death
Escape the knights.

FINALLY a Book 2 Achievement!

Back on the overview map, do you see that woman down the road to your left known as “Women near West Gate”? Interact with her. You’ll be given a clue about your money monk. Next, head north to the inn with the boar symbol above it.

NOTE: During these next few steps there are knights patrolling, try to avoid them. If they come after you, run away to avoid a game over!

The inn owner is useless. But, he points us in the direction of an informed Stable Boy. He’s almost directly south of you (boy in green cap). Manually choose your route here to avoid the knights and talk to him.

He will tell you the monk is at a church (who would’ve thought?) near the east gate (NOT THE CATHEDRAL.

During the conversation with Ralph you’ll be given some NAR-dialogue choices. I chose: “Our father gave you money.”, (Let Richard handle it), “You’re an Earl, act like it”, “We need proof that he is lying”, “We need to expose him” and then, (have a look around).

Once in control use the dagger in your inventory on the barrel. Interact with it again to search and find a money pouch. Use the pouch on Ralph. He doesn’t give in but, you’ll realize he won’t call for help. It’ll give you a dialogue choice, just choose (leave) and then use your dagger on Ralph and (put the dagger to his throat) in the next set of choices to get your money back!

After the monk interactions you’ll be back on the map. All choices on the way to Huntleigh are NAR so choose whatever. I kept choosing to head toward Huntleigh.

Once in Huntleigh, you’ll enter an abandoned house. Examine the gaping hole in the wall a couple times for different dialogues and eventually Aliena will talk to Richard. Feel free to look around (you don’t have to) and when you’re done, leave through the hole. On the right side of the screen use the “go for walk” option.

Speak to the Shepherd. The dialogue is NAR at first. My choices were: (Ask about owners),”What are you doing?”, “Let us carry your wool to Winchester” and (Offer to buy his wool here and now). The conversation will end, use the ‘Father’s Money’ in your inventory on the Shepherd. During this next conversation, pulling off a profit will yield an eventual achievement so pay attention!

Here’s what you need to do: (Check the quality first) Now inspect the sack to his right. Talk again and choose (Offer one pound) & (Insist on paying only one pound).

Good now you’re all set to make a profit for the achievement. Head back into the abandoned house and cheer up Richard! “We will get through this” & “We could become wool merchants”. Soon you’ll be interrupted! Stab the uninvited guest to save Richard and an achievement will pop after the dialogue!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughTwo of us
Stay together.

Time to make that profit! Start by inspecting thy wool cart to get a wool sample then, speak to the wool merchant. There’s an NAR-dialogue choice, I picked “We came to sell not compete”.

These next choices are required for the achievement. Select: “But this is what I originally paid!” & (let Richard talk). When the dialogue ends, inspect the wool cart repeatedly until Aliena and Richard can’t remember any more info. Now return to the merchant and select: (Praise wool), (Dry), (Clean), (Strong) & (Humble: 1 1/4 Pounds). If he re-negotiates with 1 Pound, select the next highest (Reasonable: 1 1/2 Pounds) and he’ll counter-offer with your initial offer! Choose (Agree) and the achievement will be yours when the transaction concludes!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughFirst profit
Make a profit.

Watch the cut-scenes that follow or Esc/click skip and woo-lah! Chapter 9 is complete!

Book 2 – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 starts off with scenes, during which you’ll encounter 2 back-to-back QTEs as Jack. I’m not sure what happens if you fail, as I succeeded both on the first try (sounds way more bragadocious than I intended lol) but, I don’t think it effects any achievements. After the two skill checks you’re given 2 options, I chose (look at Aliena) to avoid more CTEs. There’s a bit more conversation and you’ll receive control of Jack.

Note: I will be guiding you down the quickest path to progress the story and unlock achievements so a lot of dialogue will be missed. If you only care about achievements continue my guide. If you’re enjoying the story, I’d recommend taking time to explore the area and talk with everyone before continuing! Cheers!

Start by using your slingshot to shoot down the wasp’s nest. There’s a QTE and fair warning it’s quite fast. However, you can repeat it as many times as necessary so just repeat until you hit it. (There are 3 around the priory and knocking them all down grants an achievement, all of them have a QTE)

Head down and leave to the market. You’ll have some dialogue choices with Martha. Asking about Aliena is the only one you need, the rest are optional. You can then (End conversation). She will give you a message from Ellen which you should Inspect.

Go chat with Tom at the bottom of the screen and you’ll have an NAR-dialogue option. I chose (Tell him you’ll do it later) & “I’m doing my best, okay?”. When the conversation concludes, head down to the ‘Pathway’.

You are now on the overview map. Go to Fullers on the left side of the village (3 women icon). There’s a brief conversation and then you’re given a clue (this is for a later achievement). After, it will kick you back out to the overview map.

Head To the Mill on the right side of the screen to go see Aliena. You’ll be given a choice to have Jack and Aliena ‘look up’. Get the lovers to maintain eye contact to progress.

For the duration of this conversation you’ll be given choices to speak as Aliena or Jack. The choices are all NAR. I chose Jack’s confession. (Aliena isn’t the one that ends up wet in this scene 😉 or is she?) After some cootie sharing, I chose to exhaust all of Jack’s dialogue first (Ask about her brother) and “Your father meant well.” Then, chose Aliena’s “Were you still reading the bible?” This one gives us a new clue! Next I chose (Talk about your problems) and then Aliena’s “It’s like trading wool.” which will lead to the end of the convo and a series of cut-scenes.

Back in control, head down to the Market for an argument with Tom. Yay! When it’s done, you’ll be kicked out to the overview map. Head on over to the mill again and use your slingshot on the wasp nest (2/3). Now go inside the mill and interact with “Jonathan playing with ants” to take some (they’ll come in handy later). Leave the mill, back out to the overview map, and head down to the “road to the bridge”.

Go left past Paul’s tollbooth and down the “Path to Jack’s quarry”. Interact with Ellen for a brief conversation then, use the clue about Fullers hands on her to get Stinging nettle.

Now head all the way back to the Monastery. Once you’re on the market screen again, check the doors on the right for the Kitchen and enter it. When the talking subsides, use the nettle on the mortar at your feet. There’s a QTE with 4 skill-checks. Once you’ve succeeded, you obtain balm!

After more talking you’ll be back in the market. Head through the next door over and enter the cloister.

It’s time defend Aliena’s honor and get back at Alfred! (3 acts of revenge is an achievement!). Use your slingshot on him! (1/3) Use the ants on him. (2/3) Lastly, interact with Jonathan’s Chalk drawing to “write something that annoys Alfred”. (3/3) Alfred will then take back what he said you get the achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughRevenge
Take revenge.

Note: If you reloaded your save and chose to be friendly to Alfred, this will be slightly altered. Instead head to the Cathedral where Alfred is working. Use the Ants and Slingshot on him and interact with the “unfinished portion” of floor to write the message.

You may now exit through the archway on the right to enter the cemetery. Use your slingshot on the wasp next that’s hanging from the wall at the bottom of this scene. (3/3) This will pop another achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughExterminator
Take car of Kingsbridge’s insect problem.

Talk to the arguing workers now. Select (think of other people) a couple times until you see the “Sub-Prior” option and choose this to move on. The guide I used online recommended expending all the other names first, apparently the conversation is quite humorous but, I did not. If you wish to do so, just make sure you choose Sub-Prior last.

Once Remigius is outside, head into the Prior House. Use the clue about Amores (the book) on the Young Monks to get another clue! When the conversation finishes, head all the way back out to the overview map.

Use the balm on the fullers to get an achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughWorker’s union
Help the fullers..

Head to Aliena’s house next (just north of the Fullers). There’s a short scene then you get a dialogue choice (NAR), I said “I missed you.” The talking goes on for a bit, lil Jonathan says “bastard” *giggle* and now to deliver her news to Phillip. Head to the market.

The discussion with him is very brief. He tells you Tom is looking for you, time to go to the Cathedral. Interact with the Cathedral entrance then select (Return to work now).

Tom complains about all the achievements you got and then there’s an assassination attempt! Catching the attacker is the last achievement of this Chapter so be sure to select these choices:
“I saw a monk in black in the market”
“He almost stepped on a few chickens”

You’ll get control of Jack, follow the monk the Paul’s tollbooth.

NOTE: Before heading to Jack’s Quarry, make a save here in case you fail the QTE. (If you fail, you will be able to continue the story but, you won’t get the achievement, so you MUST succeed).

Now proceed after him and succeed the skill-check to get your achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughWhodunnit
Catch the suspect

There are a couple scenes that follow the monk’s capture and eventually you’ll be on the map as Phillip. The choices on the journey do not effect any Achievements so proceed however you’d like. I chose to avoid each of the distractions and head straight for Shiring. Once you arrive in Shiring, the Chapter ends.

Book 2 – Chapter 11

The chapter begins with some conversation between Aliena and Phillip. Once you’re in control, head left a wee bit and talk to Meg. There’s an achievement at stake here so choose the following dialogue options:

(Be Diplotmatic) & (Address Problem)
Now leave the market and you’ll be on the overview map. Use the piece of wool in your inventory on the Flemish Monks (icon with 3 men to your left).
Head back to the market and talk with Meg again.
Select (Host public auction) & (Diplomatic: Offer compromise)

Meg will end up complimenting your skill and an achievement will follow!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughSkilled merchant
Negotiate well.

Head to the right where Phillip is and use the coins on him. It’s up to you how you divide the funds, to me a 50/50 split makes the most sense (Give him AS MUCH money as Richard) but, no achievements are attached to the decision so do as you wish!

Go back to the overview map and then, to the Tavern District on the right side of town just beneath the ‘Girl Carrying Meat’.

Once inside, go to the right a wee bit and talk to Richard. Not far into the conversation there’s an NAR dialogue choice. I went with: “You should be more responsible with our money.”,
After a bit more talking, a conflict arises between Richard and Alonso. There’s an achievement for resolving it sooooo, that’s the next goal!

Head back out of the Tavern to the overview map. Use the quarrel clue that you just got on the ‘girl carrying meat’ slightly north and said clue will be updated.

Now use the updated clue on the monks to the left to get a board game called Fierges.

Go back to the Tavern now and use Fierges from your inventory, on Richard. Simply agree with ALL of Richard’s decisions during the match and your brother will be victorious! And so will you, with a new achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughTeam player
Give moral support to the knights.

Now that the matter is settled, use the coins from you inventory on Richard to give him his share of the money.

Leave the tavern and use the board game on the monks to return it to them. Now go back to the market place, talk to Phillip, and select “Yes”.

Watch the scenes unfold (Oh f**k…) and during the scene you’ll have an NAR-dialogue decision. I went with ‘Philip: (Demand access to stone and timber!).

The end of this scene means the end of the Chapter, great job!

Book 2 – Chapter 12

NOTE: There aren’t any missable achievements for the remainder of Book Two, just the one for finishing it. So feel free to skip the rest of my guide for Book 2 and make your own choices. However if you’d still like to follow along for the sake of getting through as quickly/efficiently as possible feel free! If you’re doing your own thing, I’ll see you in Book 3. 🙂

NOTE 2: I should add there is a possible glitch toward the end of Chapter 13, so I would advise at least checking out that portion of the guide to avoid such treacheries!

This Chapter starts us off on the map. As mentioned in the notes, none of the decisions in this chapter effect Achievements so journey forth as you desire. If you wish to follow along with me here are my decisions.

‘Follow the knights’
‘Go to sleep’ – I’ll admit, I originally chose to walk through the camp cause I figured Phillip would be restless after that last interaction in Chapter 11. However, it still makes you go to sleep even after taking the other path so might as well save some time and just go to sleep.
‘God has forsaken us’
‘Ride to Lincoln’

After this there is a cut-scene (revealing who the black monk was) and then we are in Lincoln as Phillip. Talk to Richard to enter the cathedral then, walk past and interact with King Stephen. When present with a choice, select (Approach the king). After a discussion with the King you find out about a problem with some pesky archers and are asked to find a solution.

For starters, leave the cathedral. One outside, use the ‘Stephen wants you to take a look without getting shot’ clue on the sole Knight standing guard. This conversation will give you a new clue.

Return to the cathedral and use the new clue on the King to suggest he use a peasant disguise. (This discussion will have a much friendlier tone if you were able to impress the king in your first meeting with him. I unfortunately was not able to do so. It doesn’t hurt any achievement gains though so, oh well.) My decisions the rest of the conversation are as follows:

(Do as you are told) -stripping for the King baby, things are lookin’ up-
(Talk about market licence)
“The income was only used to support the cathedral”
“But Aliena and Richard are no traitors.”

After the 4th choice you will be interrupted by an attack! You’ll then be asked to pray and you have 3 choices. I chose (Pray for peace). After a somewhat disturbing scene you’ll be back in the cathedral with the ‘Beast’. Interact with it to progress.Phillip comes to a depressing realization and then… You’re back in Kingsbridge.

In the decisions for reciting Amores I went with:

Jack: (Recite Ovid’s ‘Amores’)
Aliena: (Continue)
Jack: (Continue)
Aliena: (Continue)

-Pause- I just have to throw in WTF, Alfred is such a creep lol. -Resume-

You’ll be in control of caged Phillip after the scenes. Talk to King Stephen. He gives you some inspiration!! You go from being a sitting caged monk, to a STANDING ONE! HOORAH! lol

Now you’re just stuck waiting for Francis to arrive so feel free to interact with the various POIs until he’s there. Once Francis arrives he takes over Broom Man’s role as superhero and saves the f**king day! Not only does this mf’er get you out of the cell, he gets Empress Maud to grant Kingsbridge a market license! MVP?

You’ll have one dialogue choice during this conversation. I chose “You and Stephen will bring England to its knees” but, Phillip just said “No, nothing” anyway. Weird. Anywayyy, feel free to inspect your new market license once the scene is concluded annnnnd that’s it for Chapter 12! There were no achievements but, that was honestly the most exciting Chapter yet in my opinion.

Book 2 – Chapter 13

After the opening scene you’ll be in control of… Tom? Nice, it’s been awhile! Start by speaking to Phillip. He’ll ask if you’ve had time to consider his proposition, which is apparently making Jack into a novice monk. I told him “I am not sure.” cause there’s no way in hell (no pun intended lol) I’m gonna force monkhood on Jackie boy.

Once you’ve concluded with Phillip and received the Jack clue, head out of the scriptorium. Tom will automatically walk to the market. Once you have control again, talk to Martha and Aliena and update your clue! Now head left after the boys.

There’s a scene with Tom once again scolding Jack. Phillip is there to put a stop to it with some quick suggestions and then has a little heart-to-heart with Jack. After their talk, you’ll be back in control of Tom in the market. Enter the cathedral to chase after the pest that is Jonathan.

You enter just in time to see the lil turd fall and hurt himself. Interact with him to console him and you’ll be interrupted by Ramsey Bolt- i mean… William Hamleigh lol. You dialogue choice with him will determine if Tom lives or dies so choose wisely.

“Yes, he did.” will ensure he lives.
“I am not dead.” will cause William to kill Tom.

I chose to keep Tom alive mainly because, F**K William. 🙂 There are no achievements effected by this though so if you want Tom gone, by all means…

After some scenes and talking you’ll gain control of Phillip in the cloister.

NOTE: I’d recommend saving immediately because this is apparently the part that can glitch.

Now talk to Jack. You’ll watch a brief scene of William being… well, William and when it concludes you’ll get a Jonathan clue. Interact with the gate to your left ‘Path to the mill’ and Phillip will comment on it being locked. Jack doens’t give a flying f**k though and busts it open. Follow him!

After a short and sad scene, talk to Ellen. She will give you an herb to calm down the grieving Mary. Alternatively, you can toss the herb into the river and use your bible on Mary. However, with Phillip having ‘lost his faith’ I opted to stay in character and use the herb. Shortly after, you will have to pass a QTE to avoid game over.

!!!GLITCH NOTE!!!: If you die here, DO NOT select “try again” or continue from the autosave. Doing either will trigger a bug that prevents us from calming Mary and will softlock the game (meaning you’d have to start the book over completely). Instead, reload from the save we made at the cloister. Skip all the dialogue with clicks and try again with the QTE until you succeed.

Upon success with the QTE you’ll watch a couple cut-scenes and regain control of Phillip in the cathedral. Interact with Tom & Jonathan to check on them.

You’ll now be in the crypt and are expected to speak to the people. You’ll exhaust all the talking points so if you need an order to do them in, this was mine:

(Inspire Confidence)
(Commemorate the dead and Injured)
(Talk about the Saint)
(Talk about the attack)
(Try Again to Inspire Confidence) -this will appear after the other 4 have been used-
(Finally Inspire Confidence) -this will appear after the latter has been used-

Watch or skip the remaining scenes and Chapter 13 will be complete!

Book 2 – Chapter 14

When Chapter 14 begins you’ll be playing as Aliena. Start by interacting with the door. Aliena will have a mini flashback and you’ll be given a dialogue choice. I chose “Maybe we should have told everyone”. Once the flashback completes, knock on the door over and over until Jack lets you in.

Once inside, Jack will show you his invention and then you’ll be given a dialogue choice. I said “It is a brilliant invention.” Shortly after you’ll be given another choice as to why you are sad. I selected “William Hamleigh” (F**k that guy). Now it’s time for some sadness… You can rip the bandaid off or put it off as long as possible like, I did </3. My choices were:

“I love you. I do.”
“I wish things were different.”
“We cant meet again. Not like this.”
“I will get married. To support Richard.”
(Tell him how you truly feel)
(Give him hope)

At the time I’m writing this, I haven’t played Book 3 at all at yet and, I swear if these two don’t end up together I’m rating this game a thumbs down lol. :c

Anyway, now that that’s over we’re back to Phillip. He’s writing a letter and you make some of the choices for what’s written. Mine were:

“I do not.”
(Express doubt that God exists)
“What Abbott Peter taught us was wrong”

Phillip’s writing will be interrupted by a commotion outside (POOR JACK </3)

Speaking of, you are now Jack locked in a cell. Try to use your slingshot on any of the POIs in the cell and Jack will proclaim it’s useless. After a few seconds your mother shows up with a tip! Now pick up the bowl and use it with the ‘small stone slab’ located on the ground. Then, interact with the ‘Another stone slab’ to escape!

Watch or skip the ensuing cut-scenes and you’ll end up back as Aliena. Feel free to check out all the POIs then, when you’re ready to progress Interact with ‘outside’ to shut the door and go to bed. Once morning rolls around, there will be a knock at the door. Phillip starts a conversation. My choices were: (Show your feelings) & “We have all failed him”

Once the conversation with Phillip concludes, you’ll now be talking with Alfred. My choice was: “3 days.”

He’ll give some ignorant retort and Aliena changes the subject. Now, it’s time to do some cookin! I
interacted with the ‘cooking pot’ and Alfred asked what Aliena is making. She answers him but, you don’t actually get to cook the entire meal, Interact with the cabinet labeled ‘Spices’ to get some spices and cause a 2-day time skip.

After the time skip Alfred will start up another conversation. My choices were: “5 days.” & “I’m sorry, I need time.” He’ll then put the matter to rest and you’ll have to cook. Add the spices from your inventory to the cooking pot. Then, head a wee bit to the right and you’ll see the bowl of eggs. Interact with it to pick them up and cause another time skip, this time for 12 days.

Alfred starts another conversation. My choices were: “could you afford it?”& “Seventeen days.” You’ll then be cooking again. Add the eggs you picked up before the time skip to the cooking pot and you’ll be advanced to the next day.

Phillip and Tom are now here. Talk to Phillip. During the conversation I chose: “I agree. It’s a bad idea.” & “Could you build faster?” After the conversation, Phillip comments on your soup. Interact with it to activate another time skip.

This time, Martha will be sitting at your table, talk to her. My choices for the conversation were: “He wants to be better than Jack”, (Change the subject), “I am taking my time.” & “It will sport a BEAR.” When the conversation concludes, you’ll fast forward another month.

After the skip, you’ll be sowing. There are 3 QTEs with 2 skill checks each, one after the other. They’re fairly easy so you should have no trouble. Then, there’s choices to be made for a conversation with a not-so-mysterious guest. I picked: “I am pregnant.”, “marrying Alfred was a mistake.”, “Alfred is trying his best”, “All I do is bicker.”, “I don’t know what to do anymore.”, “Do you scorn me for what I did?” & “I will get Jack back.” The conversation will come to a close and you’ll skip forward another month.

After the skip you’ll be presenting the coat of arms to Richard. During the conversation my choices were: “It has strong family bonds.”, “How is your standing with the king?” & “This is great news!”

No time skips after this conversation, time for some good ole fashioned FREEDOM! Interact with the door to go outside. You’ll automatically be taken to Martha’s side. Just keep interacting with her until the scene ends. (YIKES)

Once you’re back in control of Aliena and her new child, simply Head outside to activate another cut-scene and the end of Chapter 14/Book 2! You know what that means?! Achievement baby! It’s been SO LONG!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughEnd of Book Two
Complete Book Two.

Book 3 – Chapter 15

Book 3 begins with Aliena on a ship. There’s some dialogue between a couple of shipmates and they bring you into the conversation. (NAR)My choices were: “I’m looking for someone.” & “Excited?”. After this brief conversation, the opening theme plays (for some reason it wouldn’t let me skip this time).

After the theme stops Aliena gives a short summary and then you’re in control. Head to the right until you see a stagecoach and then talk to the ‘Coachwoman’. When you get to the dialogue choice, ask her about a red-haired mason to get a new clue. Just (leave) for now but, don’t forget where she is.

There’s a man sitting on the beach to your left named ‘Not Jack’, use the new clue on him. When given a dialogue choice(NAR), I went with “He looks a bit like you actually.” He doesn’t have an exact location but, he gives you a starting point at least.

Go back to the Coachwoman now and tell her you’re ready to leave Cherbourg. You’re free to choose your own way on the journey as all roads eventually lead to the destination. The fastest route however is: Barfleur, Harfleur, Le Mont-Saint-Michel, and finally, Tours.

When you reach Tours, you’ll immediately see an ‘Important-looking man’. He’s the target, talk to him. He’ll play dumb at first but, you can kinda hear the sketchy tone as he denies seeing Jack. Let’s grill him some more. For dialogue choices(NAR) I went with: “I was told he came here.”, “You hesitated when I mentioned a redhead.” & “I don’t believe you”. You’ll get the info you need and be on your way.

Choose any of the 3 destinations, it doesn’t matter, you’ll soon see why. I chose ‘Angouleme’ cause it’s the hardest to pronounce for me lol.

Aliena and the baby are growing sick, don’t risk it. Just go back to Tours and rest. (See why it didn’t matter now?) She begins suffering a feverish dream and you get to make a choice of travel. Again, it doesn’t matter, I went to Greece. Once Aliena’s monologue stops, head to… Kingsbridge?

You’ll wake up after some scenes. Choose what to do with the baby, I fed him.

Once you finally have control again, pray at the ‘statue of mother mary’ and then inspect the ‘corbel’ One of the worker’s will interrupt your inspections and compliment the crafter of the corbel. You’ll some dialogue choices here(NAR), I picked: the one agreeing with worker, “I thought it was only three days.” & “Your master said he had no discipline.” You’ll get some great info from the worker and Aliena will leave the scene on her own.

You’re now be in control of Jack! First, interact with the small container to retrieve an empty bowl. Use the bowl from your inventory, with the bowl of water to fill it. Then, use the filled water bowl in your inventory with the mount for water bowl. Now, pick up the candle and use it with the small container. Finally, answer their question however you wish(NAR). I chose: (Explain it) mainly cause I wanted to know myself lol.

Once you have control again, interact with the small container again and fill the bowl the same way you did before. Use the filled bowl on the donkey device this time. You’ll have a couple dialogue choices(NAR) following the donkey device presentation. I went with (Explain it) and “That would be pretty clever.”

Time for the last presentation! This time pick up the statuette of a lady and place it on the small table to it’s left. Once more, there will be dialogue after showing them the device(NAR). I picked “We don’t know.” & (Ask her to go on).

The conversation ends, there is a short scene and then you’ll be back in control of Aliena at some sort of campsite now. The baby starts going nuts and you’re given some choices, select (Go for a walk). Head left down to the riverside and speak to the Blind Woman. She apparently lost her ring, let’s help her out. Use spacebar to highlight all POIs and go on a scavenger hunt! Alternatively, you can wait for about 30 seconds and the ring will begin to sparkle in a small patch of grass! Grab it and return it to her.

Now you’re back at the campire. Progress the conversation as you see fit(NAR). My choices were: “Tell me about your ring”, “Why did you leave?”, “Maybe you weren’t really happy”, “Why didn’t you go back?” & “Actually, we have much in common”.

After the conversation you’ll be on the map. The journey is linear so, no choices. Just keep clicking the destinations and enjoy the story. When given the option to (Stay with her) do it, the game will force you to do so anyway if you weren’t going to already. After some more sadness, you’ll be able to advance to the final destination!

Once in Santiago there’s a language barrier, so we’ll have to get creative. Use the baby in your inventory on the innkeeper. You’ll be given some choices that actually ARE related to an achievement (yay!). Select: “Have you seen his father?”, (Point at something) and then, choose to point at the cathedral in the background. Afterwards, use the book from your inventory on her and respond with “He went to Toledo?”

You’ll be back on the map again and there’s only one choice, let’s head to Toledo! After your arrival there’s a brief conversation with a servant? and then you’re in control. Head all the way to the right (past the lizard) and ‘Take a peek inside’ the workshop. When prompted select (Go Inside) and pick up Jack’s slingshot from the table for an achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughJack was here!
Find Jack’s tracks.

Now go back outside and speak to the young woman. You’ll have some dialogue choices(NAR), I went with “I was asked to wait here.” & “Please let me talk to him.” The conversation continues with her inside the workshop and there are some more dialogue choices(NAR). Mine were: “I am here because I love him.”, “Where is he now?”, “It was a mistake.” & “Thank you and all the best”. By the end of the conversation you will know where he is!

You’ll be taken to the map but, this time the journey is automatic. After some bits about her travels you’ll have a choice(NAR): I picked (I would pull him very very close).

When you are eventually back in control, walk all the way to the right and interact with the colorful light from the windows for the reunion I’ve been waiting for!!! <3

After a few scenes it’s time to head home. You’ll now be in control of Jack and Aliena. Start by using the chest at your feet. Use the doll from your inventory with the shady spot on the beach. Now use the weepy Madonna on the angry mob. Shortly after you have some dialogue choices(NAR): I went with “Look at her!”, “Because of your actions” & (come up with a story). Whatever you choose, watch the ensuing scenes and meet a new family member you didn’t know you had! Then, the scene ends along with Chapter 15.

Nice work, we’re in the home stretch now!

Book 3 – Chapter 16

You start Chapter 16 back in Kingsbridge as Phillip. There’s some talking between Jonathan and he’ll ask for gardening advice. Give him these suggestions in this order: (pluck weeds), (loosen soil), (plant seed), and (water the seed). I find it really cool the beech nuts from Book 1 have come full circle! Idk why it excited me so much, it’s the little things <3.

After Jonathan’s gardening tutorial you’ll be in the cathedral giving a sermon. There are dialogue choices(NAR) here, I went with: (Claim that God doesn’t watch them) to continue with Phillip’s loss of faith and (Claim that man is the devil) to go along with his vision. Jonathan barges in eventually and you can choose(NAR) to Listen or Shush him. I listened, pretty sure he’ll talk over you even if you shush him anyway. Soon after, you and the congregation leave the cathedral to check out the travelling priest.

The travelling priest and his awfully familiar looking jongleurs claim to bear a miracle, which is also quite familiar looking. There is an Achievement for proving the miracle is a fake so question him at every turn and follow the directions below:

“Ask him where he is from” (I don’t think this is the exact text but, it went away too quickly! lol)
“What’s it like in Africa”
“What’s a fig?”

You’ll now be given freedom to move around. Back out one scene to ‘Explore Surroundings’ and then speak to the juggler on the left, by Martha. He will have a really cool accent but, doesn’t speak much English. 😉

Next, interact with the Horse- I mean… Camel… lol. Phillip feels those humps real good.

Go talk to the Foreign monks on the right side of the screen after that.

Finally, ‘examine the back of the cart’ and interact with the curtains to pop the achievement!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughNothing but make-believe
Find all telling clues.

Talk to the little boy now if you haven’t already and then back out from the cart to witness the miracle. During the travelling priest’s speech, there will be a distraction and you’ll see the Jongleur that suspiciously looks like Jack leave. Select (Follow masked man). The rest of the conversation is all NAR so choose whatever you’d like. I went with: “What is all this?” & (Doubt that the money suffices).

Watch the “miracle” take place and eventually Phillip will be talking to Remigius. You’ll have a dialogue choice(NAR) to make. I went with (Condone Miracle) cause f**k Remigius.

There are a few back-to-back scenes after this which lead to the end of Chapter 16! Another one down!

Book 3 – Chapter 17

There a large time skip to start the Chapter and eventually you’ll find yourself in control of Jack. Start by picking the tools at your feet. After a short conversation, use the tools on the ‘vaulting’ to your left. There are two QTEs and some more dialogue before you’re given a selection of choices. Select: (The crypt).

Once you’re back in control of Jack again you’ll be in the cloister. Head into the cathedral (Phillip will stop you for a moment on your way) and then into the crypt. Next, use your tools on the crack in the wall. There are two more QTEs to pass and then some scenes.

When you’re back in control of Jack, you’re in the hidden room. Use spacebar to highlight all the POIs and inspect everything you can before Jonathan returns with a torch.

A cut-scene with a new revelation follows and eventually you’re given an option. (Whether or not you confess, Phillip figures it out. But, you are free to choose either.) I picked (confess to burning down the cathedral).

When you retake the reigns, you’ll be in control of Aliena. Head right and you’ll encounter 3 QTEs as you traverse the storm. Pass them to reach a hut and then pass the hut. To the right of said hut is a screaming woman on the ground, interact with her to progress. The two of you will automatically enter the hut and there will brief dialogue.

You must tend to all of Elizabeth’s needs before making her talk to get an achievement. To do this:

Grab the blanket hanging by the door.
Pick up the bowl from the small table and use it with the pot near the fire.
Use the bowl of soup in your inventory on Elizabeth.
When the choices pop up select: (Find something warm)
Use the blanket on Elizabeth.

She will thank you for your kindness and reveal her true identity and the achievement will pop shortly after.

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughA cry for help
Take care of a kindred soul.

During the conversation you’ll be given some dialogue choices(NAR), I chose “Is your husband the earl of Shiring?”, “Why did you marry him?” and (Be Diplomatic).

When Walter shows up, you’ll be given a selection of options on how to help Elizabeth. Just make sure you choose (Give her the dagger) and you’ll get another Achievement. A 2-for-1 special, nice!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughSelf-defense
Prepare Elizabeth for the worst.

Walter bursts through the door shortly after and tells you he’s taking Elizabeth. Your choice(NAR) doesn’t effect the outcome so choose whatever goes with your Aliena. I went with “”The girl stays with me.”

That’s the end of Chapter 17, we’re cruising now! The chapters in Book 3 seem much shorter than the other Books so far.

Book 3 – Chapter 18

At the start of Chapter 18 you will be Phillp and you’re writing a letter to Francis. You have a few decisions(NAR) to make about the letter’s content. You’ll eventually use all them so just select them in any order you’d like. I went: (write about discovery in crypt), (Write about book), (write about Kingsbridge) and finally (End letter).

Once the letter is done you’ll get control of Phillp. Go outside and then use the path around the cathedral to get to the front. Interact with the cathedral and Phillip will gasp and declare he heard something in the kitchen so head there (hold spacebar if you’re having trouble finding it). You can also knock on the cathedral front door if you want to find Jack but, he will show up at the kitchen so it’s a skippable step.

In the kitchen, once you gain control of Phillip, interact with the thieves. This will prompt one to pull a knife on Philip. Pass both QTEs to knock out the attacker with Jack’s slingshot. Failure will result in Philip’s death and a game over. Select try again if this happens. On a success, there’s a cutscene revealing the thief’s identity. (Because we reported Brother Marcus’ theft to Remigius in Book One, the same man will be our attacker.) I really like the full circle stuff that the game is pulling in these later chapters! Also, an achievement will coincide with our discovery!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughBrother Marcus
Meet the consequences of your past.

Note: If there was only one thief and you did not get the achievement, that means you’re playing from a save that didn’t get the “Tattletale” achievement in Book One. Sadly, your only option in this case is to replay the entire game up to this point and make sure you get it.

In the next scene, the good guys are all together planning on how to best to deal with the Hamleighs. The choices are all NAR until Aliena is presented with a choice of negotiating with Regan or talking to the outlaws. You must choose the following the (Aliena: I will talk to the outlaws.) option to unlock an achievement at the end of the chapter. Otherwise, choose freely! Here are my choices: (Jack: Calm them down), (Tom: Appeal to the new king), (Richard: turn outlaws against William) & (Aliena: I will talk to the outlaws).

You’ll now be taken out to the map. Make sure to visit every point besides Shiring to get info on ‘The Butcher’. Once you receive said info, go to the Quarry to meet him. When you get to the quarry you’ll get a choice, I picked (approach carefully) but, I don’t think it matters. You’ll find out the Butcher is currently away in Monksfield and be taken out to the map. You know what to do! (head to Monksfield)

This place might look familiar. 😉 To gain their support (and an Achievement), we must convince the outlaws with our words. Interact with said outlaws and select the following dialogue choices:

(Ask about The Butcher)
(Lead them)
(Stress that you were poor once, too)
(Mention how your father was a just earl)
(Mention Philip’s support)

Their leader will declare support for your assault, and an achievement will seal the alliance as well as the end of Chapter 18!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughVox Populi
Gather an army.

Only 3 chapters and 4 achievements to go!

Book 3 – Chapter 19

When the chapter starts you will be Aliena standing in line. Wait until Sheriff Eustace orders you to cross the yard. You can speak with the other women in line to pass the time if you wish.

Once in the yard, interact with the pair of Knights in green and select: (Approach the knights). Speak to them to receive a clue about your father. Stay and talk as long as you like and when you’re ready to progress leave. Then walk left to reach the keep.

Speak with Elizabeth. When discussing matters in the storeroom, there will be some dialogue choices but, only one of them matters. Eventually she will ask Aliena to ensure Lady Regan’s safety. This choice will affect your final confrontation with William and Regan Hamleigh (but, not any of the achievements). Here are the choices and their outcomes:

(I will, if you promise to leave right now): Aliena will confront the Hamleighs on her own.
(I can try, but I can’t promise): Elizabeth will assist Aliena when challenging the Hamleighs.

My choices for this discussion were: (to talk to Regan Hamleigh), (Yes, people will die) & (I can try but, I can’t promise).

Afterwards, head left and walk up the wall. Speak to Walter. We need to convince him of our good intentions, otherwise we’ll receive a game over and have to load from the autosave.

There is more than one correct combination of dialogue choices, but the following options will work if you’re unsure: (Elizabeth told me you would help), (I would be a better ruler than my father), (Take me to Lady Hamleigh) & (Let me end William Hamleigh’s reign)

In the discussion with Lady Hamleigh you can choose whatever dialogue you wish. None of the choices effect the outcome of the scene nor the achievements.

If you’d like to follow my choices, I went with: (Explain yourself), (Appeal to her conscience) & (I promised Elizabeth I would save you).

At this point William barges in. If you chose to go alone, prepare for a QTE. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy a very satisfying scene! Also, an achievement pops once the banner is raised!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughThe oath
Fulfill your vow.

Shortly after the achievement, you’ll address the men. One of the dialogue choices during this scene will grant you another achievement, the rest can be chosen freely.

My choices were: (I killed him.) & (You will help the people of Shiring recuperate.)

Next will be the dialogue choice that grants an achievement. After Richard speaks you MUST select: (Thank you, brother.)

Richard will then make an announcement to everyone and the achievement will pop!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughCountess Aliena
Become countess.

The soldiers give you a very unsettling message and then the scene ends along with Chapter 19!

Book 3 – Chapter 20

The Chapter starts with a few quick scenes and eventually you’ll be at Phillip’s trial. Choose whichever dialogue options during the lengthy trial cutscene, none of them effect the final 2 achievements.

My Trial choices were: (I am not guilty), (Aliena: Accuse Bishop Waleran himself), (Jonathan: “Philip has always been like a father to me.), (Jonathan: Philip would never lie.), (Philip: He was abandoned in the woods.), (Aliena: Forgive Philip), (Jack: My name is Jack Jackson) & (Jack: Show Chalice).

When the case is sent into Recess, the team will gather in another room to figure out a witness who can help. This is a puzzle of sorts and can be a little confusing at first. Follow these instructions, in order, to find the missing witness:

Select Jack’s father and use that with Bishop Waleran.
Select Jack’s father and use that with Prior James.
Select the Chalice and use that with Prior James.
Select the Secret Chamber and use that with Prior James.

This will cause them to figure out the missing witness. This revelation will unlock the following achievement:

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughThe truth revealed
Reveal the conspiracy.

We will find ourselves controlling Jonathan on the overview map. First, Speak with the mass of people awaiting Philip’s execution (icon with a crowd of people). During the conversation with them you will see Remigius run past you and flee towards the nearby large house. Chase after him, and interact with the large house. After a short scene, you’ll be back on the overview map again.

(OPTIONAL) Before you progress any further, search along the map’s lower center for an icon depicting a man with child. Speak with the father to trigger a special cameo.

When you’re ready, head towards St. George. You’ll walk in on quite the scene (*in Mrs. Puff’s voice* WHY TIMMY, WHY) and there will be a QTE. When you succeed, you will gain your much needed witness and progress the story.

The very intense scene that follows will last the rest of Chapter 20.

Book 3 – Chapter 21

You begin Chapter 21 as a hooded figure. Interact with the Kingsbridge POI and the figure will cross the bridge and reveal himself. 🙂 Now click the ‘walk home’ POI to enter Kingsbridge.

Once you’re in Kingsbridge, talk to the Prior. There’s a short conversation with him and another man then, you’ll have a flashback to reveal what happened at the Pyre. When the flashback concludes, there’s a dialogue choice (NAR).

I chose: (Answer).

The scene that follows lasts for the rest of the chapter. Congratulations, when it concludes you will receive the final achievement and be done with the game!

100% Achievements Guide & Full Game WalkthroughThe End.
Complete Book Three!

Written by LoafErikson

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