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Wandering Sword Hidden Basics: Things the game doesn’t tell you

This guide is to shed some basics for this amazing game that aren’t quite explained.

Wandering Sword Hidden Basics

  • Recruitable characters aren’t set, you can dismiss and get them back. But they are miss-able
  • Rarity of items you can use to raise affinity goes up every 20 affinity
    • e.g. White items go up to 20, green up to 40, blue up to 60
  • Gear goes from class 1-10, 1 being the strongest
    • Same class of gear can come in different rarity
  • Rarity = Red > Orange > Yellow > Blue > Green > White
  • Consulting on life skills gives you 100xp
    • You can keep reusing this until your level is one higher then the consultor’s
  • Characters gain a turn when they gain 1000 Qi
    • Turn rate is 1000/Qi Gathering per sec
      • Qi Gathering is capped at 1000 even with skills
    • Affected by accessories, skills and internal power
  • Typically, you can gift people 1-2 levels stronger then you
  • Consulting skills that require 80 or more affinity also require you to beat that person in a 1-1
  • Regular Affiliation quests have rewards
  • Right clicking an enemy unit pins their info in bottom right
  • Unless a skill says when you use it, the blue passives are always active as long as it’s one of the 4 equipped
  • Each category of crafted gear (class 8 and above) can give unique perks found no where else (called extra effects)
  • Jade ore is different then all other types of ore, you have to use it from your menu like a consumable
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