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Wandering Sword How to make MC OP and Rich

Wandering Sword How to make MC OP and Rich

Feeling weak? Feeling like your MC hit like wet noodles? Fear no more, this guide will make your character to be able to slap any young master and their father and their grandparents and their ancestor back to the grave.

How to be OP MC like those fancy wuxia story

You want to be this OP ? Read the guide

How to make MC Overpowered & Rich

Why our MC hit like wet noodles

  • 1. MC barely got base status bonus
  • 2. If you rush story, your companion are likely to sit around expert-outstanding from all the bonus they got, without any meridian bonus
  • 3. Your mc will sit as proficient/expert at most which is trash compare to general mobs even

What makes MC > Companion

  • 1. If you notice, MC can learn everything, but so does companion excluding their non weapon skill.
  • 2. What makes MC different? MC can learn EXCLUSIVE non book cultivation method by asking people to teach him.
  • 3. This mean at some point your MC will have many cultivation method, while companion is limited to book cultivation method only
  • 4. My MC have Wudang, Buddhist, Beggar, Bibo, Xuanhuo and other FACTION LEADER EXCLUSIVE cultivation method. This makes him into a God. You can win those scripted lose scenario (though in the story you will still “lose”)
  • 5. MC are able to ROB Spar any npc with 20 above affinity, don’t be afraid to give NPC Yellow or even red material, you can Rob Spar them back later.
  • 6. Synergy from multiple method/skill. For example MC can have lightness method from wudang that give +5 agility, and he can also have lightness method from other sect that give +20 agility. Same with strength, shaolin supreme cultivation method give extra 35 consitution for example. Can be stacked with other cultivation method for bonus

How to make our MC OP

  • 1. Learn all cultivation method possible via CONSULTING function.
  • 2. You can get cultivation method from people around the world, see NPC with Hand symbol near their name
  • 3. You need to gift the npc stuff so you can learn cultivation method from them
  • 4. you need a lot of martial point
  • 5. focus on one weapon, no matter what weapon, just focus on it. for example, i choose sword.
  • 6. Max all the weapon skill including the white one you do not use, it will raise your weapon proficiency = more damage

MC Main Status

How to make MC Overpowered & Rich

How to make MC Overpowered & Rich

Companion Comparison

How to make MC Overpowered & Rich

How to make MC Overpowered & Rich

Cultivation method color is important
Red > Orange > Yellow > Blue > Green > White
The better the grade, the higher the bonus when equipped.

How to make MC Overpowered & Rich

Equipment drops from mob, but the best equipment is crafted. The blueprint drops from bosses and people around the world which you can spar with.

PS: farm coal

Steps to get High level equipment:

  • 1. Find the blueprint by sparring/drop from story
  • 2. Collect the material, red material are dropped by Named mini bosses around the map. very rare.
  • 3. Best way to get material is to farm human mobs, then disassemble the drop instead of selling it. Mind that only Tier 4 and above drop red level material reliably.
  • 4. story weapon is crap compared to crafted weapon. eg. the best story weapon given is around 300 attack, crafted weapon can easily reach 600 attack.

How to get enough blacksmith level:

  • 1. There is this one guy in mingjian manor, the main heroine brother. he have level 6 blacksmithing. There is also a bed nearby. so you can spam consult with him to get your smithing level up to level 7 max with him.
  • 2. once you get your smithing level there, you can spam craft weapon/tailor to get it higher. bonus point as you also get good equipment for it.

How to Grind Martial Point & Money

Requirement for Martial Point Grind

  • 1. 4 Decent ally – go recruit them
  • 2. Teach all your ally the existing martial art books including the cultivation method, don’t be stingy, they won’t be as strong as MC. But you need a slave to grind for you, so make them decent.
  • 3. Find Your grind Spot, For example greencap mountain is decent for newbie, move to tiger mountain after
  • 4. Turn on Real time mode (top left)
  • 5. Hit enemy, AFK until battle finish as your ally will work for you

Requirement for Money Grind

  • 1. Same as above, you can do this on the same time with Martial point grind
  • 2. The only difference is, go for human mobs. Human mobs drop equipment
  • 3. sell all equipment you got from grinding via batch sell, don’t worry about selling good equipment you can just grind them again.
  • 4. One clearing of low level map net me around 20k, high level map is around 100k

Meridian Usage Tier List

Meridian Map Tier List

Conception – S tier
Best used in all character, its just too good of a boost, it helps you being tankier, hit harder and higher crit rate. Can’t go wrong.

Penetrating – A tier
Agi / Qi generation. it makes your char move faster. more turn = more damage. Also raise your Mp so you can use skill like crazy. It also have opportunistic effect such as move twice with 15% chance. might save you in a pinch

Yang – B Tier
It adds damage and critical, late game meridian. just take conception early on. this will add damage, if you want to min-max later on.

Girdle – B Tier
Evasion Tank > physical tank in this game, unfortunately some enemy have defense penetration, and why bother getting hit if you can evade. Also conception already give sufficient bulk, so for better e-hp just take evasion. As a bonus it also increase your MOV, means you can backstab people often.

eg. 25% evasion means you don’t get hit 1/4 of the time. If enemy attack you 10 times, chances are the enemy will miss 2-3 times. Assuming enemy hit for 500 damage, thats 1500 damage that misses you, much better than extra 300 hp from Governing.

Yin – C Tier
Similar to penetration, i would just take penetrating. The sub effect on this one is not as good

Governing – C tier
Hp and Def, i rather go full evasion compare to using tank type, defense penetration skill exist on enemy. Better to evade. Also if you follow my guide and use conception, you should be tanky enough.

End game build that can beat “unbeatable” story bosses

Endgame Meridian Map

How to make MC Overpowered & Rich

Extra are used in Yin/Girdle. The one with silver frame means its fully upgraded in all skill.

How to make MC Overpowered & Rich

Bread and butter skill is the yellow Skill, it allow Qi gathering Boost allowing your MC to move so often. at this point my MC is running less than 1s per turn

How to make MC Overpowered & Rich

Pick survival skill that boost def/evasion, the one i used will allow you to dodge bosses attack, even the insta death one.

How to make MC Overpowered & Rich

Do not underestimate the frost ultimate, it give MC buff that can help a lot compare to just straight on damage, Taichi sword for defense penetration, Zhenwu for single target burst damage.

How to make MC Overpowered & Rich

3 Status padder and the wing one will give you sword QI buff without carrying the cultivation method that give sword qi buff. so use it.

How to make MC Overpowered & Rich

Cultivation Method
Story one is absolute must, Shaolin muscle one is also a must as it will give you one free revive. Limitless will give you 100% damage boost for 4x hits, also some mana shield that will reduce damage by 30%. While the Zen one is just status padding.

Written by Laowen

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