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Wandering Sword The Grand Cast

If you have a hard time remembering who is who in this game here is a simple character chart of most of the important characters of the story and their relationship and faction allegiances. Contain mild SPOILER (duh!) and my meme comments!

Wandering Sword The Grand Cast

One of my favourite thing in Wandering Sword is the size of the cast. There is like 600+ npc with a custom name and some of them (not all sadly) have their own little backstory. It does wonder to the immersion and make you feel like the world is really alive!

However I’m a bit ashamed to admit it but i have a hard time remembering all the name and faction in this game. I hope people do not take it the wrong way but at some point all the Zhang, Zhan, Wuxin, Wuxing kinda mesh together in a weird blur.

Because of this I started keeping a small chart of who is who, who is the disciple/henchmen of who etc. This chart ended up being insanely complex by the end as you might imagine! So i decided to trim it down to only the characters that where part of a significant group or had a major impact on the story.

On top of that I also wrote some comments on each characters to remind me a bit about them and what they did etc. I’ll be obviously adding them alongside the characters for maximum cringe (See next section if you are worried about SPOILERS).


In regards to SPOILERS here is a list of what I cover :

  • Who is a disciple of who
    Game is very explicit on that so almost no spoiler
  • Who belong to which faction or sub group
    Game is very explicit on that so almost no spoiler
  • Parenting
    Mild SPOILER for ONE character, game is very explicit on that really fast but SPOILER nonetheless
  • Some of the sub group are incomplete (ex: only see 69 of the 404 Legendary Goons)
    I mention this to avoid confusion most of the sub-groups have a numerical value and some of them are not complete (maybe DLC?) not a big deal imo but technically a SPOILER.
  • My fantastic(ly bad) Meme comments
    Mostly inside jokes if you have played the game or know a bit about Wuxia novel
    SPOILER for some character being evil and whatnot but really the game is not subtle about that at all.

In regards to SPOILERS here is a list of what I DO NOT cover :

  • Who Kill / betray / court death who
    Game has a couple of nice plot twist so your safe
  • Any other significant story point or character arc

The Grand Cast

Wandering Sword The Grand Cast
Honorary Mentions
  • Tianjian Sect: Absolutely irrelevant aside from ONE single comment from Master Daomiao when talking about Yuanqi backstory. My guess is its either DLC or cut content.
  • The Western Sect banana gang: Very minor role in a sidequest.
  • The Pirate/ Bandit gallery: Very minor role in various sidequest aside from maybe Shipwreck Clam and Seaperil Dragon but meh.
  • The Misty swordsman: Irrelevant and grind is horrendous.
  • The Goons: Most if not all factions have wagons of no name/ irrelevant characters forgive me for not x10 the size of the chart with them.
  • Tianshan Sect : Major story spoiler so obviously no.
  • Tianji Palace : More background than anything else. Its destroyed before the beginning of the game and only mentioned like 2-3 time if Ye Fei is with you.
  • Your favourite character that is not on the chart: Because he sucks.
Written by Alustor

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