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Wandersong: All Achievements Guide

A musical adventure where you use singing to save the world! Play as a silly bard who embarks on a globe-trotting journey to learn about the mysterious Earthsong, said to prevent the universe‚Äôs imminent end. It’s up to you to sing your songs, unlock the world’s secrets and make new friends!

All Achievements Guide

Guide to all 75 achievements in Wandersong.

Story Achievements

Defeated the Troll
Defeated the Troll
Simply sing your way to the Troll in Act 2

Scourge of the Ruins
Defeated the boss of the Ruins
Reach the end of the Mermaid Ruins in Act 3

Bolt from the Blue
Killed Queen Chaos
Meet Queen Chaos in Act 3

Killed the Queen of Winds
Defeat Queen of Winds in Act Intermission

Out of Order
Killed Queen Order
Attend your nice meeting with Queen Order in Act 4

Refugee Rescue
Helped victims of war find a safe place
Stay inside Lumbertown

City Savior
Saved the city from a monster attack
Reach Xiatian Kingdom

Slow Clap
Did a slow clap at an appropriate time
Listen to the band on the boat to Mohabumi

Blot Out the Sun
Killed the Sun’s King

Dark Side of the Moon
Killed the Moon’s Queen

Killed two Overseers at once!
You get these three achievements at the same time when Sun’s King and Moon’s Queen obliterate each other

Killed the King of Hearts
Finish your song to the King of Hearts in Act 6

Broken Dreams
Killed the Dream King
Meet the Dream King for the last time in Act 7

The End
Killed the final boss
Fail to protect Dream King from Audrey

Combat Achievements

Most are obtained as Audrey in Intermission before Act 4
Some are also obtainable as the Bard while Audrey is around
Some are obtainable only as the Bard while Audrey is around
Some of the numbers are kinda off (it took like a hundred deflects for me to get Reflect x30!!!)


Did a dash
Dash x5!!!
Did 5 dashes
Dash x10!!!
Did 10 dashes
Dash x20!!!
Did 20 dashes
Dash x30!!!
Did 30 dashes

Dash by pressing the switch Dance key/button (keyboard default: E)
You also get these as the Bard during the Miriam vs Audrey fight at the end of Act 5


Jump 5 times
Jump x10!!!
Jump x20!!!
Jump x30!!!
Jump x40!!!
Jump x50!!!
Jump x100!!!!!!
…press space or W on keyboard or whereever your jump is binded to

Bard Kicker!

Bard Kicker!
Kicked a bard 3 times

Ultimate Bard Kicker!
Kicked a bard 10 times
During the final battle as the Bard, keep running towards Audrey to get your butt kicked

Combat Achievements (Lightning Sword)

Lightning Power!!!

Lightning Power!!!
Charged 2 bolts
Lightning Power x5!!!
Charged 5 bolts
Lightning Power x10!!!
Charged 10 bolts
Lightning Power x20!!!
Charged 20 bolts
Lightning Power x30!!!
Charged 30 bolts
Lightning Power x40!!!
Charged 40 bolts
Lightning Power x50!!!
Charged 50 bolts
Lightning Power x100!!!
Charged 100 bolts
Simply hold your sword up for at least half a second each

Lightning Sword

Lightning Sword
Hit with a charged sword
Super Lightning Sword
Hit 5 with a charged sword
Mega Lightning Sword
10 with charged sword
Ultimate Lightning Sword
Simply attack enemies with a charged sword
Keep holding your sword up to speed this up


Reflect an attack
Reflection x3!!!
Reflect 3 attacks
Reflection x10!!!
Reflect 10 attacks
Reflection x20!!!
Reflect 20 attacks
Reflection x30!!!
Reflect 30 attacks!
Hold your sword in the direction of Spinny’s whirlwind attacks to deflect them
As Bard: redirect enough stars at Audrey during the final battle and she’ll deflect them

Lightbulb Charger!

Lightbulb Charge!
Charge a lightbulb
Lightbulb Charge x3!
Super Lightbulb Charger!
Mega Lightbulb Charger!
Ultimate Lightbulb Charger!!!
Shoot lightning at a lightbulb

Lightning Launcher
Launched by a lightbulb
At the final room before the boss, fully charge your sword at the lightbulb to launch yourself

Lightning Strike!!!

Lightning Strike!!!
Hit 3 things with lightning
Lightning Strike x7!!!
Lightning Strike x15!!!
Lightning Strike x25!!!
Lightning Strike x50!!!
Lightning Strike x100!!!
Shoot lightning at an enemy
There are multiple enemies in the room before the boss that will help
Die to respawn at the end of the room

Lightning Chain

Lightning Chain
Chain 2 things with 1 bolt
Super Lightning Chain
3 things with 1 bolt
Ultimate Lightning Chain
4 things 1 bolt
Lightning bolt will automatically attack nearby enemies when struck
Final room before the boss has many Bats; use them to your advantage


Spin your sword for a while
Spin your sword either clockwise or counterclockwise for a few seconds

Combat Achievements (Monsters)


Defeat a bat
Defeat 3 bats
Bat Eradicator
Defeat 7 bats
Bat Annihilator
Defeat 15 bats
As always, the final room before the boss has many bats
Die to respawn at the end of the room

Stomping Stompy

Stomping Stompy
Defeat a stompy
Crushing Stompy
3 Stompies
Pulverizing Stompy
7 Stompies
Stompy Annihilator
15 Stompies
There are three Stompies in a small room somewhere
They will respawn when you leave the level

Spinny Killer

Spinny Killer
Defeat a Spinny
Spinny Assassin
Defeat 3 Spinnies
Spinny Predator
Defeat 7 Spinnies
There are four Spinnies in the final room before the boss
Die to respawn

The Owl

The Owl
Defeat an Owl
Owl Extinction
Defeat 3 Owls
Exit the level from the left to spawn a new Owl

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