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Warcraft 3 Reforged Fast Rifleman Build Order

Fast Rifleman Build Order

This human build order provides flexibility to apply early pressure on your opponent or to have a sustainable army mid game.

Since the Rifleman unit was buffed, this build order can be quite effective in a lot of early game scenarios with very few tactics that are able to counter it.

In this build, your tier 2 will be delayed somewhat but will be stronger in other areas.

To build this order, put 3 peasants on gold mine and 2 to work on wood. Train the Gold Mine Peasants to 9 food. You have to get 210 lumber from your wood peasants while your gold peasants fill from the gold mine.

When all your 3 peasants are trained, start building the altar, farm, blacksmith and the barracks all at once. Once a peasant is done building, order him to build a 2nd farm.

Order the next peasant to work on the gold mine while order the others to work on lumber. Your aim will be to get 5 peasants working on gold and 8 on wood.

When the altar is finished building, train a Paladin. When the blacksmith and barracks are finished, start training Riflemen.

Riflemen will require 3 food so you will have to keep building farms to keep up with the food requirement.

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When you have enough wood, build another farm, a tower and a shop.

When your hero training is complete, you can either attack a small orange camp for fast XP or let them work on lumber to get to tier 2 faster.

Your aim will be to get to your hero to level 3 while also getting tier 2. Upgrade your riflemen damage when you have enough resources.

Once you reach tier 2, upgrade the scout tower to arcane tower and train the bloodmage and 2 arcane sanctums. Now you can continue on as you wish.

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