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Warcraft 3 Reforged Shop Tech Build Order

Shop Tech Build Order

This Warcraft 3 Reforged Build Order is primarily used against orcs to gain an early tech advantage.

To build this Order, start by sending some peasants to the gold mine while ordering one to build an altar. Then order a peasant working on the mine to start building a farm.

Then order all free peasants to start working on the lumber. Order one of the peasants to build a shop and arcane vault. Once your hero is ready, keep pumping out peasants and build some farms as well.

Then creep a small camp to obtain fast XP. Keep 9 peasants working on lumber. While you are waiting for tech to be tier 2, make some more farms. Level up your hero to level 2 by creeping and harassing.

Waste time while your camp is upgrading. Once you reach tier 2, build three sanctums by assigning 3 peasants to each to speed up the process. After this, you can continue on as you please.

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