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Warcraft 3 Reforged TC Headhunter Bloodlust Build Order

TC Headhunter Bloodlust Build Order

This Tauren Chieftain/Head Hunter/Bloodlust (TC HH BL) build order for Warcraft 3 is very well balanced. It does have a few ‘weaknesses’ but most of them are compensated for.

The damage output of Blademaster takes a hit due to the hero choice of this build, but the Headhunters’ focus damage makes up for it.

Though it is hard to snipe enemies running away, you can still bag a few kills using War Stomp.

You have to be a bit careful while playing with Headhunters as they are glass cannons; meaning they have high damage but low HP.

This build starts off a bit weak and the Tauren Chieftain will not be very impressive on his own; however, the damage goes up significantly as the game progresses and your army stays alive.

As with the previous build, you can use the same strategy against most match-ups.

This build is more focused for team-games, as the Chieftain’s Endurance Aura and Bloodlust will help your allies out a lot. Though, this build does work very well in solo games as well.

Now that you know the idea of this WC3 Reforged build, let’s start building it.

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Tier 1

Start by putting five Peons in the goldmine and keep rapidly queueing Peons. These Peons will be creating buildings as new Peons arrive, so you get all the starting buildings you need.

You need to build a Burrow, Altar, War Mill then Barracks (in that specific order).

Use all the Peons for Wood. Get the Tauren Chieftain right as the Altar finishes building. At this point, you’ll have around 40 wood, so start construction on the second Burrow.

When you reach 18 supply, halt your Peon production. Start your first Headhunter as soon as the Barracks finishes building. From now on, rapidly create Headhunters.

Your Tauren Chieftain and Head Hunter will probably come out at the same time. At this point, start your shop as your Tauren Chieftain needs to be kept alive using the healing cells.

Now, you need to start creeping right away and let your Tauren Chieftain tank the incoming damage.

One thing to note is that you should always have a War Stomp saved up in case of emergency, as it uses up a lot of Mana. Now, start your tier two upgrade.

Tier 2

You need to now get your Tauren Chieftain to level 3, so he can use level 2 War Stomp. Concentrate on acquiring War Stomp, and then Endurance Aura for your hero abilities.

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Upgrade your ranged weapons at the War Mill while your main building is upgrading to tier 2. This is all you need to do for tier 2.

Tier 3

As soon as Tier 2 finished, move on to Tier 3 and get the Head Hunter upgrade ASAP. Your goal is to get the Shaman and his two upgrades.

You have the option here to either keep your Tauren Chieftain as a lone hero or get the Shadow Hunter.

This concludes TC HH BL Orc build order for Warcraft 3 Reforged. From this point on, you are free to play the game however you want.


  • Use War Stomp effectively to maximize damage output. Position your hero to hit as many enemy units as you possibly can.
  • When your Tauren Chieftain rushes a group of enemy units, cast Lightning Shield on him to deal high damage.
  • Your Tauren Chieftain should be as powerful as possible. Use any left-over gold to upgrade him to his highest potential.
  • Make quick work of the high HP targets using your Kodo Beasts.
  • Boost damage at the start of the fight using your Headhunter’s Berserk ability.

It’s end. I hope “Warcraft 3 Reforged TC Headhunter Bloodlust Build Order” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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