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Warcraft 3 Reforged Undead Fast Tech Build Order

Undead Fast Tech Build Order

This specific build focuses on you making a Lich with an Orb of Corruption. The sooner you achieve this goal, the easier it will be to devour your enemies. The Orb of Corruption will allow your direct attacks to reduce the enemy’s armor.

You will start the game off by training one Acolyte and sending your Ghoul for gathering wood, and your other Acolyte for training Ghouls.

Now, send one of your initial Acolytes to build your Crypt and Altar. Train one additional Acolyte and then build your first Ziggurat.

Make sure you build the Ziggurat back in the base behind other constructs so as to prevent it from taking direct damage from enemies. After accumulating enough Gold; build your Tomb of Relics in a safe location within the base as well.

When a little time passes, your Altar will have finished, now get your Death Knight out and train two more of your Ghouls, and send them out to collect wood. While you gather more and more resources, build your Graveyard to train a few Crypt Fiends.

In a little while, you will have collected 210 Wood which you will use to upgrade your Necropolis to Halls of the Dead.

Now, rally your Death Knight to the Tomb of Relics, and get the Rod of Necromancy. Build another Ziggurat, and start training an additional Crypt Fiend after acquiring enough resources.

Remember that first Ziggurat you built? Upgrade that to a Nerubian Tower, which will add a slowing effect to all enemies, extremely important for early defense against enemies.

Now, train another Crypt Fiend and build another Ziggurat. Train a third Crypt Fiend and move on to upgrading your Halls of the Dead to a Black Citadel.

You will now build a Slaughterhouse and train your fourth Crypt Fiend and finally make your Lich.

Once your Slaughterhouse finishes, train an Obsidian Statue; which will provide you with AoE healing and mana replenishment.

By this time, your Black Citadel will have finished completing and your Lich should be all ready. Use the money you have made so far to buy an Orb of Corruption.

Train a second Obsidian Statue if you can at this point. And from here on out, your entire build is set, everything you add is to further affirm your stance.

You can either choose to charge the enemy’s base at this point or continue to reinforce what you have built.

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