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Warface – How to change in-game name?

Hello there!

So you are a new player and your name looks something like that (u_48294621) or maybe more experienced player in this game but still don’t know how to change the name. This is why i’m here and i will guide you, make sure you follow these steps!

How to change in-game name?

  • On steam click, on Warface and click play.
  • (Warface launcher will pop out.) Then click Main page.
  • (Internet will pop out on Warface main page Mycmon.) Click login or register. Trough the steam. (some people will be automatically log allready..)
  • When logged on page click on your name (looks like this: u_48294621) and click change name.. (sometimes there is a Change name” icon Next to your profile name (u_48294621)
  • Enjoy new name!

Note: You can change name only once! more changes of name will cause money!

Written by GaPpY | Sp3H

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