Warframe – Fortuna: 2K Standing Per Minute!

Earn fast standing for Solaris United in Fortuna. This guide is only meant for people who like mining and want a simple headache free-method. You’ll essentially be mining immediately outside Fortuna’s gate. Once you come full circle around, extract, and reenter Orb Vallis.

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The Method

You will find about 6 mining deposits in a small radius immediately outside Fortuna’s gate. We are going to speed run around the gate and mine for Zodians and Thysts. Each Zodian and Thyst is worth 1k Solaris United standing. Each run will net about 4 to 6 total rare gems with a resource booster or 2 to 3 total without.

You Have to Be Good At Mining

Some mining deposits will have a small area which you will want to hit consistently. Correctly landing on this spot will guarantee a rare gem whether it be a red deposit or blue.

Step 1: Buy A Resource Booster

Step 2: Bring A Speed Running Warframe

Suggested Warframes are Volt, Nezha, or Zephyr

(I was using Volt, so run times may vary.)

Volt Speed

Zephyr Turbulence and Tail Wind

Cast Turbulence for a 40% increase in speed. Cast Tail Wind to quickly fly to targets. If you’re having energy issues, you can opt out of using Turbulence and unequip Jet Stream.

Nezha Fire Walker and Innate Slide

Cast Nezha’s first ability, Fire Walker, for a 25% speed boost. For the build, Transient Fortitude is optional and only there if you want to use Warding Halo for more survivability. We won’t be bumping into many enemies, however. Firewalker is costly and can be swapped for Mobolize.

How To Use Nezha

The sequence is sprint, slide, then roll. This will cause a great speed boost. You should hear a lot of wind if done correctly. The floor will be very slippery and strafing left or right, will cause Nezha to veer rather then strafe. This will take some getting used to. Opting out of using the ability, Fire Walker, is still effective and gives the advantage of no energy requirements.

Use Zenurik For Energy

Use Zenurik’s Energizing Dash for energy regen, if needed.

Step 3: Buy The Mining Tool

Fast travel to Smokefinger.

Buy the Sunpoint Plasma Drill for 2.5k standing and equip it in your gears.

Step 4: Start Doing Runs

The Sunpoint Plasma Drill is nice and will detect number of deposits within 60 meters and show deposits within 50 meters on the mini-map. It also displays how far away you are from the closest deposit.

Step 5: Turn In Gems For Standing

Additional Tips

Bring A Melee Weapon

Occasionally, you will be harrassed by enemies. If you don’t want to keep switching from drill to guns and back, equip a melee and use the quick melee button. Alternatively, you can set the drill to a hotkey in gears and be able to switch between drill and any weapon quickly.

Beasts/Moas Can Get In The Way Of Mining

Sentinels might be better.

Don’t stray too far away from Fortuna’s gate. You may aggro more enemies slowing down run times.

Try To Hit The Middle Of The Hot Spot

Hitting the middle will yield more common minerals but will not increase rare gem reward. Rare gems will always come in 2 with resource booster and 1 without. Go for a 5 yellow stone rating for maximum yield.

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