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Warframe Protea, Velox, Stropha and Stahlta Farm

Protea, Velox, Stropha and Stahlta Farm

  • Protea Blueprint: Complete The Deadlock Protocol Mission
  • Velox Blueprint: 25k Credits on Market
  • Stropha Blueprint: Drops from Jackal
  • Stalha Blueprint: Drops from Jackal

And here comes the grind part… You have to get Granum Crowns and reach rank 3 on Granum Void to have a chance to get weapon & protea parts…

When playing on Corpus Ship tileset a Treasurer will appear within 2 – 4 minutes (mostly 3 min 45 sec) and the type of crown is given based on the mission’s level:

  • 0-15: Granum Crown
  • 16-30: Exemplar Granum Crown
  • 31+: Zenith Granum Crown

But they dont spawn on old maps
So heres a list of missions to get those f**** crowns.

Granum: Phobos-Skyresh (capture) (or venus-fossa (assassination) )
Exemplar: I couldnt find a capture mission or exterminate mission for this one // Neptune-Trion (rescue) | Jupiter-Adrastea (Sabotage)
Zenith: Pluto-Hydra(capture)

Granum Crown Rank 3 Rewards:

  • Stahlta Receiver 22.22%
  • Stropha Barrel 22.22%
  • Stropha Blade 22.22%
  • Velox Barrel 22.22%
  • Protea Neuroptics Blueprint 11.11%

Exemplar Crown Rank 3 Rewards:

  • Stahlta Stock 29.63%
  • Stropha Receiver 29.63%
  • Velox Receiver 29.63%
  • Protea Chassis Blueprint 11.11%

Zenith Crown rank 3 Rewards:

  • Stahlta Barrel 29.63%
  • Stropha Stock 29.63%
  • Protea Systems Blueprint 11.11%
  • Mortuus Shoulder Guard 29.63%

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