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Warframe: Solo Orokin Derelict Vault

This is a strategy guide to getting Corrupted mods from the Orokin derelict in solo. It should be achievable for most players, and relies less on RNG than other methods.


I am mostly a solo player and recently decided I need to get some corrupted mods if I wanted to up my game. Most of the guides said “play multiplayer” or “take a key and hope it fits”, so I took some advice from the forum and made my own strategy. This method is pretty achievable even at lowish level/skill as long as you have the equipment. All you need is Rhino, a good weapon or two, and Dragon Keys. With this strategy, you are guaranteed to get a corrupted mod with every derelict mission. As a disclaimer, not all the ideas in here are mine.

The method is pretty simple: Carry all 4 keys and use Rhino modded for Iron Skin and movement speed to speed run Derelict Exterminate or Capture.

Mitigating Key Effects

Carrying all 4 keys gives -75% to health, shields, damage, and -50% to movement speed, but all these negatives can be mitigated or eliminated entirely by building your loadout correctly and playing smart.

#1 First off, using Rhino’s Iron Skin ability completely removes the negative from the Bleeding and Decaying keys, as long as you keep it active. To boost this ability use ability strength and armor mods. The Orokin Derelict tileset has a lot of places where you can fall off the map. This will remove your Iron Skin, so be careful of drops. I like to use Corrosive Projection or Rifle Amp for my aura.

#2 Reducing damage by 75% is a big deal, but thankfully the derelict is only level 20-30. I would recommend using a weapon with a high status chance so you can inflict lots of procs. When playing an exterminate mission you will be fighting Infested and Grineer so mod your weapon for Cold and Corrosive [Electricity + Toxin] damage. For capture missions against the Corpus target mod for Magnetic and Cold. Impact is also good against their shields.

#3 Make sure to use Rush to mitigate the reduction of movement speed. The Sprint Boost aura can help too, as well as any mod that improves bullet jump, etc. Since you will move so slow, you will have to take full advantage of advanced movement mechanics to get anywhere. Unfortunately, the derelict is one of the most parkour unfriendly tile sets, so be prepared to be a little frustrated, but all in all, the movement penalty isn’t that bad.
I try to keep two of each Dragon Key in my inventory before I start playing derelict (so I can build the keys I just used as i play the next mission), with plenty of Void Traces on hand to build new keys for the ones I use up.

The Mission

Now that you are prepared, running the mission is simple, just remember to keep Iron Skin up. The best way to search the map quickly is to learn the tiles well, opening up the large map can help with this. Search every door and go down every hall and tunnel for the vault door. The vault will only take the place of a small door, not the large or spinning ones. Sometimes the vault is right in the room you spawn in, and sometimes in the extraction room, so how long it takes to find the vault will vary. When you find the door, unlock it and go in, so the vault appears on your map (it has a unique shape so you can find it again quickly). If you take the artifact now, corrupted will spawn, so it is best to finish the mission objective first. Make sure to go back for the vault artifact afterwards, if you unlock the door, but extract without picking up the artifact, the Dragon Key is wasted.

Don’t bother trying to kill the enemies at all, unless they are in the way. The Grineer and Infested are pretty good at killing each other, so just focus on finding the vault first. Exterminate maps are mostly linear, so it can be easy to just search room by room. It may be easier to learn the derelict tile set with Exterminate missions.

Go after the capture target first. There are three variants of the Corpus target you will see in the derelict: Invisibility, Eximus Snow Globe, and Nullifier.

  • The invisible one is pretty easy to take down, but be sure to stay out of range of the other two.
  • The Nullifier’s shield can break your Iron Skin, of course.
  • The Eximus can basically one shot you at close range even with max Iron Skin. It may have trouble targeting you if you get up close and use melee, but he can still take you down quickly.

All three are more bullet spongy than usual because of your reduced damage, so it may take a while to get them down. When you have captured the target, go back to the spawn room to begin searching for the vault door. Capture maps often have long, branching paths away from the main objectives, so make sure to check these first before continuing on towards extraction.


Now that you have removed all other randomness, the only uncertainty is which corrupted mod you will get. With an equal chance of getting each of the 23 mods, we should expect that on average it will take you about 86 vault runs to get every corrupted mod at least once. I hope this guide helps those solo players out there.

Written by mattsour451

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