Wargroove – Sparrowbomb Damage Table

Quick Reference of Koji’s Groove, Sparrow Bombs, damage to every unit.

Sparrow Bombs Q.R.
Koji’s Sparrow Bombs is a difficult groove to wrap your head around. It reads “Upon death, they deal 50% of Koji’s maximum damage to nearby enemies”.

Despite saying “Koji”, all Commanders have the same damage matrix/output. So we can pretend it means a generic Commander.

This effectively means it pretends a max health commander is attacking the enemy unit. It applies variance (+-5) then divides the result in half. This means the range of damage of sparrow bombs is quite tight.

Testing sparrow bomb results in custom maps has mostly resulted in only a range of 4. However, some units showed a range of 5. This indicates something strange is going on with rounding and I’m unsure exactly what.

Actual damage should be min damage + up to 4. However, it’s possible numbers are off by 1 due to unknown rounding factors.

Sparrow Bomb Damage Output

Unit Min / Damage Dealt

Soldier 48
Spearman 33
Dog 58
Mage 40
Archer 65
Giant 20
Cavalry 28
Wagon 35
Ballista 30
Trebuchet 27
Balloon 28
Aeronaut 45
Sky Rider 35
Dragon 17
Amphibian 48
Barge 30
Turtle 28
Harpoon Ship 23
Warship 28

Random Sparrow Bomb notes

  • Sparrow Bombs can kill units.
  • Sparrow Bombs are flying and can be used to block enemy movement.
  • Sparrow Bombs move 5.
  • Koji can move 4 (4), Spawn to tile next (5), move 5(10), explode adjacent tile (11). For 11 total threat range.
  • Sparrow Bombs do not decay.
  • All full health anti-air units deal 800-810% damage to sparrow bombs. Raised by crits.
  • Anti-air units one shot sparrowbombs until they are below about 12% health.
  • Sparrowbombs one shot each other.

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