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Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate Daemonhunters Standard Class Builds

Hi, I’d like to show you my favorite Chaosgate standard class builds.

I used those builds at “Normal” Difficulty.


Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate

Hello, I present a build guide (and I play it) for basic classes in Chaos Gate Deamonhunter. Builds can change.

Differences between Chaos gate and X-Com franchise

Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate-1

Chaosgate Deamonhunter is a similar X-com game, but it differs in some significant ways.

  • This is the universe of Warhammer 40,000 (Which I Love)
  • Each member of your team is like “one man army”
  • A dangerous environment that can kill, for example, a statue that can fall on an opponent’s head and kill him
  • A large variety of weapons, from halberds to demon hammers, and ending with shields for paladins
  • More brutal, full of blood and filled with spectacular finishes
  • Much more difficult than its counterpart with aliens
  • The loot system, after each mission, we get a choice of what to take with us
  • Warp is unstable because “Warp Surge” increases every turn when it increases to 100% something bad happens, for example -1 HP until the end of the mission or the opponent has additional reinforcements
  • Mutations, each enemy you meet on your way can mutate, e.g. tentacles that increase damage to a meele, additional armor in the form of an additional layer of skin
  • Willpower as fuel for enhanced attacks and special attacks such as “Teleport Strike” and “Hammerhand”
  • When you deal critical damage, you can select a specific part of the opponent’s body and damage it, which will, for example, disable a certain skill PERMANENTLY (photo below for preview)
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Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate-2

Greynade [Purgator]

Its devastator class among Greyknights

I really like to make it as a grenadier because it has very good features that support this build.

The most important part of his tree is the top-right corner, as it gives us more grenades and an extra space for them

The second cool feature is collecting seeds from a distance with the Astral Aim, very useful
As for the grenades themselves, I have two philosophies

  • Against regular opponents, I take a regular DMG grenade and a Stun grenade
  • For boss fights, I take a silencing grenade and a stun grenade

Weapons and their differences

  • Psilencer – Long range, no overwatch, disruptive attack, e.g. overwatch
  • Psycanon – Short range, AOE SW attack, overwatch, less ammo

Weapons of your choice, I use Psilencer
As for the armor, I recommend “Keeper of the Flame” to increase the effectiveness of grenades
Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate-3Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate-4Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate-5

TankCar [Justicar]

I present to you the tank, the support among your team of Grey Knights

His most important feature is a large amount of armor / life and the ability to give AP / SW for his brothers

I recommend choosing the lower tree very early because it is a great skill called “Honor the Chapter”

As a weapon I recommend “DeamonFlayer” with a bonus to damage against Demons, especially useful in fighting bosses

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As for the armor, I recommend “Morningplate” gives us the ability to use skills even if ours ran out of SW (then we use HP)

Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate-6Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate-7Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate-8

TPeptor [Interceptor]

He is your best friend and a character who is the main damage dealer with a great teleportation skill
I always take the left and left-top trees, because it increases our mobility and allows us to use the skill “Teleport Strike”

I prefer the chain-execution tactic so I chose a hammer that has the extra “damage” to stun
As for the armor, I recommend armor with an additional slot for additional equipment
I recommend these slots

  • Extra SW, for Power Strike, Teleport, Teleport Strike
  • Extra damage from critical attacks
  • Extra chance for a critical attack

PS. I am currently looking for a better hammer with the same properties as the one I have now
Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate-9Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate-10Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate-11

Skullcary [Apothecary]

Simply medic with good immobilization skills and lots of servo skulls
The main skill is what a surprise healing, which is improved by “Narthecium”.
The main weapon of the Apothecary

I focus on the top right corner of his skill tree because servu skulls are his main strength

Servo skulls allow us to heal from a distance, detect enemies, and hit them through armor
Super useful

As for armor, I recommend that it give as much SW as possible. This can be plain or an armor terminator
If you have chosen the way of “Servo Skulls” you can replace “Narthecium” with another weapon, just remember about healing skulls and you’ll be fine

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Replacing “Narthecium” with a different weapon will make your Apothecary another valuable team member in terms of damage

Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate-12Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate-13Builds for "standard" class in Chaosgate-14

Tips & Tricks

  • The experience for our knights is shared, i.e whoever kills has experience
  • I recommend having at least two full Gray Knights squads
  • I recommend having one of the classes in your team, it will make the game easier, especially when you play the game for the first time
  • Invest in grenades for Purgator, especially a Stun Grenade called “Empyrean Brain Mine”
  • Do not be afraid to experiment, but remember that you can lose
  • The wounds in Chaos Gate work so that even if you heal your Knight, he will still get the status “Wounded”
  • So I advise you to play wisely
Written by JeeYonE

1 thought on “Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate Daemonhunters Standard Class Builds”

  1. I started playing this game late last year. At first it was punishing, but I figured out the peccadilloes and now have it in the bag.

    I dump my Purgators as soon as I can. Ranged damage is dumb damage.

    At least one Justicar is included in every squad (often two, sometimes even three). Every dude gets Honour of the Chapter – it is disgustingly good. The Charge move is good too, particularly when you get it dealing extra Stun damage. Even if you don’t hit anything with it, you end up moving around the map a lot quicker than normal. Equip them with Terminator armour and a wrist-mounted Psycannon (preferably with the auto-reload ability), and whatever melee weapon you can get.

    Interceptors are the killers in the game. Jumping around with Teleport is incredible. Hammerhand is essential for critical, limb-damaging effects (everyone who can get it, does get it). Beefed up Support Fire dealing 5 damage is great. Take the extra support equipment too. Jump in, maximise Stun, execute. Win.

    When you get them, Librarians can be as good – or even better than – the Interceptor. Give them their teleport with the whole team ability. Maximise Willpower-giving equipment and go everywhere whenever you want with your whole team. Absolutely devastating, and you no longer even need ranged weapons except to explode barrels. Reducing the Warp thing is a handy ability too.

    Apothecary is all about damaging with the Narthecium, while using the ability that steals all the seeds on a melee hit. There are a few weapons they can take which gives armour break. Mostly his level-ups after about level 5 are just for extra health and Willpower; I don’t bother with any of the Biomancy stuff. Extractor skulls to grab every seed before you kill everything. I very rarely heal anyone.

    The trick is to stun then execute. You can’t execute with guns, hence why I think ranged damage is bad. Execute as much as you can, and you end up generating more action points than what your guys will ever need. If you need, use the very first Stratagem you get to give a guy +2 AP (usually the Interceptor) just in case you need some extra joy.

    I one-shot all but one of the greater demons using three Justicars and either a Librarian or Interceptor. The creatures don’t even get a chance to hit back because I can pour 14 AP worth of attacks into the thing in my first turn (the demon that teleports around after being hit is a multi-round grind).

    I could give a detailed version of this, but I don’t have the space to do so!


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