Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – How to join deeds in progress

Warhammer Vermintide 2 - How to join deeds in progress

WARNING: Doesn’t give the deed rewards.


Are you sick of being disconnected when you’ve almost completed a deed? Are you annoyed that you can’t rejoin so you are left waiting until your friends are done while you get nothing for your effort? Look no further as I’ll explain an easy, simple and fast way to join an in progress deed.

WARNING: You will not get the deed rewards so only join a deed so you can get the normal level rewards instead of being stuck empty handed.

How to join

Simply just host a private game, map/difficulty doesn’t matter and after you’ve loaded in join the game via your friends list, accepting an invite or clicking the join game button on your friend’s profile.

The downside

You will not get the deed reward nor will it count towards your deeds completed.

Back to basics becomes playable for 3/4 of a lobby

One positive effect of joining in progress is that you retain hero power and weapon properties/traits on the “Back to Basics” deed so only the host needs to suffer 15 hero power and no weapon properties/traits on a Back to Basics deed. Only the host will get the deed reward and +1 to deed completion as it says above.

About Deeds

It seems the deed reward and back to basics modifier are added in the keep/pre-game lobby so joining after blocks the reward. It also seems the “can’t join lobby because they activated a deed” check is also done in the keep and by starting a game you bypass that check. Back to basics is the only modifier that is removed when joining in progress, Nurgle’s Rot still deals damage and all other modifiers are character independent.

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