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Warlords Awakening – Basic Tips

I just wanna make a simple quick guide to help some newer players in case they get stuck on things.

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Basic Tips

Incrase you got performance issues (fps drops etc.)

  • Turn off the Shadows in the options menu
  • Turn off the dmg numbers etc. (game options > screen display > battle stats > the first thing, uncheck it)
  • Turn of quest messages and item drops gained (game options > message display)

that should help increasing your performance.

General Tips

1- Make sure you login every day since the rewards are great af.

2- The jewels you get as attendance rewards or from dungeons will get important lategame so don’t throw them away (also you shouldn’t use them until you got good gear pieces at max level)

3- Press B for the Monster Journal and then go trough everything and click the shiny blue treasures (that gives you some nice free stuff)

4- The Rare (blue) Pets you get trough achievements don’t hatch them (you need them to craft unique pets)

5- In case you hatched them don’t worry dungeon bosses can still drop these pets.

6- You can also get an unique pet when you just level up a grey pet till level 10 via Achievements “Y”


1- Always break your gear and don’t sell it you need the materials later.

2- Don’t craft anything until level 40 (you will get trough everything with the normal gear drops)

3- Right now crafting legendarys isn’t really possible at max level since the developer is still tweaking things just wanna point that out before someone starts to be mad about that.

4- When you wanna craft anything (armor,weapons) make sure you pick your class and the stance weapon you need on the right side otherwise you only gonna get a bk weapon or armor piece.


1- For the Kuntara dungeon at level 25 you need a Key to enter (you get one for free when you arrive at the outpost just hit Y for achievments and get it there)

2- In case you got disconnected for some reason or you got kicked out of the dungeon here are the drop locations for the materials you need to craft a new one:

  • Kuntara Key – Materials
  • Red Additives – The Far Edge
  • Red Ingot – Rest Area
  • Red Jewel – Bare Forest
  • Red Mold – Empty Lot
  • Red Leather Strap – Land of the Furious Tree

3- When you can’t find a party or can’t manage to beat the dungeon teleport to tumbas shelter and go to the next map on the top right (You can keep on questing there)

4- The key material drop locations for the level 40 Spirit Flame Workshop dungeon are as follow.

  • Cherry additives – Land of despair
  • Cherry ingot – isolated zone
  • Cherry Jewel – burning smelter
  • Cherry Mold – steel grave
  • Cherry leather straps – sanctuary of the blacksmith.

Updated: 20.8.2018

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