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Wartales Happiness Guide

As quite some people are having trouble to not loose members, here´s my collection of stuff I learned while playing the game.

With the last patch there was some heavy changes, as how your members unhappiness is calculated – the information who to gain happiness in this guide should still be true.

You can do the following to gain happiness:

  • Buy alcohol at the tavern and “feed” it during rests with the fireplace (one is enough for the bonus of +1) (be warned, by doing this to often, the can get the trait, alcohlic, and need booze every rest)
  • Feed your people with food (+2, alcohol counts as 1 food)
  • Pay them
  • Sit them next to the fireplace (up to 4 people each +1)
  • get crew members with the skill stoic – they won´t count
  • get 2 Skills from Knowledge-tree (Camadarie +1 and Community +1)
  • start as farmers, then you can take a bonus for rest in forests (+2)

What you can do to earn/save coins

  • Visit the prison of Tiltren (south east at the lake) and buy ropes and shakles. Use them to get free crewmembers (wolfs or boars, but they need food, but no coins) or arrest deserters or footpads once they are nearly beaten down with an attack from behind and sell them to the Tiltren prison
  • buy stuff when it has a green glow (you save at least one coin per item), but like in real life, only buy stuff you need
  • sell loot
  • buy pottery and sell it to merchants/traders/caravans (or to questgivers) outside of the town (most times you will get some coins per trade good – 5coins per item – items show the price bought)
  • work in progress
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Plays like Senso – wait for a Spot to light up, wait till it gets a golden circle and hit (get´s more difficult for better gear, gets easier when you level up)

Try to hit a circle when shown and just press/release mouse button to keep the moving line inside the not red area

Select a ore deposit and move your mouse to the circle – wait with the click till the moving circle is within the gray circle and turns green. Once you level up you can mine gems, too if you´re lucky and hit the green circles.

Fight against plague rats

Having a hard time?

Just kill the big rat. All other will flee once this one is killed.

Written by Grail_Mike

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