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We Who Are About To Die: How to win the game with each background (v0.1.3)

The tricks to complete the game with every background on gladiator difficulty.

General strategy

Each background has their own victory condition and traits but there are some strategies that are mostly shared for all.

General Strategies

  1. Professional Aspirant is the easiest background
  2. Sell all your armor at the start
  3. Select the safest match with decent reward*
  4. Get a good 1h weapon as soon as possible (recommend swords)
  5. Get the largest shield you can find
  6. Get backup weapon and shield (needed when you repair the main ones)
  7. Get a helmet that gives bonus to fame
  8. After level 8 things get harder and you need to stop training and get better armor*
  9. Keep using the same weapon type to master the skill

Combat strategies

  • Hit parts without armor (more damage to them and less damage to your weapon)
  • Hit their head if there are no weak parts (hold ctrl)
  • Use overhead strike to avoid hitting allies when it’s crowded (ctrl)
  • Always keep the cursor on your opponent (easier to hit and parry)
  • Stay safe, ignore the crowd

Between matches

  1. Make sure you have enough health
  2. Make sure your equipment have enough durability for the next match
  3. Check if there are any good gambling bets*
  4. Buy 6 training gear and set training to “Outrageous” on stamina (main) and movement (secondary) before an easy match*
  5. Place a shop order if you need a certain item
  6. Have one auxiliary item slot free in case you get a free item with rank up or event

Scollo upgrades

  • Extra ordinary: Good and cheap upgrade
  • Aspirant Welfare: Not worth it unless you get hurt a lot
  • We who are bout to disenfect: Get it once you have enough money and you don’t get fully healed from one healing
  • Greater mending: Often not needed
  • Seal of approval: Only needed for Criminal Scum background
  • Unionise: Seldom used
  • Heirloom: Get it before winning/dying (select your main weapon)
  • Entourage: Great upgrade, but spend the gold on a good body armor before

* Not for all backgrounds

Professional Aspirant

Positive traits

  • Starting specialist combat skills from training in the Scollo
  • Some starting equipment provided by the Scollo
  • It is easier for you to win over the audience during combat
  • Training gear at the Scollo is cheaper

Negative traits

  • Your Scollo takes 50% of all fame you earn


  • Reach ASPIRED rank

Background Strategy

  • Train stamina and movement (outrageous with 6 gear) as long as the matches are still easy
  • Keep selecting safe matches with decent reward until you reach aspired rank
  • Before winning, buy the Scollo upgrade “Heirloom” and pass on your sword to the next character


Positive Traits

  • Unlikely champion: every victory increases all match fame reward by 5%
  • Maximum stamina: +15
  • Stamina regeneration: +10%

Negative Traits

  • As a slave, your Scollo takes 50% of all gold you earn
  • As a slave, you start with one less battle option

Victory Condition

  • 100,000 [FAME]

Background Strategies

  • Don’t gamble: Scollo will take 50% of the earnings while you pay for the whole bet
  • Don’t train: You already got a stamina bonus and training gear is expensive (Only train if you have more money than you need)
  • Don’t fundraise: You need the Fame for victory
  • Very important that you have gear that increases Fame
  • Try to get enough fame to win before things gets too hard since you won’t afford any good armor
  • Try to start with a weapon heirloom since new weapons are expensive
  • Use Promote to convert money to fame if you are close to victory

Criminal Scum

Positive traits

  • Deep pockets: additional auxiliary inventory slot unlocked
  • Increased betting pay-out: +150%
  • Bribery assessment is free
  • Bribery is less likely to critically fail

Negative traits

  • It is harder for you to win over the audience during combat
  • Favor with Patrons increases slower. (50%)


  • 20,000 [FAME]
  • 80% or more Favor with all Patrons

Background strategies

  • Try to win as much money as possible with gambling
  • Try to get good relationship with patron Alloura first since she can affect favor
  • Use bribery once you are close to getting enough favor to win (assess first)
  • On “Adoring fan” event: Report him to get favor
  • Get the Scollo upgrade “Seal of approval” early

Thrill Seeker Civilian

Positive traits

  • Lower health increases Stamina Regeneration
  • Free man: match skips are 50% cheaper (I don’t know what match skip is)

Negative traits

  • You must pay your Scollo a service fee every week, when possible. Cost: 500 [GOLD]


  • Kill 80 Aspirants

Background strategies

  • Start this background with a good sword as heirloom if possible
  • Always select matches where you can kill as many people as possible (don’t select 1 vs many!)
  • Select gambles that involves killing or dismembering
  • Try to kill enough people before things gets too hard

Former Soldier

Positive traits

  • Some skills from your former profession
  • Some starting equipment from your former profession
  • Maximum health: +20

Negative traits

  • Maximum stamina: -20
  • Stamina regeneration: -5%


  • 100,000 [GOLD]

Background strategies

  • Don’t forget to train your stamina
  • Be sure to sell all your armor at the start since you need the stamina
  • Spend your gold and don’t start saving for victory until you have good armor and Scollo upgrade “Entourage”
  • Select safe matches until you have enough gold to win
  • Convert fame to gold with fundraising

How to pick the best match

Your only objective is to survive and earnings are just means to survive better in the future.
How a match goes also affects your earnings. Healing and repairs takes money away, and winning bets adds to them.

Match types

  • 1 vs 1: Can be quick but the enemy is tougher
  • 1 vs Many: Very dangerous. Avoid!
  • Many vs 1: Easy and quick match. Perfect when training or healing
  • Many vs Many: Team vs Team. Takes more time but allows you to kill more enemies
  • Pit Fight: Several smaller teams fighting each other. Takes more time but allows you to kill more enemies

Match traits

  • Prestigious: Minor bonus, not important
  • Luck of the draw: Avoid this if you have good weapon and shield to keep the advantage. If you need to repair your weapon/shield and do not have a backup, then this trait can be good
  • Entourage: Great trait if you have the Scollo upgrade
  • Shrouded: Never take this trait if there is a risk for “1 vs many” match
  • Insurance: The best match trait!
  • Spoils to the Victor: You need to enter the match with worse items to get better ones. This traits lowers the match earnings and the new item is often not worth the difference. Don’t take stupid risks for this trait!

General match strategies

  • Always check what matches you can choose from and use fame to get all the information you need
  • Always check if there are any good bets that can be combined with a match
  • Pick a match where you don’t get hurt and where your armor and weapon does not get damaged (if possible)
  • By looking at earnings, number of teams, arena etc. You can figure out other information that is hidden.
  • Be wary of higher difficulty on some matches (see the skulls)
Written by Fraggelsmurf

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  1. The part of the slave background that says not to bet:
    The scollo doesn’t take your bets. I tested, several times, and bet income is exempt from their “tax”, meaning bets can be a very good way to stay economically afloat if you’re smart about them. That’s how I kitted my slave and got to victory.


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