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Weed Shop 3 All crossbreed strains/hybrids

All hybrid/crossbreed strains in Weed Shop 3 are listed in the table below. Almost all of them have been verified, if you notice anything missing/wrong in the table please let us know.

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All crossbreed strains/hybrids

All crossbreed strains/hybrids in Weed Shop 3.

1Hindu GumHindu KushBubble GumLiteLite8
2Purple SkunkPurple HazeSuper SkunkLiteLite13
3Sour QueenSour DieselEarly QueenLiteRegular13
4Afghani CheeseAfghaniUK CheeseLiteRegular13
5Hindu BlueberryHindu KushBlueberryRegularLite12
6Afghani AmnesiaAfghaniAmnesiaRegularAdvance9
7Sour PunchSour DieselGoblin PunchInsaneAdvance13
8Sour AfghaniSour DieselAfghaniAdvanceRegular14
9Super GoldSuper SkunkSwazi GoldAdvanceAdvance13
10UK QueenUK CheeseEarly QueenInsaneLite13
11Goblin BlueberryGoblin PunchBlueberryHardcoreLite10
12Blueberry KushBlueberryHindu KushHardcoreInsane11
13Romulan CheeseRomulanUK CheeseHardcoreHardcore14
14Double BerryGoblin BlueberryHindu BlueberryInsaneRegular10
15Sour CheeseSour AfghaniRomulan CheeseHardcoreInsane14
16Amnesia KushAfghani AmnesiaBlueberry KushInsaneRegular12
17Purple QueenPurple SkunkUK QueenAdvanceHardcore16

Now since you got some free time on your hands and, hopefully, a whole lot of cash in the safe, why not open up a second facility and start experimenting with cross-breeding new strains? Breeding a new more potent hybrid strain will take a lot of trial and error unless you get to know the right people, that is.

Got them hybrids growing in your brand new field already? Perfect! All you need now is some hash extractors, heated dab presses, and cart fillers and you’ll be producing solventless concentrates with the highest THC in town.

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