Weedcraft Inc Fertilization Guide for Agricultural Enthusiasts

Weedcraft Inc: Fertilization Guide for Agricultural Enthusiasts

This guide is meant for agricultural enthusiasts like you and me who just wants to read an online article that tells you how best to grow crops instead of trying to fumble over and over in the game.

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How does the nutrition system work?

Basically there are five aspects of the nutrition system. The closer you are in each value to the ideal value, the higher the maximum quality of the crop will be. The growth medium’s initial quality value will also account into the maximum quality. For values that cannot be reached initially, you have to use equipment.

Edit: It seems like sometimes the values get randomized. Currently it seems only Reggie and Super Lemon Haze are not randomized. I am further looking into this issue.

Ideal Value of Crops

Island Green5432359
Blue Dream8922260
Jawbreaker Violet4772463
Earth Fume4462562
Tropical Meadow3872558
Pinacolada Bliss4382259
White Widow3312464
Mint Zone10812454
Northern Light6512463
Super Lemon Haze7121960
Granddaddy Purple2252064
Maui Wowie796215
Forest Sex5372261
Jawbreaker Sex8382561
Space Queen101071874
True OG1312274

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