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Wild West Saga Beginners Guide

In this guide I will try to go through the aspect of the game and explain it to you with some tips and trick on what to do and not to. Guide will be divided in sections so you can better find what you are looking for.

Game in general

This is an idle game consisting of multplei areas containing 60 towns each. On every area you will have a total of 10 different businesses. In each town you will have to reach a population target before you can GO WEST to the next town. Doing so you will acheive a certain amount of pioneers (cowboy hat icon) and settlers (top form hat icon) that will give you a boost (1% per pionner (this can go up with upgrades later on) and 25% per settler) for the next towns and also from 1 to 5 patent cards. Let’s go into other sections for more details.


This is like the achievements page for the game. When you complete a deed you will be rewarded with some gold. Most of the deeds can be completed several times rewarding you with more gold each times. This is your main source of gold in the game.


You will find 2 types of outlaws. Some cost golds to get and other will costs pionners.The first 10 outlaws will cost you gold to buy them. They will act as managers of your businesses so you won’t have to click on them anymore.

The 11th outlaws (cost 1.11k pionners) is a quick buy button that will appear under the Upgrade section for you to upgrade things in bunch. It is not a must to begin the game, don’t buy this as soon as you can afford it. When you will reach around 1000 times the amount needed to get it start getting it in every town you do. It will speed things up for you buying all upgrades at the same time.

All the outlaws that follows after give you nice cost reduction (99,99% the first time and 99.9999999% the second time) for a business but on the other side it increase the time needed for a business to pay you by a factor of x10 the first time and x33 the second one. You will see playing the game that a certain business doesn’t only boost itself. They can also boost other businesses. So be aware of that Time Increase because most of the time it is worth to get it but not always.

Rule of thumbs: NEVER EVER pay more than 1% of your pionners to get an outlaws or it will affect your game. If you see a pop-up windows saying are you sure you want to buy it, well don’t.


You will find 2 types of Upgrades. Spend Cash and Spend Pionners. In the Spend Cash tabs you will use your money to buy game upgrades that be valid in this town only. In the Spend Pionners tabs it works the same way except that you spend pionners for upgrades that also are valid only for that town and will be resetted as soon as you GO WEST. I repeat again Rule of Thumbs : NEVER EVER spend more than 10% of your pionners. The Quick buy button (unlocked by the 11th outlaws) is capped at 1% if I don’t make mistakes. Rules of Thumbs : Don’t buy more pionners upgrades then what the Quick Buy button let you. This is true 99,5% of the time. If as example it cost you 15% of your pionners to get an All profits x 6 it may worth it in that particular case but it mostly never happens.


This is the cards section. This is where you can see all the cards you got. They are 600 differents cards in the game. Cards are separated into differents types. I won’t go into massive details here because you got pretty much all the info you need about cards in game under PATENTS / Info tab. You got your global boost / cost reduction for each business under PATENTS / Business boost. Just remember that each card stack but the bonus you receive follow a diminishing return, meaning that you got less profits per card the more you got.

Map and Main Screen

In the main screen you can see a piano on top center. when you click on the piano you will receive a x2 money bonus for 30 seconds. If you click the piano the timer goes up to 30 seconds, if you let it go down to 0. a 30 minutes cooldown will start before you can use it again. Tips : If you click on the piano the timer will go down faster. You will also see a girl on the bottom right corner. If you pay 5 gold to her she will boost your income x2 for 2 hours.If you pay another 5 gold will go x3 and so on up to x5 for 20 gold total. The timer will show 8 hours, but when it will drop below 6 hours your multiplier will go back to x4 and it will cost you another 5 gold to get it back to x5 for 2 hours. Tips : Save gold to have the x5 multiplier up when you actively play. You can buy business in bulk if you click on top right the BUY X1 will change to BUY X10, BUY X100, BUY MAX and BUY OCD (this will buy up to the next upgrade). You will see a FREE CARD icon on the right side of the screen with an 8 hours cooldown, so possible to get 3 free cards a day. You will also see a Mystery card icon on top of the free card (also on an 8 hours cooldown) you will have the opportunity to buy a mystery card for 5 gold 3 times per 8 hours. Do it, it’s worth it.

The Map button on the bottom left corner will display a timer on it. When it will reach 0, it means that you achieve the population target to go the the next town. If you click on the Map button you will see a map of the town. You see there your total pionners, total sttlers, and target population. You can also see that most of the town are represented by small dots and some of them are bigger dots. Bigger town (Town 6, 12,18,24,30,36,42,48,54 and 60) are considered as Boss Town and have bigger target population gaps then other towns. You also have the GO WEST button. If your countdown reach 0 meaning you achieved the target population then you can now GO WEST. You will see there the amount of pionners and settlers that you will gain going west. You will also find the number of patent cards rewarded too. This range from +1 up to +5. Here are the formula to know when you will reach the next card.

+1 card = target population reached
+2 cards = 1.33 x target population
+3 cards = 2.4 x target population
+4 cards = 4.15 x target population
+5 cards = 7.1 x target population

What is the good time to GO WEST ?

Don’t rush it because if you GO WEST as soon as you can on every town you will miss on alot of cards.
Don’t stay forever on every levels also to reach the max of +5 cards on every town. It just not worth it.

Many factor will influence how easy or hard a town will be. General rules will be try to get as much cards as you can without staying in the town too long. If you see you are doing good in the town well stay to get more cards and pionners at the same time. If you see you make no progress at all and no upgrades are coming well just GO WEST right away. The faster you go west the less card and pionners / settlers you will receive, but the next town population target will be less. On other side if you stay longer to get more cards, pionners and settlers if will help you for future towns but the population target on next town will be higher.


The Shop menu is divided in three sections. The Gold Coins is the place you go if you want to support the devs for the game and future contents they will add to it. You can find tons of gold coins only by playing the game but it you want more or simply faster that is the way to do it.

The middle section is Patent Cards. In this section you will find PATENT OF THE DAY of different rarity. The only one that is useful in my opinion is the Unique Patent of the Day when it is a Triple Unique Card (2 boosts + a cost reduction). Patent of the day change every 24 hours. You also found there some card Pack (Cowboy, Giddy-up, Maverick, Big Bang and Legendary) Don’t waste your money on these packs unless you are crazy rich and already have all other upgrades in game.

Finally the last column, the Boosters. You find 1h, 6h and 24h boost there. I suggest only use 1h boost if really needed to help pass a level when you are stock. 6h and 24h cost too much gold for a one shot deal. Tips : If you ever use profits boost, make sure to have the piano x2 and girl x5 multiplier active and also wait for a x5 profit bag for 10 seconds and use the 1h, 6h or 24h boost in that time frame for massive money gain. You can also buy piano auto click for 4h. If you got the gold this one can be pretty good doesn’t have to worry for the piano click all the time.

More Card per Pack Booster cost 100 gold and give you 1 more card per pack you buy (the useless pack I talked above) but also 1 more card in the FREE pack you got every 8 hours. For 100 gold this is a must have.

Free Rare Cards Boosters upgrade your free card pack (1 every 8 hours) giving you more chance of rare cards. You can level this 4 times and the costs are 999, 2999, 6999 and 9999 coins
You can see the chance of better cards depending of the level in PATENTS / INFO tab.

More Free Card Booster for 8888 coins is a really good boost when you get the at least the first 2 levels of Free Rare Cards booster.

Extra Card booster cost 4999 coins and give you 1 more patent card when you GO WEST. Don’t buy this early in game it is not that useful for now. So much better things to buy.

Mystery reward booster start at 49 coins but goes up pretty fast to an insane amount at max level 30. You can see what it does in PATENTS / INFO tab.

More Mystery for 9999 coins let you choose 2 mystery card instead of 1 per turn. this can be great combined with a nice level of Mystery reward boost but this isn’t cheap.

So the big question is, What I should focus spending my gold on early game ?

I will say always keep gold for the girl to get the x5 multiplier up when you play.
Focus on permanent boosters. You first buy should be the Free Rare Cards Booster for 999 coins. It will allow you to have the chance to get rare cards instead of 100% plain cards on every free pack.

Get the 100 coins More Card Per Pack boost to get 4 free cards instead of 3 to choose from.

After I suggest to focus on the second upgrade of Free Rare Cards for 2999 coins to unlock all the possible rarity of cards to drops.

Next step would be to get the More Free Card Booster for 8888 coins for the synergy with the previous upgrades and having 2 free cards per hours is great :).

The Free Card path Vs the Mystery Card one is the way to go to start because it is way cheaper to get efficient and getting better cards.

At that point after that it is a personal choice if you start investing into mystery cards or just max out free cards first it doesn’t really matter that much.

Home Menu (Vouchers, Daily & Family)

The Home menu is located on the top left corner of your screen. I will talk about 3 things in there. Voucher, Daily and Family.

Voucher is codes that will give you bonus gold when you will start your game. They can only be entered once and help a lot to start.

BONANZA : enter this code to receive 250 gold

Daily section give you a special reward for playing every day from cards, piano, gold and hours boost. Try to log on at least 1 minute a day if you can because you can have really really nice bonuses with the daily. Tips: When it is an hours cash bonus daily make sure you got piano x2 and girl x5 multiplier active and also wait to pop a x5 profits bag for 10 seconds and get your daily boost in that time frame for massive money gain.

Finally the last section the family section.
When you start a game you can join a family for a 100 gold bonus for you to keep. The owner of the family you join will receive a 20 gold bonus every time you will GO WEST. When you join a family you will also be able to start your own family if you want to.

The developers are in discussion to change the way the current family is working to be more like a clan where all members can play a role and get a part of reward. So big family will be stronger.

My family is currently ranked pretty high and growing fast. I will really appreciate if you guys want to join my family to be stronger together.

My family code is: MB28YS

Go in Home > Family and you enter the code there to be part of my family.

Written by Kahrox

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