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Will To Live Online – Bunker Loot and Newbie Leveling

How to take a level one to the bunker to level them up quickly + fast cash.

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Getting Started

So, to get started create a character and start doing your first few quests.

Once you get about 260 tokens you should be able to afford some supplies.

Now that you have atleast the bare minimum we can set out for Black Sunset. But first, Stop by the Mine Town.

Once you have that as a checkpoint continue on past the green river zone line to black sunset.

Once to black sunset your ready to run south to the bunker. Don’t forget your antirads. You only need 2-3. Once you are in the bunker you can start looting or leveling a low level character there. You can find anything from Vodka to water and food, even various types of ammo.

Heres a quick video on all the good loot locations;


and here’s a quick video on how to level your character at the bunker.


Keep in mind you want to go back to town when you can to up grade your weapons and armor. best to grab the lupara and magnum shot as soon as you hit level 3.

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Hope this helps set a base for anyone who’s new and not sure what to do to make money quickly and level fast early game.

Written by NoeSpark

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