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Will To Live Online – NDP Detector Quest

How to complete the NDP Detector Quest.

Item Locations

You can collect the pieces of the NDP Detector in any order you would like.

1# You can find the Microchip in the Nitro room down in the bunker. (The key can be found in the boss room in a red chest.)

2# The SBM-20 can be found down in the bunker aswell. Again in the boss room, while having key #3 on your person. (Key #3 can be found in a bag outside of the spider cave.) Find the red storage container with a activatable door. inside you will find the SBM-20.

3# The Microcircuit can be found on a computer in the boss room at the bunker, aswell as another computer on your way to the teleport that takes you.

4# The body of the NDP Detector can be found at MTE behind a locked door. (The key can be found from the bandits in Sosnovka.)

5# Lastly you just need to visit a merchant and get some batteries to put all these parts together. You may do so using your crafting menu in your inventory.

Good luck and have fun everyone!

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